Sunday, September 8, 2013

The outfit to celebrate our 2nd year together :)

Here you go: the outfit that I made for the atelier's 2nd year celebration. This classic slip dress is made in limited edition and fits most busty 12in girls. I will be listing this on my Etsy shop shortly and you can get it at a discounted price when you purchase between now and by the end of the month :) Yes, a month-long celebration of prizes and surprises for you, dolly friends.

So for now, I'm sharing some of the photos I took today with the help of my lil sis acting as stylist - it feels good to have someone else help you with everything. :)

Enjoy you guys..

Anais, Sofia and Violet modeling the newest atelierniSHASHA creation

Anais workin' it...

Sofia looking glam...

Violet as always...

Coco, the atelier angel getting her own perfect angle...

behind the scenes...


  1. Pretty dresses and pretty models :-).

  2. Hello from Spain: these striped dresses are fabulous. Your sew very well. Great photos .. Keep in touch

  3. you really did a great job on the delicate bust area. They are fitted just right!

    1. Thanks, grandmom... they really are a pain in the *** to work on but looking at the pics now, it's all worth it :) Thanks again...

  4. I love it. It is something that I would wear myself. I wish you much success with your sales.

    1. Thanks so much, Vanessa :) When I saw your etsy mail, I knew you've been to this post :)

      Yes, it is something all of us can wear, right? I love it's classic look, while still being trendy and sexy and elegant... sigh... I love my job.. :)


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