Friday, March 20, 2015

Dolls, meet T W Y L A ...

Twyla in the graphic cropped top, about to get her morning coffee by her fave shop near the park
Finally, you've met!

Twyla pretty much is a busy gal, prancing between fashion week cities
but she managed to sprinkle me a bit of time today.

Let's see what I got in my email =)

Hi, atelierniSHASHA dolls!

I'm Twyla and I'm an editor for an online fashion website.
When I'm not on my laptop or smartphone
churning out four to five stories a day and
several social media copies
(wait, that's just two of my to-do's),
I'm sipping my favorite cappucino at the coffee shop.
And yes, I buy my own coffee, every time.
My assistant has other more important things to do.

On off-days, I spend time with friends and we have this rule
to "turn off your WIFI" when we're together.
It's so much fun to just hang out on each other's places
and gossip over pizza and beer.

I also spend my free time looking for remote places to
revitalize my stressed mind and body.
I take vacations every quarter to places I've never been to.
Most of my travels, I face with fresh eyes.
I only got to visit two places twice because they're quite special to me.

One of the places I will be visiting soon is the Philippines!
I'm so excited to finally meet Shasha who will be providing the capsule wardrobe
I will be wearing for the island hopping and beach living.
Almost every time, after such refreshing week or two in solitary bliss - island style,
I feel so ready to take on challenges at work.
I love my job so I'm gonna go back to it now LOL!

See you then, Shasha!


So there you go - our cool, it-girl Twyla.
Here are some photos of her wearing some creations I sent her.
I hope you enjoy them (for now)
and stay tuned for her upcoming vacay pics!

Twyla rocks the Chevron maxi dress, don't you think?

Her staple distressed denim shorts she "can't live without " during island getaways

The cropped top that got her started (and hooked) with atelierniSHASHA stuff =)

Til next time, dolls!

h u g s,
s h a s h a

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Missing a dolly friend...

I just got the news that another dolly friend
passed away today.

It's been days since we've been sending her
prayers, loving thoughts and strength
but today, she has finally let go.

Some of you may recognize the following photos
that I used to feature in the past.

The first two are from our dear friend, Gloria,
who I'm sure was a fun, loving and very beautiful person,
inside and out. The third photo was the actual Momoko
dress she also ordered from me for her daughter.

Gloria, you will be missed and
will be forever in our hearts.
Til we meet again, dear.

<3 <3 <3 

Gloria's Poppy in last year's summer

A beautiful photo of Vanessa Perrin, by Gloria

Momoko modeling the polka dot dress that is now in the home of Gloria...

Monday, March 9, 2015

What kind of doll lover/collector are you?

I haven’t really figured out what kind of doll lover I am.

Some collectors buy their dolls based on the character/s they love.
Others wanted dolls in a favorite series, or two.
I noticed that some are into investing – like buying during the doll conventions,
resell to friends and interested parties later,
but still keep some for themselves.
I also notice collectors who just enjoy the thrill of finding
that rare, unique, holy grail doll.

But I noticed that I kind of not belong to any of those mentioned.
Every time I find a new release, I would immediately think,
“who is she gonna be if she was here with me?”
or “what type of girl could she be so that I can already design her outfits?”

I always do that.
Perhaps, you guys can relate, because most of you here
are character builders, if there’s such a thing.

I think we are the artistic types of collectors.
Because aside from buying the collectible, we do something with it, not just put them in cabinet.
We see our collection as a part of something bigger, for our works of art in the making, yeah?
Some of you here make your dolls as characters for your photo stories,
or models for your photography,
or inhabitants in your DIY dioramas!
Most of us sort of recreate these characters, don't we?

I mean, don’t get me wrong.
I love my dolls from the first time I saw them on the monitor
 to the moment they have evolved into their own characters.

But it’s just that these dolls become more and more
the character I want them to be as time goes by.
Geez, I’ve never had a doll in my life
that I have not given a name to. 
Each one was special and unique in her own way –
 she has her own attitude, lifestyle, personality and preferences. 
Crazy, eh?

Some of you who've been around reading my blog for some time now,
probably read one post my Dolly Profile series. 
Although I have not yet completed posting all my atelier models’ profiles,
I have all their 'information' drafted in my doll profiles notebook.
So that means more profile posts to come this year =D

Here are some ladies who have undergone
character development from the time they arrived at the atelier:


Sue arrived as a Dynamite Girl from the Check Mates collection.
From a teenage sweetheart, she transformed into a soulful little surfer gal
(gave her a spa and since then she literally let her hair down)


Anais was once Lucy, a bride of Dracula.
Upon arriving here at the atelier, she decided to quit her nocturnal instincts
to perform in theaters
(Gave her spa and a cut to give her that modern look)


Aya arrived as Miss Weekday Momoko.
But over time, she has become the cottage chic gal
who champions my summer dresses (pulled down her hair, too)


Tessa was Dracula’s Contessa
But just like Anais, she decided she needs to tan up a bit…
(cut her hair short)


Kei back then was Sunset Rave Ayumi.
I shortened her hair as well so she can move around
when performing with her band.


Once Sweet Freedom Susie, Sunny now enjoys my comfy
but stylish garments during her off-duty days
(her braids were undone this time…)


And last but not the least, Cece,
whom I purchased locally as Fashionista Sassy.
Now she enjoys being a part time model and likes her awfully lovely curls..

So yeah, I kind of make changes to these lovelies once in a while
to fit the characters that I see in them.
The other girls didn’t get any makeover
because they probably arrived in a state that already is the character,
or to me, they’d look awful in another look.

I also wanted to do faceups or repaints
but I thought it will need some time for research and practice
so maybe I can do that some time later.

How about you guys? Did you change your dolls' looks since they arrived?
Do they undergo changes often?

I'm not really worried as to how I act around my dolls.
But, just what kind of doll lover are you? 

s h a s h a