Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Babydoll dress, finally...

Yeah, I waited too long to make these baby doll dresses. I have been collecting fabrics perfect for such cute silhouette but I always end up with doing something else. Maybe because I've seen too much of these dresses around?

However, I thought why not still do it, but with a fabric that I think is not as much used for this design. Denim, what else?! LOL! But I had it faded, because I love the comfy, worn-in look. You probably know this if you've been following me long enough since my early distressed and faded denim shorts days.

I came up with 7 pattern versions and 5 or so prototypes to shape this dress into what I had envisioned. I love what I came up with and made a few, now all available at my Etsy shop. I am planning to have this in prints soon, but for now, let me share with you the photos I took. I had Shefali to star in it, and gave her black accessories. The 90s styling reminds me of my teenage days.

Dollies, this is the 90s baby doll dress in faded denim...

Up to 7 pattern versions ;P

And I have been enjoying video editing lately, let me share with you this:

That would be it for this post...
Til our next chat!


Sunday, March 19, 2017

atelierniSHASHA How-to: Basic Doll Pants

As some of you know from my daily updates over at Instagram. Recently, I shared with you my sloper making how-to. I am so happy to receive our dear friend Vanessa's feedback on the video as apparently, it shows that I am a beginner in this department. Thanks, Vanessa for the helpful comments and right away, I applied them to my new videos. I added captions to what I am showing. I, however, removed my voice overs because no matter how I try to -make my voice loud without sounding like I'm screaming, my little earphone (bundled free with the phone I am using) just wouldn't take in enough sound. I thought, someday, when I can purchase better equipment, I will be adding voice into the videos. For now, captions hopefully will do.

So yeah, I did make new videos, and here I am sharing with you a series I started on making doll pants. I am not yet done with all the intended videos in the series so I can only share the three that's already up in my YouTube channel.

As always, I am hoping you could provide feedback to these videos so I can make better ones in the future and be able to contribute my knowledge to the doll community. 

Thanks, guys!. I wish you a restful weekend and I hope to chat with you soon!


Sunday, March 12, 2017

atelierniSHASHA How-to: Basic Sloper Pattern

Hey hey dollies!

I am sharing with you this how-to video I made on making a basic sloper for our dolls. I think the sloper or block pattern is one of the most important tool in a doll fashion designer's arsenal, or to the doll collector/hobbyist who wants to make clothes for his/her girls.

I have been making slopers for my girls for as long as I can remember, and tweaking them for the different styles I have made over the years. I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to know such simple yet indispensable skill.

Here's the video now, and it's the entire process from marking the doll to coming up with a sewn sloper that's pretty much a dress already. I recommend adjusting your sloper to the fit you want - I adjust mine too many times because I am most of the time the perfectionist ;D

I hope you get something from this video. I would also love it if you give me some feedback so that I can improve on my newfound fun skill of making/editing videos. I am planning to add more to this basic pattern series, as well as other how-to's that will make our doll collecting lives more lovelier.

Chat with you soon, lovelies!


Monday, March 6, 2017

Tamica and Bree: Newest Repaint Versions!

Hi guys!

I believe I have not given a proper introduction the latest repaints I made, thus this post. I'm adding three or rather I'm converting three of my girls into these OOAK gems and I am so excited to share them with you today. I cannot promise to repaint like crazy in the next few weeks, but I am dedicating some time to repaint at least one doll a week.

Here they are and I hope they will inspire you to customize your dolls, too, because it really makes each one of them much more special. Enjoy the photos...

First up, Tamica version 2.0...

I think she's perfect in an all-white ensemble... don't you think?

A bit closer...

From a recent photo shoot...

Next up, Bree version 2.0...

With her purple highlights, I decided to make her into my little edgy rockstar ;)

Formerly Raquelle and with a pinkish tone in her skin, she's currently not feeling this yellow-undertoned MTM bod I loaned her....
Hired recently to model a few slip dresses...

and the most recent repaint, Tamica Version 3.0...

I decided not to reroot her with yarn because I got her with such cared for hair. I just cut it shorter to give her a modern gal look ;)

Yay, I'm learning to make more realistic eyes this time!

So excited to have this one model my next creation!

That's it for now, dearies. I'll go add these lovelies in my Doll Customization page. Chat with you again next time.


Thursday, March 2, 2017


Hi guys...

It's been a while, eh? My posts lately have been just quickie reports about what I have been working on, and not much about the process. I missed talking to you, honestly. Truthfully, however, my mind had been on a constant whirlwind - deciding and committing on one thing for a week, then before that week ends, I change the whole setup to make way for another system or strategy for my little business. This had been going on since the start of the year.

I thought that I got it all figured out by the end of 2016. I thought that I had perfected my strategy. I thought I knew what to do, to sustain this craft as I try to balance everything important in my life.

But every week, I seem to change my mind on something. One week, I want to try doing more of this segment of my work, to make way for another. After that week, I decided to switch up their proportions, in terms of quantity. Then the week after that, I realized it's not the best approach if I want to continue being a home-based artisan, earning just the right amount to live a simpler, much peaceful, happy life. Then another week presented a new strategy. The cycle went on and on, and I am not sure when this will end.

I believe all small business owners experience this stage in their climb to freedom. When you run your own business, you have to be both your own visionary, who thinks more on the right side of the brain, and your own worker - the left-brained, detail-loving doer. It helps that I get to talk to my husband every morning to sort my thoughts out, but as we present different new ideas to each every day, I tend to want to try each new idea and test if it could work on my little craft business. And although it helps me refine my goals and strategies, my hands cannot catch up. It can really be frustrating, often times.

You know I don't talk a lot here about the nitty gritty of my business because you guys are mostly collectors who just want to have fun with your collection by being creative about it. I don't want to burden you with my everyday challenges as a business owner, all the while trying to be creative with my little doll collection. But I guess, for one time, I'll air out that side of my world. Especially now that I have been sort of MIA ;P

I am now working on my nth strategy. When I say strategy, I would particularly mean how I go about my week, how I should be productive about it. It's not yet complete, but I hope to sort out my mind soon so that I can apply it and know if it works. It's gonna be a whole day of dot-connecting, and I hope you would understand if I seem to be detached to my blog recently.

I love to chitchat here with you, guys because I know that we have this much connection. I want to continue blogging, and to honestly, I wanted to talk like this, too, even if I know it would not be as amusing as my pretty project posts.

Whew... I just gotta let that out and I hope you don't mind. I feel lighter now, and ready to continue with my planning/strategizing here. Thank you and sorry....

Til next time, my loves!