Sunday, April 20, 2014

Coachella or No-chella, Lovers of Music will we always be...

Hey hey darlings!

Bree and Cece dropped by this week and spent the afternoon at the atelier talking about some of the music festivals they are heading to in the next few weeks.

So, while they're hanging out at my little nook I whipped up some fashion-bloggers'-attention-worthy music festival outfits I am hoping they will wear come their next camping event.

Here's what I got for them..

Tank tops with an Erykah Badu print of a charcoal painting I did in 2012 plus floral shorty shorts

Cece working it! I permed her hair for this look.

Bree in her silky smooth, this time aptly braided black mane.

A closer look of these lovely music-lovers!
I made several of these babies so watch out for their launch on my Etsy shop soon.

For more of the pics (because I was so amused I took a lot!), please head to my Flickr photostream :)

Thanks and have great week, dollies!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tamica's Summer Break in San Isidro (White Beach), Puerto Galera

Hey, Dollies!

It's already summer vacation here in the Philippines so our dear friend Tamica thought she'd take a nice, rewarding mini-break from it all. This time, she went to one of closest beach towns to Manila that never disappoints - Puerto Galera!
And me and my family got to tag along to take some photos of her :)

I know the sun is literally peeping out to most parts of the globe now so let's start enjoying the warm weather already ...

And oh, I hope you enjoy the pics, too...

The lady so patiently waiting for her maxidress to finish - I was sewing on the road!

With my son goofing around the boat terminal

Arrived at the beach after more than an hour's boat ride...

Sitting on the "bangka", a tiny fishing boat that has just the perfect hues!

Our beach girl also sampled the locally-made bracelets and anklets from one of the souvenir shops there

Tamica's top (which I also handsewn while at the inn) has a halter strap that features one of the handmade items...

Walking some more...

Say "beach!"...

With hubs and son waiting for the boat ride home...
I hope you enjoy the photos and thanks for dropping by...


Friday, March 21, 2014

Sue the Surfer (and model)... another client profile post

Hey Hey!

It suddenly felt like it's already high time for another "client profile" post. And since it's officially summer (with the heat!!!) here in sunny Philippines, who yah gonna call? My surfer dudette Sue!

I met Sue in December 2011, when a friendly ebay seller thought the tan, blonde gal should be where she was born to be - near the beautiful beaches. Sue and I, oh geez, we simply hit it off on day 1. Perhaps it's our love for nature, the outdoors, and the beach!!!

Sue in sunny Boracay island
Since we get along well, Sue travels with me often. She even met my very old doll Shasha (yes, she was named after me, teehee). Please excuse the semi-nudity, Shasha's 'artistic highlights' and apparent fear for shower (my two younger brothers took over her while I was in the big city 'searching for myself'). I guess some boys aren't just meant to be in the hair and makeup department.

Sue meeting for the first time my oldest doll Shasha , who apparently didn't get to prepare for this shoot :)
Anyways, I know I need to talk about this in another post but can you guys tell what kind of doll Shasha is?
I've been looking around like crazy but perhaps, she was locally made?
Have you seen this girl before?
So, back to Sue. In Dec 2011, I got her to wear an OOAK dress - one of the three garments I handsewn while on Christmas vacation. All proceeds of these three dresses were donated to the Sendong victims. Sue was sooo glad to have had helped in her own special way.

A charity pose
Then one tea time in February 2012, I kind of suggested she straighten her locks.
I thought her already expressive gestures need some toning down via clean tresses.
Boy, was she glad she took my advice! She's been sporting this look since then.

An outfit from the Late Valentine collection

Then I got her again to star in another collection I made the same year. Isn't she just stunning?

Sue in a piece from the Resort 2012 collection
I think I had her model also some of my classic items, but one notable project she had for me was for a client that wanted a Korean girlband-inspired look (of four). 

Sue for a custom set inspired by the Korean K-pop stars, 2NEOne
So there. Sue, my fun-loving, rock'roll and surfer of a chick with a heart of gold.

This summer, she's gonna be somewhere else for a campaign abroad so my out-of-town summer buddy (or buddies for more fun...) could be any of my other fun-loving dollies.
So I hope Sue gets to bring lots of stories when she gets back from her travel.

For now, I'll be enjoying the weekend while trying to decide who among the girls travel with us to another beach destination in the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy the weekend as well :)

I'm excited! Chat with you soon...


Saturday, March 15, 2014

atelierniSHASHA is a Liebster Blog Nominee... Yay!

So excited to be nominated by Debbie of BlackDollCollecting, and join the fun at the Liebster Blog awards. Thanks so much, Deb. 

I know I am not your always-online blogger, but Deb probably wanted me to do more and grow this blog into something it should be. So, thanks again Deb and here's my take on this fun game.

The Rule/ To-do list:
I will be answering 11 questions from the blogger who nominated me, nominate 11 blogs with less than 200 followers, notify these bloggers of their Liebster Blog Awards nomination, and ask them 11 questions. 

This will also be the rule that I hope my nominees will follow :)

Ready? Okay..

First up, Deb's 11 questions for Shasha:
1. What prompted you to begin blogging? I remember starting my first blog back in 2003 through GeoCities, to share my artworks and daily musings. After a few more blogs (that I have now "paused"), I reunited with my love for miniatures and dolls in 2010, and I thought I need to share my experience with like-minded souls in the blogworld in 2012. Hence, this blog.
2. When do you usually write your blogs? I write when I feel like I had to share something. Anything about my experience, revelations in my miniature creating. I usually blog after work, or when I'm too busy taking care of my family, during the weekends.
3.  What inspires or otherwise motivates you to publish a blog? I'm inspired by the people who share their experience around the web; feels like I need to connect to them and inspire others as well.
4.  What is your favorite pastime? Reading, sketching, designing and making miniature clothes and stuff for my dolls, getting mesmerized by dolls and collecting them, having fun with my family, laying by the beach... 
5. If your favorite pastime involves collecting dolls, answer this question and the next two (otherwise skip to question 8): What dolls do you collect? I have Barbie, Fashion Royalty, Momokos and Blythe. 
6.  How long have you been collecting and what prompted you to begin? - I have collected dolls since I was a child. I remember my mom motivating me to win in children's singing contests so that I can buy more dolls with my prizes. My uncle gifted me a baby doll and the rest was history.
7.  Are your dolls confined to one room or are they in more than one room in your home? My dolls live in my bedroom, but I'm planning to showcase them at the living room soon :)
8. If questions 5-7 do not apply to you, but you are a former collector, why do you no longer collect? 
9. What was the last movie you saw either in a theater or on DVD? Le Perfume by Tom Tykwer
10. What was the last book you read? Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
11. If you could live anywhere other than your current location, where would it be? That beach house I am saving up for.  

Done with answering Deb's questions. Next is to nominate the blogs I think deserved to be in the list. I love all the other blogs I follow, but the ones below fit the "below 200 followers" sort of qualification.

Here go my nominees...

Questions for my Nominees:

1. Why blog at all?
2. What is your most sacred art form? If it is other than your blog itself, please share with us a link if you have posted about this.
3. What is your favorite art material or tool?
4. How does blogging enrich your life?
5. Who are your top three supporters in running this blog of yours?
6. Why do you think people love to blog?
7. If you have all the time for you, what blogs would you like to create other than this one? 
8. Who is your favorite fictional character and why?
9. Who is your real-life hero and why?
10. Other than blogging, what else do you do?
11. What is beauty to you?

Notifying my nominees
Lastly, I will need to contact them and get back to you (via a comment) when I'm done.

So there you go. If you're a nominee and if you're new to Liebster just like me, Deb shared a link of a cool post of everything you need to know about the blog awards here.

Alright.. that's it... I hope this helps everyone to connect to and be more inspiring to more bloggers.

See you next time, dollies!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

OOAK dresses for a lovely lady from Bermuda

This year, I told myself to not do commissions since I wanted to focus on releasing dolly clothes that will complete a collection before the year ends. What the collection is, I will announce very soon. For now, let me just prepare a few more things and then let you guys know when everything's ready. :)

So the recent commission was for a nice lady who had contacted me via my Etsy shop back in October 2013. I couldn't say no because she was so nice and I love nice people. Well, who doesn't? 

Fortunately, I had the extra time to photograph the dolly clothes before shipping them today. 
So I'm sharing them to you now in this post.

In this commission, my dolly pal was inspired by the outfits worn by Destiny's Child during a performance. I looked for decent photos on the web, but managed to get only this.

Enjoy and til my next dolly creation...

Portia models the dress that was inspired by the one on Kelly Rowland

Michelle's dress on Portia

Tamica lookin' hot like Beyonce


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Client profile series - Anais

Hey hey! How's the weekend, dolly friends?
As always, the atelier is in its uber busy state.
And just when I was about to get back to my studio, Anais popped in!

"Salut!" was all she said after giving me a kiss. Excited like a child, she checks out my new space.
Anais just got back from her very long vacation in France, to spend time with family.
Hailing from Marseille, Southern France, Anais is very comfortable with people of different nationalities. This girl inspires me to brush up on my French, too :)

"Can you make me a dress for that film festival, s'il vous plait, Shasha?", she asks. "Of course, yes.", was my almost automatic reply. How can you say no to a sweet lady like her?
Anais is a theater and indie film actress who also occasionally does campaigns for her friends' charity events. She has also volunteered for the Unicef and has lived in cities my fingers couldn't even count.

As an actor, she promotes her films and occasionally attends premiere nights all over the world. She's been given film awards in the past and never forgets to call me when an upcoming event calls for a comfortable, event-appropriate garb that only she and I understand.

Outfits like the one she's wearing in the photos in this post (I made them for her recently), are a great way to escape the limelight and just be the carefree little girl she is.

"I love your new place... especially the painting on the wall. So dark, so sad..." 
That painting was something I made for an art class back then. It's great that she likes it.
I guess she should. She likes mysterious things.

My mysterious Anais...

So, I guess that's it for this week.

Some of the outfits worn by the lady above are available at my Etsy store, ateliernishasha.
Please head to my Flickr or Facebook accounts for more photos of Anais.
Lastly, have a great weekend. 

And belated HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, friends!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Client profile series - Sophia drops by the atelier

It's weekend once again and you know what yours truly does aside from creating... hanging out with my dear clients! Yeah, these girls really just can't get enough of me and my humble abode.. teehee....

So today, Sophia dropped by my almost empty place (for now - I've been starting to look around for materials to make furnitures and stuff for it). She says she's on her way to a meeting, but dropped by to show me the outfits I made her recently. She thought I'd make a better decision at choosing which combination to wear for the event later.

The crisp white crepe top and animal-print leggings. Classic.
 Sophia is a fashion editor for a lifestyle magazine. Like most successful girls who can afford finer thinks in life, Sophia is obsessed with bags and shoes. But contrary to popular belief of girls in the public eye being stuck up and superficial, Sophia is an exception. She is happily married to an equally charming farm guy (he chose to tend to his huge farm and be a hands-on dad), and a loving mother to two beautiful little girls.

Now, you will understand how a busy gal can sport such a great bod - limitless supply of healthy produce from the hubby's organic farm...
Most of the time, Sophie asks me to create her something that is edgy, but she can be classic, too. 
I guess, all stylish ladies can be anything as long as they are comfortable in it, don't you think?
Sophie often goes to fashion shows, parties and other events to promote her work.
She longs to spend a verrryyyy (that's how she says it) long vacation around Europe.
Yeah... who doesn't?

Sophia asks me, "Should  I go all white? I think Fifi aptly wants to tag along.."

I'm torn as to which leggings to wear the white crepe top with, just like her.

What do you think, guys?
Which one brings out the best in Sophia?
Let us know very soon, okay?

Til next time, dolly friends!

These outfits are now available in my Etsy shop :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

the newly furnished receiving area . . . MY FIRST EVER DIORAMA!!!

After months and months and months of longing to get my hands on this little corner of a house so my girls can rest fabulously while waiting for their fitting sessions or a chat with me, I finally made something!!! I must admit it took me a really looooooongggg time to start doing it, so please bear, dolly friends. 

It's not complete yet, but Violet was so eager to drop by after her Sunday mass that I need to take photos! Here's a short tour to this tiny place while my dear Violet drops in some of her Anglophile-ish comments. Enjoy...  :)

Vi says as she surveys the area, " Shasha, I don't understand why you call yourself an artist and I don't see any of your paintings in this sad, white wall?"

"I'll get to that next week, don't worry", I replied.

"I like that you injected some fun little things around here in between your sad, gray couch and equally cold, white walls", she added, rather nicely.
Yup, that lady can be a total b**ch sometimes, but that's the reason why I love her - she's just downright honest.

"Hmmm, I don't thoroughly comprehend this combination, but I respect you as a creative and a friend of mine."
I told you, she is a darling. Don't be fooled by those looks.

Vi picks one of the fashion magazines dolly friend Michaela gave me and sighed, " It's growing on me..."
Awwww.... coming from her, that's just so cool!!!

She likes it so much that she suggested I take photos of my dolly clothes in here, in this very room! 
How sweet of her, no? I think I just might like the idea, too. Why not?
Why not try a shot...

Vi posing for me, trying to convince me to use the room as my shoot studio.
And she has totally convinced me! That lady is a bomb!

What do you guys think? Do you like my new receiving area cum photoshoot studio?

Thanks for dropping by and see you soon!!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Enjoy the rest of the Holidays, Friends!

Finally got to squeeze in the computer. Both hubs and I never brought laptops with us during the xmas vacation because 1) they're just gonna add up to the bulky luggage, 2) we don't want to work --- because sometimes, you just can't stop yourself from checking the work email, and 3) we just want to enjoy vacation, as, well, vacation as it is. So now, I play the sneaky blogging lady while my son 'accidentally' takes a nap in between his fave online games.

So, it's been a week of visiting relatives, going to parties, getting a nice tan at some beaches, and just lazying around my hub's ancestral home. There's one more week for us here so I might as well get my hands on the things I have listed that I need to be doing (yes, atelier-related work) while on vacation. 

But first, let me share some photos that I've sneaked along the way...

Strolling the beach along the nearby town of Panaon

Bree feels like a spoiled brat in this unspoiled paradise

Bree is such a sweetie that I never regretted bringing her along

My son and hubby getting excited to take a dip in the beach
And of course, the vacation won't be complete without Bree's photo by the Christmas tree :)

Enjoy the rest of the Holidays, Friends!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holidays are here!!!

Hey, dolly world! I missed you!

It's been a while not talking here about my stuff and you know how busy it gets during the season :)
However, I thought I should drop by before I take my two-week vacation at our hometowns. 

This morning, I took photos (WARNING: There's ton!!!) of the girls I got this year at my gotu kola garden :) I know, you'd probably expect me to fill my teeny tiny garden with flowers instead, but yeah. I love herbs, too, you see :)

Here's Tamica in a Ruffled Romper. 
I got her last May, and couldn't just deny those dreamy eyes :)

Accessories from Barbie's 2012 holiday collection that Nadine gifted me...

Tamica and those dreamy eyes...

Then recently, in November, I found Bree. I've always wanted to add Oriental beauties to my clientele and there she is :) 
So happy to get her!

I love how Bree stands on her own :)

Bree is quite sassy, I could see it.

Finally, Ramona - my first ever Blythe!!! She's a gift from my hubby - bestest hubs in the world!!!

But first, the Aya dress :)
And you probably guessed why I call her so --- 
yes, Ramona Flowers, the blue-haired girl in Scott Pilgrim's world. 

I can so see Ramona's future from here - 
she's gonna ask me to make her lots of punk outfits for her band's gigs! 
\m/ \m/ \m/  

So, there you go - my 2013 girls. 
Had been good to my piggy bank this year and 
resisted the tempting FR ladies. 

I'd probably get one or two next year, since I feel the need for an FR2 body already. 
Hoping to get lucky with getting nudes next year :)

Here are some more pics before I wrap up the weekend.
Enjoy <3

Buddy photo :)

Ramona in another Aya dress featuring the Playful Hearts print

Lovely Bree up close

Tamica taking a break, but still looking like she's modelling :)

Lastly, a dolly group hug from us to you... <3 <3 <3

Til next time, dolly friends!!!