Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Photo shoot for Sari

Hey hey!

I know it's long been overdue,
so I took Tropical Miko from the dresser 
(where nude dolls reside)
and out to, well, outside my house. LOL!

But for a mini photo shoot, you see?

Sari, formerly the 80s Tropical Miko doll

I think she's a really beautiful doll.

She was waiting a long time for a photo shoot since
I wanted to give her a better body, an articulated one.
As you can see below, her original legs don't look palatable
in some angles. I have been scouting for this pinky tan skin tone of hers
for months now.

I also was debating with myself if I keep her as is,
being a treasured 80s doll.
She has really long, beautiful, soft, shiny hair but
I just think it wouldn't serve the atelier or my collection anything.
For now, I guess? And I would just cry later because
I cut her long, beautiful hair waaaaaa!

Oh, well too late for that now.
Let us just enjoy the now modern looking and fabulous Sari.

Ms. Sari got her name from my late maternal grandmother's nick name.
Lola (Grandma) Rosario had those similar chinky eyes.

I haven't given her character details yet.
I think she'd make for a nice blogger type of girl.
Gah, nothing comes out of my mind for now.
I'll post a profile feature for her when all the details are
already ironed out.

So I guess, that's it for now.

How about you?

Have you altered your old 80s or 90s gal
just to look current?

It would be fun if you can share your thoughts or feelings here
and we can chat =)

'Til the next post, loves!

s h a s h a


  1. She is lovely. I like her hair as it is.

    I have this same (or one that uses the same head sculpt) doll dressed in Hawaiian attire. The complexion is rather odd and I can see how it would pose a problem finding a replacement body. My girl remains in her original fashion. I should give her a redress soon.


    1. She was originally in a Haiwaiian (sort of) one-piece with a huge flower on her hair =) Her complexion looks a little lighter her in the pictures but she's like Michael Kors orange in real life! I really hope I could find a similar complexion body for her as I really like this lady =)

  2. She is beautiful, one of my favorite Barbie dolls of that time! She does have extremely long hair doesn't she :-). I like her modern look! xxx

    1. Thanks, Linda! Yes, like almost ankle-length which made me feel sad when I started trimming it down... Sigh... sacrifices... LOL!

  3. Sari looks great! She looks gorgeous as is. I have one and I agree, her hair is silky. I loved how you styled her. She looks cool, casual, and comfortable. Lol!! Three c's.

  4. Hello from Spain: I like Sari. She is very trendy. I love navy look. Keep in touch

    1. Hi there, Marta... I'm glad you like her =) She'll be doing more modelling for the atelier in the future for sure =D


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