Sunday, January 25, 2015

Leggings fever ... An appreciation tribute to Black Doll Collecting

How is your weekend, dolls?
Here in tropical Philippines, the winds are still chilly - the kind that makes you smile.
This could go on til about the third week of February.
Then, summer (and humidity) starts.
Sunnier than ever!

For some of you in the northern hemisphere, I believe it is still snowing.
And for people down the South, it's summer time!
But one thing I know for sure... no typhoons for now, YAY!
I bet you guys are also making the most of your current weather, no?

But of course, today is all about my appreciation and gratitude
to one of my oldest clients and friends here in the dolly world. 
Ms Debbie Behan Garrett, of Black Doll Collecting.
I'm so lucky to have known this lady. When she discovered me at Etsy years back,
she immediately posted the purchases she had received from me.
I then realized that I was so lucky to be introduced to an extended family of sorts.
A new door was opened for me to share my creations with.
Each one of us knows that meeting someone of the same interests
is better than a box of chocolates haha!

So today I'm sharing with you some photos taken by Debbie.
Her dolls are just the perfect models for my tiny creations.
Here, take a look and you'll see. Enjoy...

Janay in red paisley and striped bw tunics, with this versatile textured leggings.

Yellow and neutrals bring out the best in her, don't you think?

Janay and Halle, aren't they gorgeous in the chevron-print dress and slip dress?

I love that Debbie styled this ensemble with a hat and bow-tie choker.
And at the back is equally beautiful Darla wearing the jumpsuit Debbie won in one of my contests back in 2013.

Debbie's atelierniSHASHA latest haul... 
There you go.
I hope you enjoy Debbie's lovely photos!

Chat with you next time, dollies.


Friday, January 23, 2015

That painting on my wall...

Hi dolls!

While I am still designing my next creation, and I can only probably launch next week,
I'd like to share something different with you.

This is about the painting that has been hanging on
my atelier wall for a long time now.

Yes, I meant the one behind Anais.
I painted this back in 2013 for a free online art class at Coursera.
Despite my hectic schedule,
I squeezed in some hours every week so that I learn
some foundations of art, although I realized it's not necessary afterwards.
I'll talk about that some time later, but for now,
let me share with you my art statement for it.
And let me know what you think, okay?

Pierce. Shasha Ravacio 2013.
In this artwork, I have stayed within my relatively familiar means – graphite pencil and watercolor. Although I am still apparently a beginner in watercolor, I thought I will be more comfortable using it (compared to making collage) as long as my pencils are done right. I played with perspective here, something I have learned reading Andrew Loomis’ book and I’m quite happy with how I placed the shapes around each other. For the coloring, I used a cool green to denote stillness and hopefully, a hint of mystery, then gradually added black to make different values of it. I intended to make this a supposedly dark painting because this was based on my frequent and consistent nightmare as a kid. I excluded curvy shapes here so that the sharp edges of the shapes prevail.

I have decided from day 1 that I will do something based on my childhood dreams, and nightmares. And of the most frequent nightmares I would have is falling from the sky into thousands of sharp towers or very sharp stalagmites which will cut me through. I wanted to express my fear for sharp objects and the terror of falling into one. This fear of mine probably started when brutal rape stories were always on the news back in the days. Luckily I was never a victim, but based from what I hear from TV or the radio, I became very defensive and protective of myself. While conceptualizing and creating this artwork, even to the typing of this statement, I could still smell my fear.

I chose this image because I would like to once again face the fear to overcome it. And I would want to finally tell myself that as long as I stay away from situations that may lead to such horrible experiences that was presented to me through TV, and movies, ect., I will be safe. I am hoping that my audience will sense the fear in those sharp objects and the dark, piercing, gloomy towers in my artwork. This artwork will be called Pierce.

Thanks for dropping by, dolls!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Graphic Satin Cropped Top - the newest creation at the atelier...

Hi, dollies! I hope you are doing awesome!

I just want to make a quick post on what's the latest at the atelier. I have just completed a batch of the limited edition Graphic Satin Cropped Top, and it is now available at my shop on Etsy

So much passion and care are put in to make these dainty yet chic tops
so I hope you feel the L.O.V.E. in the room. =)

Here are some photos for you.
It was quite gloomy when I took them but I hope you enjoy.

I hope you have a great rest-of-week there!


Monday, January 19, 2015

2015, here I come!!!

How are you over there, dollies? Wow, it has been almost a month since my last post - so sorry. You probably have guessed I was pretty much absorbed in the atelier, and you were right! Today will start my third week in self-employment and the past two weeks were pretty much about of course working on the main tasks for the weeks, managing time in between different tasks, and loving every minute of all these. 

I hope you guys are also having a great start with 2015 because it was such a blissful one for me. To start, I am so happy to be here at home all the time with my family. I see my son's eyes light up (reminds me of beautiful fireworks) knowing that when he gets home from school, I'm upstairs working. Super thanks to my hubby, who encouraged me to finally take on this almost impossible venture. My parents who were so supportive of my decision despite the uncertainty, even looked into old boxes for my oldest doll, cleaned her up and wrapped her up as my Christmas gift. I felt like a kid again I almost cried when Mama said, "Ga, we have a present for you...".

'Ga, in our vernacular, is a shortened version for "Pinalangga" which means beloved. I am very grateful for so many reasons and I am hoping things will continue to be positive despite the many challenges that I expect to come my way. For those two weeks that have passed, I am now learning how to balance working here at home, while being the household goddess. LOL! 

Also, in between trying to focus on the task at hand, I sneak in breathing exercises to help ease some tension especially on my back. Thanks to Kerry Burki of fame and her Rejuvenate+Create ebook, that I got to have some tips on to exactly rejuvenate in between creating. Kerry purposely wrote this ebook to help crafters like her and me bring out the best in ourselves. Who else could have provided the best ways to deal with our daily tasks other than a creative herself, right? Kudos to Kerry for that.

I have so much to share with you guys for the entire year (and for many years to come) so I hope you stay tuned as I can only post about them as I go. I may have pre-listed things to do, but you know me. Digressing is my other talent/curse. LOL! 

But for now, I'm sharing with you one of the dolls I have added last year to my tiny but growing collection. I chose to have her because she is such an epitome of elegance. 

So without further ado, please welcome this beautiful lady (that I have yet given a profile to, please bear but it should be soon), wearing an ateliernishasha (late) 2014 holidays outfit (which I didn't find the time to take photos last month as I didn't make the time to create my Christmas tree. Bummer, I know...)

But then again here she is and I hope you like her... Enjoy, you guys and see you on my next post! 
Hugs, shasha

Monday, December 29, 2014

Dolly Friend Feature: BlinkydollsBoutique

Happy Holidays, my dear dollies! I hope you guys are having a blast this season with your families and loved ones because, I so am!

I’d instantly agree if you’d say the holidays, especially spent with family and old friends, are totally worth all the stress brought about by all the frenzied weeks of preparation.

And because of all such preparations, I kind of deserted a seriously planned dolly stuff. I know; such a shame but wait! I did squeeze in a few things before the annual dreadful, frantic early December craze started. One of them is dressing up one of my 2014 dolls, whom you will be meeting in early January next year. Hint: She is a major icon who likes to hang out at Tiffany’s on early mornings. She is so sublime I cannot just put her in one of my recent creations. I have made her an outfit supposedly appropriate for the season but never really got to make time for a shoot. Fast forward to lessons learned, I knew now what to do next year. 

Aside from trying to justify my dolly crime and wish you guys a warm, wonderful Christmas season, I also would like to share beautiful photos from a client who is quite dear to me. These photos are from a shop of an artistic mom-and-daughter tandem, BlinkydollsBoutique. Mom Deb and daughter Lea’s photos are perfect for the season, and I am honestly thankful to have been permitted to share these with you. These photos showcase their Christmas ornaments, which I have noticed a lot of our dolly friends have purchased from the shop to decorate their dioramas this season. The photos also feature my leggings –they’re basic yet, when styled thoughtfully the way these gals from BlinkydollsBoutique do, can look pretty awesome.  Check them out!

How cool is that Christmas tree, right? Katniss models the snakeskin-like leggings.

Katniss in atelierniSHASHA leggings

Prepping her comfy bedroom in those leggings

Tris chillin' in her BlinkydollsBoutique bedroom and comfy leggings 

Barbie showing off her cute flats and leggings combo

I hope you like my post today. I am hoping to post one more before the new year starts.
I hope you are having a great time at your side of the planet this season :)
Chat with you soon!!!