Thursday, December 21, 2017

Yay - featured again!

Hey dolly gang!

I just wanna share with you another happy moment in this little crafter's life: my little story as an entrepreneur is featured in one of Asia's best source of up-to-date parenting and child education know-how - Parents' Guide Asia

It was an honor for me to be invited to share my thoughts 
on entrepreneurship as an alternative to the typical 9-5 job.
Thank you so much for this opportunity, Stephen!

Surprisingly, it feels wonderful to write about my own experience as the person
behind the little dresses and tiny doll faces.
That was a great warm-up to finally write that About Me page
there after being blank for years, right?
About time, right? 
Tee hee...

Below is the photo I submitted for the article, which you can find here.

Aki and I in Kyoto, Japan last October 2017

I hope you enjoy that little something about the thought behind the process.

Oh, and I realize this might be the first time I shared my most recent photo here on the blog?
Wow, so so sorry for that, darlings!

I did plan on sharing some photos of our Japan trip, with me and my family in them,
but since it feels like the delay had been too much,
I thought I'd just skip.

Oh, I did share some photos in flickr.
You might like to check some of Aki's photos there, too ;)

So, see you soon, my loves, and again,
thank you so much for all the support and love!


Saturday, December 9, 2017

Creative Doll Collector of the Month: Betty of @allthelittledolls

Happy new weekend there, doll-lings! 
What are you up to for this week's mini-vacay? 
I hope you aren't one of those running around for Christmas presents, trying to complete the list during the remaining weekends before Christmas. 
I have been there and it was always a mess. 
The only solution was to do shopping months ahead!

But before I completely digress,
let's get back to the very reason of this post.

Today, I am so happy that this series is revived!
Thanks to this gal that I was so ecstatic when she said yes for our little interview.
I have been a fan of her work since I discovered her Instagram account, @allthelittledolls!
I love her Barbie doll repaints because they look like real people,
and her diorama sets are super cozy and fun!

A post shared by Betty S (@allthelittledolls) on

I don't want to spoil your excitement so without further ado,
here's our interview with Australia-based custom doll artist and Etsy seller 
Betty S from @allthelittledolls!

Please tell us something about yourself that we don’t get to find out in your social media channels.

Betty S: 
I have a mild addiction to playing The Sims. 
My current computer doesn’t like the game though so I make do by creating the doll dioramas 
and different characters and families in doll form. 

When did you start collecting dolls as an adult? As a child?

Betty S: 
I’ve always had some sort of doll collection. 
I’ve got about 15 Cabbage Patch Kids stored at my mum’s house 
and also many barbies. 

What type/s of dolls first interested you?

Betty S: 
Definitely Barbies.

A post shared by Betty S (@allthelittledolls) on

What is your current collection composed of?
Betty S: 
My current collection is composed of a few “forever Barbies 
and Barbie related dolls” 
and 8 reborns/Ashton Drake Dolls.

A post shared by Betty S (@allthelittledolls) on

What draws you to these dolls?

Betty S: 
I enjoy the work that goes into creating them. 
I also love to imagine who they would be if they were actual people 
and style them accordingly.

What creative pursuits do you currently have that are related to dolls or miniatures?

Betty S: 
I’m always wrestling with the sewing machine to attempt to make clothing.
People do ask if I will sell the clothes I make but I’m no sewing mastermind
so only time will tell. 

I also enjoy making small props to go with dolls 
and would like to be able to create them as accessories to go with my regular sales.

What makes these doll-related activities very interesting for you?

Betty S: 
It’s something to do to relax and exercise my mind unless it’s sewing. 
Sewing is evil. 

Aside from doll collecting and crafting, what are your other interests?

Betty S: 
When I’m not doing doll related things, 
I enjoy reading, drawing and watching movies or tv series.

It has been a while since I starting becoming a fan of your work
and I notice that you are very vocal about a few social advocacy 
like breastfeeding, and the LGBT community. 

Can you tell us about why these have a special place in your heart?

Betty S: 
I have many family and friends who are members of the LGBTQ community
and feel that their rights are just as important as my own so it’s important that I, 
and others, stand with them.

As for breast feeding, I believe that it is a mother’s right to feed her child 
when they are hungry and that no person should stand in the way of them doing so. 
It is a natural and beautiful thing.

Please tell us more about your girl Delilah and how she came to be as cool as she is!

Betty S: 
Delilah has always been a favourite. 
She was a happy sort of accident, if you can believe it. 
The original doll was just a pink top MTM, and my first one, 
so I wanted to see how far away from the typical barbie image I could push her look.

A post shared by Betty S (@allthelittledolls) on

She was originally designed to be a bit of a tomboy but she evolved and became far more.

How do you think your art/creative pursuits contribute to your life, as a whole?

Betty S:
It has helped to give me a greater purpose. 
Before, I was more focused on being a mother 
but as my children have grown and started school, 
I’ve needed a creative outlet.

What is your most favorite art/craft material? 
Okay, you can give three. I know how we love them that much ;D

Betty S: 
Watercolour pencils, scrapbook paper, tacky glue

A post shared by Betty S (@allthelittledolls) on

How are you able to manage time between your family/work life and the miniature world? 

Betty S: 
My oldest started attending school 5 days a week this year 
and my youngest goes to childcare 3 days a week 
so it allows me to allocate 3 days of the week to errands, repaints and self care. 

The school holidays start at the end of this week so I’ll need to reallocate my time ahhh ๐Ÿ˜‚

Can you share some tips to those who are interested to learn repainting dolls 
and the other cool things that you do?

Betty S: 
Research is key. 
When I first discovered the doll repainting phenomenon, 
I was seeking a cheaper alternative to ball jointed dolls 
and found people repainting store bought dolls on YouTube. 
Through their tutorials, I learned the key techniques I use 
and which materials to buy to make them most effective. 

Also, investing in good quality materials and finding the correct ones for you is very helpful. 
I tried using acrylics but have never had the knack with those. 
I much prefer pencil work.

Other than repaints, diorama making as well as this latest one – miniature cat making, what are the projects you have in mind that we can expect from you and your Etsy shop?

Betty S: 
One of the things I should have mentioned earlier about myself, I am a terrible planner! 
I usually just take the ideas as they come and roll with them so I won’t make promises 
but I would love to expand my store to include things for dolls someday if I can.

** end of interview**

And that's it, guys!
I hope Betty's story and tips inspired you to even be more creative with your doll collection.

If you are interested in owning one of Betty's artworks,
she runs a shop over at Etsy, too!

You can also check out her Facebook page,
if you happen to be there more often.

Thanks so much again to Betty for allowing us to share her art and story
to our doll community here.

And thanks to you for dropping by!

Chat with you again soon!


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Part 2 of Faded and Distressed How-to: now up on YouTube!

Hey doll-lings!

So I'm again super cheery because I was able to sit down and do some editing for my latest how-to video - the final part for the Faded and Distressed Denim shorts one.

I gotta admit that video editing can be tedious at times, especially for someone who is new to it. However, this one wasn't really that boring. In fact, I had fun in general doing it. Maybe because it wasn't too long, and that I already have some kind of template to use. The first video was when I had to decide on fonts and animations to apply, and it was longer, thus more effort (and patience) was needed.

I guess the idea that I have finally started documenting my processes, was something to celebrate for. I have really been wanting to share my process with you guys but I didn't have the courage back then. It was probably because I didn't have the skills to show for, and even the products to be proud about. This time around, I felt like this pair of shorts is something that a doll collector can keep in her doll wardrobe for years because of its classic design and good quality. I can't help but feel confident for this creation of mine.

This won't be a long post; I just wanna update you guys about the second/final part of this shorts process. I hope you visit my channel over at YouTube, like my videos and share to your friends if you like. I would love it if you subscribe and comment, too so that we can open up topics that will be helpful for the doll community as a whole.

Alright... I gotta go now.. Thanks so much for dropping by...


Monday, December 4, 2017

New How-to video on YouTube: Faded and Distressed Denim Shorts (Part 1 - Assembly)

Hey hey, dolls! I hope everything's doing great over there at your side of the globe! As with me and the atelierniSHASHA dolls, we're pretty busy over at our little work area (as you can tell I haven't been blogging lately...), but nonetheless, feeling awesome!

Hmmm, there's actually a lot of reasons why it's exciting over at my little corner lately. I will be sharing with you everything, but for now, we will focus on just one. I am happy with what's going on because I was again able to record my doll garment process. It has always been my goal to share how I make my stuff. However, I had quite a few challenges in doing so. The primary one being equipment. Although I have a very nice DSLR camera (courtesy of my hubs), which is perfect for taking photos of my little ladies, it wasn't designed for taking long videos. And the way I set it up, which I tried a variety of over the few years, is making my work harder. I can't move my hands freely while sewing or cutting, because the tripod sits close to me. But finally, I decided to record my video using my trusty little phone, and I'm happy I tried this method. I realized that since I work on tiny details, the phone actually has good enough focus features for it. And it doesn't take so much space, and time to set up. I just put my phone on top of a few books and leaned it on an acrylic phone stand I got from my local Daiso. Nothing fancy ;)

So, finally, dollies - my latest how-to process video for making the Faded and Distressed Denim Shorts. I decided to share how I make this bestselling piece in my Etsy shop because I truly believe in its versatility, styling-wise. A lot of collectors in our doll community can attest to that. A little backstory - I had this piece inspired from what I loved to wear over and over again during my college years. It was a pair of faded and distressed denim shorts that I bought from what we call an "ukay-ukay" shop, which basically is a second-hand clothing shop. I bought it for only 10 Philippines pesos at that time (around 1998), so it was dirt-cheap, but well-loved. I wore it to death that time and I was sad that finally after years of use, it fell apart, literally. But that's fine, eventually over the years, I have been collecting and wearing distressed denim shorts because they're my favorite. They look worn, distressed, faded, but very functional and stylish. I wear it with tees, tank tops, girly tops and tunics and anything in between. How my tiny girls dress those denim shorts with was the way I do it in my everyday, human-sized life ;)

Please bear with my editing and off-focus clips, I'm still learning this new skill and I would love to receive feedback from you guys. I may have not mentioned all the materials that I used in the process but you can easily figure them out. I had some parts super speedy because they're very self-explanatory anyways, but I had those that are detail-ey, made slow-paced enough. My left hand keeps covering the camera/view several times because I probably got too absorbed in what I was doing at the moment that I forgot to move the phone/camera around. I loved it that I had the recording in portrait so that I have that black space on the sides of the video perfect for my captions. The white font is so much easier to read on the black background.

This process I'm following here is my latest one. I have tried all sorts of ways to make my shorts look great and my process less challenging over the years. I'm sure those who have purchased my shorts from years ago can tell the improvements.

The fabric I used was called soft denim by the lady at the fabric shop. Try to find the softest, thinnest denim fabric for this project so that it's easier to assemble/sew together.

If you liked my pattern, I will soon be listing it on my Etsy shop, hopefully before the end of year but I won't make promises. I still haven't gotten to picking up the scanner I needed to scan all my precious patterns with, which I have developed over the years. They should all be available at my shop by 2018. I will then continue to create new patterns so anyone who likes to re-make my designs can make them for their dolls, too.

So, yeah... I hope you will like my latest video, which is only part one of two. I will edit the remaining process (embellishing) within the next few days and let you know when I finish and have it ready in youtube. By the way, if you are a regular youtube watcher/tuner/consumer, I invite you to subscribe to my channel as I intend to fill it with as much process as I can share. My goal is for everyone to become a much more creative, happier doll collector!

That's it for now, lovelies. I'm gonna get back to finishing the trousers I recently made, take pics then list on Etsy. I will also need to package a few more orders and ship them tomorrow.

See? There's so much energy over here, you can easily tell ;)  Chat with you soon!