Sunday, February 17, 2019

New How-to Videos: 1950s-inspired Shirtwaist Dress

Hey dollings!

Yay, I just finished editing the last of the 6 videos for
the 1950s-inspired Shirtwaist Dress video playlist
and they're now available on my
YouTube channel, here.

Here's a preview of the clips:

Of course, for those who liked the fit on the video's model Silkstone Barbie,
I have the PDF pattern available both at my shop,
and Etsy.

A how-to post is also available, if you like, here.
Actually, I have already placed all my how-to posts
at the left column for you guys to check out.

I hope you find the videos informative ;)
Let me know in the comments what you think about the dress,
the videos, questions... 
and I'll try to answer them as best as I can <3 p="">

That would be it for this weekend, loves.

I'll see you on the next!


Friday, February 8, 2019

What has happened in 2018...

Hey dollings!

I hope everyone is well :) Some of you may have noticed that I've been MIA for the past few months and wondered where have I gone. Well, thankfully, I'm still here but have gone farther with my ventures. I've finally done some things that I had been wanting to add to my never-ending list of to-do's, or at least, to-try's ;D

Firstly, yay I finally have some of my sewing patterns scanned, formatted in PDF and listed on my online shops available for download.

I had been wanting to do this even before I thought of quitting my day job to focus on the shop. I was once in the technical and copy writing business so I had experience with publication. It took a loooong while but I think what really pushed me to start working on it was to heed a call during my 7th shop anniversary. I wanted so much to share what I have to the community. I want to have a giveaway where I can share how much creativity can save us from this neurotic society and its problems. I thought that if I start sharing my patterns, someone on the fence of making their own dolly clothes will be inspired to actually start doing it. When I was just starting to make my own patterns, there's so much resistance and very little skills, so it took me sooooo long to improve. I know I needed to understand patternmaking to be able to make the tiny garments that I want to see in my dolls, but at that time, there wasn't enough information and tools available for me.

So, yeah, I got myself a scanner and I started making layouts. I gave away 10 patterns for my 7th anniversary raffle winners. One of them is Vero of @doll_magnolia, who is having such a fun time making her own hoodie pullovers from the patterns I made for her.

Fast forward to today, I have now 18 downloadable patterns on my Etsy shop, and oh, at my new website, ... 

Finally, I have purchased a domain and a shop feature to house my inventory. I still run some inventory on Etsy but all new items will be listed first in my website. My website will also have a lower retail pricing scheme as now I can save up on the massive fees that Etsy asks from us low-quantity producing business owners. I hope you can find time to visit my website today ;)

And also, I have added more how-to videos at my Youtube channel, yay! These videos are the made to support the PDF patterns. I can't believe I finally did it. It took me so long to figure out how to format the videos but so far, they just came out naturally. I hope you can check out these videos, too.

I also added new dolls, and let go of some last 2018. It was sad to let go of the ones that had been with me since the start but I guess, it's time that they move on to new homes. I'll probably check my current collection some time and make a post about who's been added and who left.

Okies. That is it for now. I know I have a lot more to talk about but I will do that in another post. 
For now, I wish you a great weekend, be it you will just be lounging,
or crafting, or travelling ;)

much love,