Monday, April 27, 2015

atelierniSHASHA Giveaway: Three Beach Bags!

Hello there, dollies! I know this has been quite overdue,
but finally, it's GIVEAWAY time!

And today, atelierniSHASHA will be giving away THREE (yes, 3!!!)
summer beach bags to THREE lucky Giveaway winners! 

A summer season must-have, this stylish yet so functional beach bag
is perfect for packing your dolly essentials before heading to the beach!

Twyla models the beach bag, the latest item from the shop =)
This white and navy blue striped beach bag is made from cotton material.
Its straps and bottom part are made from soft faux leather fabric. The 'label' detail
is made from patent leather. The bag is fully-lined with pink gina silk. 

I know you're getting excited so let's get to the mechanics, shall we?

Firstly, this is not gonna be a styling contest like our past giveaways.
It's really super easy.

To enter the contest, simply comment to this post
at least three aspects of doll collecting
that are challenging to you.
Yes, you are welcome to give more than three.

Like, for me, my top most challenge probably is budget LOL
because no matter how I deny it, I just wanted more dolls.
Secondly, storage (some dolls get brittle and break on their own),
then lastly, not enough accessories
(probably goes back to my challenge #1).

So, yeah... let me know what are your challenges, too,
as a collector, a doll photographer,
a doll photo story teller,
as a diorama builder...

One more shot of the beach bag here with Sophia, and my son on the background =)

Each valid comment will be assigned a number based on
its order. The three lucky winners will be randomly chosen
via the True Random Number generator.
I'm really old school when it comes to running raffles LOL!
Please bear with me...

Alright! Are you guys ready?
Comment your giveaway entry between now and May 1, 2015 Friday 10PM EST.
I will run the raffle on Sunday, 8PM EST and announce the lucky winners right away since it
takes less than a second to run the tool.
As always, I will then contact the winners personally.

Okay, I think we're all set!

Good luck with you guys and I am looking forward
to getting as much entries from you.
Thank you so much in advance, my dear friends.

s h a s h a

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sending some Summer Love from the Philippines...

Hi guys, I hope your weekend was awesome.
Mine was RAD!
Spent three days swimming, eating, just having fun
with family, and dolls of course,
at a beach cove another island away from home.
My son wished we should've stayed a bit longer
but of course there are things that need to be taken care of, right?

Like sharing with you some of the photos
I took. LOL!

Here you go..
I hope you'll like them :)

First off, our island-loving Twyla by the rocky parts of Puerto Galera

The beach stroll was windy but so much invigorating - Twyla needs this!

Wow, it's the second time Sophia gets to travel with me! Bohol was her first!

Hola, bella dama...

Soakin' up some sun...

Waiting for that rad swell! 

Hot in every corner, eh?
So, there you go...

I really enjoyed taking these photos despite having to climb through
slightly dangerous rocks hahaha..

So, yeah I told my son that we are staying there again
for a longer time :)

I hope you enjoyed the photos, too.

And oh, the outfits in this shoot will be available at my Etsy shop
super soon so please stay tuned, okies?

Thanks again for dropping by and getting through the bottom of the post :)
Appreciate it lots!

s h a sh a

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter + Rob's Amy dress photo

Happy Easter, my loves!

Things are quite traditional over here at the atelier,
or I mean our home during the long weekend.
Work is off from Thursday til Easter Sunday,
so the family is in full force for several consecutive movie nights,
chatty afternoons, and non-stop munching.

Of course, I had to sneak in some work stuff 
so that I'm still on track with my calendar.
You know, snaps on some dolly shorts,
basting on some outfits, etc.

But as always, since I was a little girl,
the Easter time was about being together,
celebrating togetherness.

Probably, not everyone had a long weekend like
we have here in the Philippines,
but I am hoping that you had such a wonderful one.

So, on to the Amy dress that Rob Maneja had won weeks ago!

Please bear if it took me a long time to share with you this guy's
wonderful vision of the Amy dress.
I was on to lots of things and sigh... 
Oh well.. here you go..

Such a beautiful day for Dania...
Have a wonderful weekend again, dolls!
See you on my next post!

s h a s h a