Friday, January 6, 2012

finally figured out something...

two years ago, i was about to leave my 20s. been working in the cubicle world for almost a decade, and still hadn't figured out what would give me that high. yes, i am happy. i have a loving family to take care of, a job that pays, friends who i can be myself around. that was it. and it wasn't enough. so i searched, and searched, and rediscovered my passion for miniatures, specifically dolls and their fashion. i got myself a basic home-use sewing machine, and started with two Momoko dolls. And the rest is history. the high is back.

here at AtelierniShasha, i will be showcasing my works, and my experiences, my journey, my destination, my high. i am not born a writer, so please bear with the manner of organizing my thoughts. i don't want to edit my art; i want it to flow. i want it honest, candid, real.

so, if you also feel my high, do stick around for more :)


  1. Feel your 'high' alright! Man, love your cleanly-stitched pieces here. I doubt I could sew like this, it's just too intricate. Anyway, hope to see more new stuff here.

  2. Lyn dear, i won't disappoint you! See you soon!


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