How-to: Gathered Off-shoulders Top

Hey dollings! Welcome to another miniature crafting session with atelierniSHASHA. 

Today, we will be making the gathered off-shoulders top,
which I think is a classic, summer staple for any stylish girl.

A recent reincarnation of the off-shoulders top that was first launched in 2016
I have finally uploaded all three videos of my process,
and I hope you find some parts of it helpful in your
miniature fashion sewing adventure.

Click here to go directly to the complete YouTube playlist:

Here are also links to each of the videos:

Part 1 - Preparing your fabric (tracing, edge-sealing, cutting)

Part 2 - Preparing elastic casing and hemming sleeves and bottom edge

Part 3 - Completing the garment (hemming neckline, inserting elastic band...)

If you got to this page because you purchased my sewing pattern,
thank you so so much again for your support and love.

I am always happy to know that my craft somehow inspired you
to get crafty ;)

You have not only helped me sustain my craft and living expenses,
you also inspired me to work hard and dream even more
new creations for our dolls.

For the love of our dolls, right? :D

If you just got here to my blog, thank you so much for deciding to
click and browse through.

I have so many how-to posts and videos to share with you :)
Please have a look around my blog..

And if you like this gathered off-shoulders top,
I will have them listed as garment soon as I'm still making them,
and as PDF sewing pattern on both my
website,, and Etsy shops.

The garments, though, will be on limited stocks,
as I only get to make several pieces every time.

Alright. I'm gonna get back to work now ;)

Thanks again for being here and I'll see you again!

much love,

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