Friday, September 23, 2016

Oh, Jumpsuits, how I love thee...

Hi guys...

This post was supposed to be a shameless plug
on my latest creation,
but instead I would like to celebrate these jumpsuits
by going through all the jumpsuits I've made since I opened my Etsy shop.

Luna modeling the Lola jumpsuit... 

My first ever jumpsuit was this dreamy Pink Lace Peplum Halter Jumpsuit,
of which gross sales I donated to help victims of one destructive typhoon at that time.

January 2012's Pink Lace Peplum Halter Jumpsuit

This OOAK jumpsuit on Violet then flew to a loving private home in the US.

Since I really liked the vibe of a jumpsuit,
as it is sexy in an elegant way,
I designed another one and had it in different
fun prints.

March 2012's Jumpsuit collection

The 2012 Jumpsuit collection extended throughout 2012 as the prints
looked great on the dolls. In 2013, however, I slowed down
making doll clothing in general because
I pursued fashion illustration by the side.

By the end of 2014, I made this cropped jumpsuit
as a holiday outfit.

Sabine was the perfect model for this animal-print jumpsuit

And also to end 2015 with some fancy holidays photoshoot,
I made Anouk this sparkly one below.

Anouk wearing this sparkly cream-colored jumpsuit in December 2015

So, yeah - I love jumpsuits so much, I even made one for myself that I wore
for my husband's banquet event in 2014 =)

I might probably be making one for the holidays because
to me, a jumpsuit is perfect for bringing out the diva in our doll,
but without the bad rep - when designed tastefully.

What do you guys think about jumpsuits?
Do you love 'em, or hate 'em?
Let's chat...


  1. The last two jumpsuits are my favs! When I was younger and a lot slimmer, I used to wear jumpsuits often. I am afraid I don't have the figure for them anymore! However, my dolls do and I do have a few jumpsuits for them.

    These are all very, very nice!

    1. Hey Phyllis! Yes, jumpsuits are so fun, too. I always loved wearing pants, even in formal occasions because they're so comfy I forget that I am not so comfortable around many people haha so jumpsuits are always perfect for me..

  2. I love them. I love the newest one, too, which I plan to order soon along with something else from your shop.


    1. Thanks, Debbie... I'm excited to see your sixth-scale lovelies rock that jumpsuit!

  3. Oh I love that print jumpsuit from March 2012 collection, the one with bright green! So vibrant!
    And Anouk looks so classy in her jumpsuit!

    1. Oh, yes - that one was a bestseller, too! The print is so fun!

  4. I love them, it's convenient and relaxed for us, and very nice for dolls.
    Congratulations to these choices of original looks and beautiful fabrics.

  5. Oooo! I love all those jumpsuit. Anouk's is really cute, perfect for the holiday too.

    1. Thanks, Brini... I still have this fabric so you guys watch out for it... <3

  6. I love jumpsuits so much! i personally don't wear them much because I think to pull them off you need nice long legs, which I lack! Haha Unless it's a shorter jumpsuit, that may work... Its summer soon so I will have to experiment! But I want to have boxes and boxes of them for my dolls lol! >.<
    Lydia's Dolls

    1. You know what, dear? I wear them jumpsuits BECAUSE I don't have nice long legs! Hahahah! I just wear tall stilettos with it hahahha!

  7. I love your jumpsuits. When I was a teenager I had a nice jumpsuit for summer, now I admire them on other women, but I don't wear them anymore. But I dream about a nice evening jumpsuit - black and foxy, but I suppose I will not have the courage to wear it ;) Greetings

    1. Hi olaaa78... Oh, about that black and foxy jumpsuit - it's the one that gives the courage. Once you wear it, you're like a different person, only foxier ;)

  8. Love your jumpsuits very much!

    1. Thank you, Vana... I hope to come up with something before the year ends ;)


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