How-to: Mermaid Gown

Hey hey! Here's another how-to post for you, dollings.

This post is a written documentation of my process.
If you scroll down to the bottom, you will see all the steps, in text and photos,
which I have laid out for you guys to refer to, if needed.

I also prepared a YouTube playlist here.

Check out the YouTube playlist for more details!
Whichever way you may want to see my process,
I hope you have fun making your Model Muse girls their Mermaid Gown ;)

Ayt, let's get started!

Here are the materials and tools you need:

- Stretchy fabrics (I used two kinds, different for fitted part and fishtail)
- metal snap
- matching thread
- hand sewing needle
- dressmaker's pins
- pair of scissors
- watercolor pencil (for marking the patterns on fabric, so I can just wash away the marks later)
pattern pieces (which will be available in my Etsy shop soon...)

Let's start crafting!

1. Trace your patterns on the fabric. I use a watercolor pencil to mark.
The fitted part
Fishtail, which is a slightly oval shape
2. Cut the marked fabric, with enough seam allowance that you prefer. I typically use .25 inch.

All fabric pieces you need

3. Sew all darts indicated in your marks. 

4. Join the fabric pieces by the side seams.

Side seams done!

5. Hem the top edge of the garment.

Top Hem

6. Hem the bottom edge of the garment.

Bottom hem

7. Stitch the back seam leaving about an inch before the top for the open part.

Center back seam

Center back seam

8. Flip over to right side of the fabric and pin the fishtail fabric piece.

Flip to right side of fabric

Pin to anchor your fishtail before stitching

9. Stitch your fishtail on the fitted assembly.

I still use back stitch here

10. Hem the bottom edge of fishtail.

11. Put on your snaps.

And you're done! Yay!

Final piece - your basic mermaid/fishtail gown 

I hope you picked up a few tips from this little post, dollings!

It was a little challenging to make patterns for the Model Muse Barbie in this pose.
Her pose wouldn't give you an asymmetrical perspective of the body, with her torso twisted,
and her hips bumped on one side. But I think we have sort of found a way, haven't we?
Because honey, there's always a way tee hee..

So there you go.

Til our next tutorial post, my loves!

And oh, if you haven't known yet, I sell my Mermaid Gown for Model Muse Dolls Sewing Pattern
here at my pattern shops:



Thanks again simply for being here:)


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