Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dolls are Works of Art

Why do we love our dolls?
Why have as much as we can stuff our rooms with?
Why collect these beautiful dolls?

Lola, version 2.0
This thought had been plaguing me for days now.
I have always been a doll lover but never had I questioned myself in such a fashion.
My dolls had been my source of inspiration.
They have always made me creative, imaginative, free.
And all that was enough to explain why I don't stop buying dolls, until recently.
So I tried to examine my thoughts.
Could there be more reason out there?


What draws me to a doll?
Her face, primarily, I guess?

Bree Version 1.0, now living THE life in Spain

Indeed it's the face, almost all the time.
Her bright eyes stare at me, as if she was saying something.
And even when she doesn't look at me, she gives me this feeling that we have a connection;
a feeling that we must not be apart from now on.
She had to be with me, for as long she can.


And why do I feel like I have some kind of responsibility to take care of her?
Why do I feel like she needs my care?
Why do I feel like she needs me, and only me?
Why does it feel like she's my long lost child?

Tamica V1.0, now residing at Debbie's wonderful house

And so we give in to all that feeling.
We go home together.


Then at home, we gaze into each other intently once more.
Not because we question the mutual agreement earlier;
but most probably to find out the other wonderful things about each other.


We explore together.
It's a lot of fun, indeed, to be together!
We play like we've never done before.
We only stop when it's time for something rather life-threatening;
like skipping meals, or not having enough rest.

Lola V1.0, now erased...

I'm not ashamed to say that I fall in love with my dolls.
I look at their faces lovingly the way I look at my human loved ones, or my furry loved ones.
But why?
They're just plastics molded and painted to look like tiny humans?

Tamica V2.0

Do they look like people we love? For some, yes.
Mostly however, they are unique combinations of features that read something,
that meant something.

Bree 2.0

I think those lovely faces remind me of the nicer things in my life.

The sincerity of their eyes reminds of my childhood, being cared for by the kindest people I grew up with.

The gentleness in their smile retells of the brief encounters I had with people I didn't even know.

The childish gesture is reminiscent of the exciting experiences with my playmates.
So pure, so true.

Their good looks tell me to always take care of my body. My body is the reason why I experience all this. It has to be healthy for as long as I can take care of it.

Their sometimes mischievous attitude reminds me to have fun, be free, be honest.
They bring me back to those days when I can afford to be the most creative.
Their attitude was once my attitude towards life.

Tamica V3.0

There probably are other things that my little ladies remind me about myself, about my life, about my existence. And this is because, despite them being made of plastic and paint,
they are works of art.
They were designed to evoke emotion.
And emotion is what makes us human.

Have a lovely weekend, dear dollies!