Sunday, September 4, 2016

Enter the atelierniSHASHA 5th Anniversay Giveaway!

Hey hey!
As promised, we are again having a simple giveaway 
to celebrate another year of blissful learning, more dolly friendships
and a few hundred doll fashions
 shared to you, my awesome doll friends =)

For our 5th year, I am picking the running top 5 favorite items 
from my Etsy shop for the last 12 months as our giveaway items. 
Five lucky dolly friends will each receive one of these 5 items!

Our five giveaways in the photo above are:

and the Sparkly Blue Leggings that fit most 6th scale fashion dolls
(and that has already sold out from the shop tee hee...)

To enter the contest, just comment to this post
and in your comment tell us
which item/s (yes, you can enter in all 5 item giveaways!)
you like to win and how you would style it with your doll.
For example, you would say,
"I want to win that bikini set for my
Giselle for our next trip, and
style it with a wide brim hat
and espadrilles!"

Easy Peasy, yes?

I will be collecting your comments and closing the
coming of entries by Saturday, September 10, 2016
at 11AM, Philippine Time.

I will try to collate all entries fast as I can
and announce the winners on that weekend, as well.
We also welcome entries from my other channels like
Instagram and 
so it's gonna be an awesome party, Yay!

You can also enter in all sites if you have accounts there.
One entry per site, my dearies,
so maximum entries for you is four =).

If you are too lucky to be able to win more than once,
then you must be some really lucky doll
because you will get them all winnings
as long as your name is called for all.

Okay, I think nothing gets easier than that.

Remember, to think of how to style your dolls
with the giveaway item you want 
and say it in your comment, ayt?
Only complete comments
are considered valid entries.

Okay, okay..

Gotta go now and also spread the news to the others.
Share this post, too if you like =)


If you need to clarify parts of the mechanics,
please leave a comment so I can update it, ayt?
Thank you so so much in advance for that, love!


  1. My tall redhead fashionista Barbie would look fabulous in the wetsuit rashguard boy leg fashion. Winning it would give me a great reason to debox her.


    1. Oh, wow! Wishing you all the luck, Debbie!!! Thank you so much for joining in the fun <3

  2. My Poppy Parker would look great in the blue leggings with a silver net top and in the Houndstooth Pencil Skirt with a simple white button up shirt.

    1. Your Poppy is one classic stylish gal, Maja!!! Good luck and thank you for joining!

  3. I want to win the darkwash jeggins for my Natalia Fatale for our next shopping evening, and style it with a basic white t-shirt and our amazing Shasha bag. I also think that my OOAK Skipper doll would enjoy a lot the houndstooth pencil skirt in our next holidays trip, wearing it with a white shirt and a black high heel sandals. I cross my fingers for win! Best regards, Javi.

    1. Hey hey, Javi... Ooooh... love your styling ideas, Javi - simple yet powerful! Good luck, love!

  4. Wow, Shasha, this is sooo nice!! Let's see: My Always Polished Dasha would look gorgeous in the Wetsuit Rashguard Boyleg with a straw tote and a lace up beach skirt basking in the sun or alone with a surf board catching some waves right under the Sugar Loaf here in Rio... And Perk Colette would look stunning in the High Neck Bikinis paired up with our long white skirt with lace front panel or a simple button down as cover-up! And all my girls would kill for those Jeans leggings for FR2! The possibilities are endless! It goes so well with a long tunic, or a midi dress for a bold day to night combo, and so nowadays grunge with a plaid shirt on top of it and sneakers and a floppy hat! Oh, the pics I'd take!

    Happy 5 years for AtelierNiShasha, and as I wrote to you, here's to many more years!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Marcela - I couldn't have done it without you guys by my side <3 Let's toast for more years of fun and creativity to us all!

      Eeeeee!!! I'm so excited to hear about the super cool "lives" your gals lead with all these outfits, Marcela! It's so much fun styling them for sure! Good luck to you and the girls, dear <3 <3 <3

  5. I want to win the rashguard for my Made To Move so that Asha can have a different outfit. She always wears her stock yoga outfit, it's driving me nuts, haha. The rashguard looks rather complete, so I will just add accessories like a towel, and white sneakers, and probably a pair of sunglasses.

    I'm also interested in the bikini set for my Asha. She could definitely wear that with a beach bag and sandals.

    1. Awesome, Oly! True, this MTM Asha don't get as much credit as she deserves! It would be nice to see her in any of these outfits you are vying for! Good luck, dear and thank you for playing along <3

  6. I would like to win all of them so I can fill a section on my "etagere" with an out door scene with dolls walking in different directions an sitting on benches etc. There is already a wedding scene, an Asian scene and a party scene. I would use the swim suit for a pool or lake scene for maybe a a blog post. Crossing my fingers...all ten of them!!

    1. Ahahahha Wishing you all that luck you need, grandmommy because it is possible you can win 'em all!!

  7. This beautiful skirt would be gorgeous on my beautiful Juliette ; thank you for organizing this game so sympathetic, and :happy 5th birthday!

    1. Hey Guyloup... thank you so much for dropping by to participate. Sending you lots of luck for your little Juliette <3

  8. Love these! I would love to put the blue swimwear on my MTM doll with the Lea face. She would have on flip flops, her ShaSha beach bag, and a cute thin coordinating knit skirt on top of the swimwear bottoms for traveling. She would head over to join her friends for an afternoon on the beach where there will be a lot of laughter while playing volleyball.

    1. Oh, my... the way you style MTM Lea (she's the blonde tan one, right?) feels so cali girl perfect for that wetsuit! Good luck, my dear - glad to see you join! <3

  9. The pencil skirt should be a staple in every woman's wardrobe ensemble. I'd love to win it for one of my ModelMuse-bodied dolls, specifically one of my three Top Model Nikkis. I'd pair it with a sleeveless red top and maybe add a black blazer with it. Or, I might keep it simple and allow Nikki to wear a black long-sleeved turtleneck sweater and black tights to create the once popular 1960s "total look." Adding one of my Shasha pendants complete the "total look."


    1. Hey Debbie - glad to see you add in more styling fun!The total look must really be the bomb back in the day!! <3

  10. Guys! Thanks so much for entering the contest - I am now collecting the valid entries that were posted/commented before this one I am typing right now. Good luck to you all and I will hope to draw out the winners super soon! xoxo 💞💕💓


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