Monday, September 29, 2014

And finally, atelierniSHASHA presents… the 2014 anniversary dress!

Violet wearing it while the sun is up…
Anais, on the other hand, had clubbing in mind…

Did I keep you waiting, guys?
And if I did, please bear as things had been a little messy around the atelier.
Whose functional atelier looks spick and span, anyways? Teehee…

Anywhoo, before I share with you the rest of the photos I took with Violet wearing it on daytime and Anais during the evening, let me tell you briefly about the inspiration of this dress.

Basically, this is a spin-off off a dress I made for myself a couple of years back.
When I wore it to a wedding and had my husband take photographs of me (well, he insisted it! Haha!), I received quite a handful yet sincere comments about it.

I guess it was the choice of print and fabric material.
When I first saw the fabric, I already knew what to do with it.
It was love AND instant design, at first sight!
I’m only 5’2” but the prints looked endless, and in some way transformed me.

Not only did my friends and family liked this dress,
I loved it! I was proud of it despite my rather poor assembly skills as you can see.
The idea that I designed it for myself and that it turned out well, inspired me even more.

And fast forward two years later, here we go.
A new dress inspired from it.

I know the 2013 anniversary dress was such a versatile one.
That was kind of hard to beat, actually.
But for this one, it may be a little off to wear in broad daylight,
but it was a brainchild of my love for comfortable clothing and having fun.
I enjoyed making this one as well, tweaking and giving it a twist.

So, what do you think?


Til next time, Dollies!!!



  1. Hello from Spain: great dress. You were very pretty and elegant wearing the dress. Keep in touch

    1. Awwww.. super thanks, Marta! I try as often as I can to look as presentable as that hahaha

  2. Love it and need it. Can it be done longer?
    Anika :O)

    1. Oh, but of course, dear! Just let me know how long and I still can accommodate as I still have the fabric, and I'm not yet done completing the entire batch of dresses in time for Etsy launch =) Drop me a message through Etsy or via Thanks again!!!

  3. Beautiful dress, the fabric and design are great. You look lovely in the "real life" variation :-) x

    1. Thank you, dear... I'm glad you loved it. Ahhh, that photo of mine.. My mom loved it too..

  4. Replies
    1. Awww, thank you Georgia Girl... you guys are so inspiring...

  5. It's beautiful. So great to see a picture of you. You and your personally designed dress look great!

    1. Thanks so much, Vanessa.. Posting some of our photos can be a good break from among the dolly posts we normally make, no? Hugs!


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