Saturday, July 19, 2014

Food Miniatures for our Dolly Dioramas

Then again, kumusta, my dear dollies?

So as promised, here’s my first post on a series that I wanted to do for a long time now 
– My favorite Etsy shops!
And since they are a lot, I had them classified into the types of handmades offered.
And I’m starting with the yummiest of all – Food Miniatures!

So I contacted the coolest shops I follow on Etsy
and asked for their permission to showcase their photos here in our humble blog. 
Their creations are either in 12th, 6th or 4th scale,and are primarily made from polymer clay.
They also create other items like miniature drinks, furniture, accessories etc. 
But those will be for future posts, okay?

Looking at their artworks just make me smile.
It’s just so amazing how they can make these convincingly delicious creations in exquisite details.
Wow, I must say!

Couple of notes, though, guys.
Photos, of course, are by our dear artists.
Some of these creations are already sold, so please check again the shops' current listings before making inquiries.

Now, without further ado, please join me as I curate all the loveliest food miniature creations ever to grace Etsy, in no particular order.

NommyMiniatures by Darlene Dallas

The Cherry Pie from NommyMiniatures
 Look how juicy those cherries are, and the perfectly baked lattice top, Nom Nom!

The Grilled Steak, Potato Salad, Garden Salad by from NommyMiniatures
I bet this makes you crave for steak now! Teehee 

The Reuben Sandwich with Potato Chips and Pickle Spear  from NommyMiniatures
 Just look at the crunchy sandwich... ahhhh.. 

The Supreme Pizza in Box from NommyMiniatures
This mouth-watering pizza is perfect for Friday nights - alone, no sharing! Haha!

Icecream Waffle Cones from NommyMiniatures
Sigh.. marvel at how realistic the chopped nuts slide into the hot fudge.

Darlene's Fashionista models the Cherry Pie
See how perfectly detailed and scaled Darlene's creations are?

Next up...

TheMiniatureGourmet by Lorraine Thomson

The Chicken Dinner from TheMiniatureGourmet
Juicy... and makes me want to grab something to eat from the kitchen, like now!

The Roast Ham Platter from TheMiniatureGourmet
Ahhh... reminds you of family gatherings, no? Look at the awesome textures! 

The Roast Beef Dinner for two from TheMiniatureGourmet
My hubby would be scrambling to find the talented chef when he sees this :D 

Roast Beef Joint with Roast Potatoes from TheMiniatureGourmet
 I just to want to say, Awwww...

The Chicken Salad from TheMiniatureGourmet
The steamed chicken and the lovely greens are perfect for my models' diet to maintain healthy bodies!

Next up...

OneSixthSense by Dawn Anderson

Chocolate SOUFFLE in White Ceramic Ramekin from OneSixthSense
Okay, stop me... Those are heavenly, right?

The Festive NACHOS with Diced Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Guacamole & More! from OneSixthSense
This is one happy food...

 The Asian SOUP with Fortune Cookies - Ceramic Bowl and Square Plate from OneSixthSense
Super pretty Asian dishes and the soup so perfect for the cold weather...

Wine, Bread, Cheese, and Olives Set from OneSixthSense
If it isn't the most romantic-looking meal there is, then I don't know what is...

Strawberries & Blueberries from OneSixthSense
These berries on ice cream are perfect for just ANY day, period.

Next up... 
ParisMiniatures by Emma

Feuille d'Automne - French Chocolate Ruffle Cake from ParisMiniatures
Heading to your nearest bakeshop now, yes? 

Paris-Brest French Pastry from ParisMiniatures 
 The toppings just look like real confectioner's sugar!

Pink Choux Bun Display from ParisMiniatures 
The pink stuff sprinkled on those Choux buns looks so mouth-watering!

Strawberry St HonorĂ© from  ParisMiniatures
The fruit and cream textures are just perfect!

Fruit Pound Cake with serving from ParisMiniatures
That pound cake (and the cute crumbles) look so yummy!

And I would also like to add that I am sooo in love with these ice cream cones from VANSDOLLTREASURES by Vanessa Morrison. 
She is on vacation right now that’s why I wasn’t able to ask permission to use her photos. 
But then again, you can head to her shop and see what I mean - Those Ice Cream Cones!!!

For now, I've got to split as I am scheduled (by my trusty organizer) to finalize some sketches for this weekend’s sewing. I am glad the power supply has resumed. 
From where I live, it was a bit gloomy the past few days as we were out of power and water supply after being struck by a recent typhoon, Glenda/RammaSun. 
No worries, though. 
Everyone in the family is safe and property was not destroyed.

Then again, take care, you guys and I hope you like this little tribute to my favorite food miniaturists.
I would also thank Darlene, Lorraine, Dawn and Emma for letting me feature their photos here.

‘Til next time, dollies!
Hugs, shasha

Monday, July 14, 2014

Susie comes to town, I mean, the atelier…

Kumusta, my dear dollies!

It’s been a while since my last post and I bet we have a lot to catch up with, no?
So first things first.

Sweet Freedom Susie from the Love Revolution Collection --- She's now here!
I pre-ordered her last March and she finally arrived to me last Friday. Yay!
Being a bohemian style fan myself, I actually liked everyone in this year's Dynamite Girl collection.
Jett looks so light and fun; Aria looks like she could stroll by the beach all day; 
Tooka has the prettiest face (IMO), Susie is such a sweetie-cutie, and the boys – sigh…

Loved the collection, but the pocket didn’t. 
It warned me and made creepy whispers like that of Smeagol’s.
I picked only Susie, because aside from my limited doll funds,
 she would be a unique addition to my small, current bunch =D

Despite having arrived four days ago, I only got to play with her today.
Me and the boys went for a quick weekend escape to the beach. 
Sadly, I was not very prepared for this impromptu trip.
I didn't get to bring any doll at all.
But that is totally fine. 
There will always be a next time =D

So here goes Susie, now in an OOAK dress I made super long time ago.

Susie in a dress called Fresh.
Sorry that I didn't take pictures of her in her original outfit.
Got excited that I deboxed right away - like a kid, yes.
I’m not sure why I picked this dress for her, either.
Perhaps because I was a little overwhelmed by all the strong colors in her original outfit. 
I guess I wanted to lighten up the mood?
I love looking at Susie from the right-hand side..

Took down her braids because I’m planning to curl up her locks some time, and name her Sunny.
Susie’s original ensemble is quite fun to play with. 
I think you can be really creative with mixing and matching it
with your existing dolly wardrobe.

It has a yellow tee, a floral collared vest, a cool red jacket that I must say was really detailed.
Then we have a really nice pair of micro shorts in perfectly sized prints.
I especially fell in love with the shorts because it was well made, linings and all.
The boots are also wonderful, and the light blue purse, heavenly in its functional snaps.
It would be nice for posing your doll like she’s trying to get something from inside it.

Aside from the boots and the purse as her accessories, 
Susie was released with a red-stone ring and a pair of yellow hoop earrings. 
The stand set was also included.
I thought, wow, wasn't that value-for-money or what?

Ring not in picture as I lost it while I first de-boxed her. Sheeesh me.
I love her outfit a lot, but I wouldn't be keeping them for long.
I made a promise to myself to not keep any non-atelierniSHASHA outfits. 
And it’s not because I don’t like them.
It’s because I wanted to push myself to create things with my own hands – to better my skills. 
To keep challenging myself. 
If want something, I should make it myself =D

So I’m selling this entire ensemble (without the ring, though. Sorry…) to anyone interested.
I can let go of these for $30 plus shipping fee.
Just send me an email at if you like this cool ensemble.
Here's another detailed pic.

For our next reading, I will be featuring my favorite food miniaturists from Etsy.
I’m really excited about this first post about my favorites.
Soon, I’ll be creating dioramas that will include more miniature items =D 
I will also feature artists who make doll accessories, furniture, and other diorama items.
It's just so nice to know that there are well-made handmades out there.

For now, I’d like to wish you a great week ahead and till next time, dollies!

Hugs hugs,

Monday, June 30, 2014

Dolly Profile - Kei Kobayashi

Kumusta, my dear dollies!
And by “kumusta”, I meant “Hello, how are you?”
It’s a Filipino word, which was derived from the Spanish “Como esta”.
The Spaniards were busy mingling with the Filipinos for more than three centuries (until 1898, I think) so yeah, we’ve tweaked quite a huge quantity of words and culture from them to make our own =)

But enough about Philippine history, before I start messing up what the historians have written for the rest of the world to see. This post is yes, you guessed right, about Kei Kobayashi.
This charmer was born in Brazil, but reunited with her motherland Japan since her teenage years.
Let’s talk about this cool gal more, shall we?


 I met Kei back in 2012 when after a long week of completing a small collection, me and the girls went to a bar to hang out and just chill (work-related talk was prohibited!) the night away.
Kei was a band member of an eclectic bossa nova band, and she was as talented as she was striking!
I thought she’d really look great in my collections!

 So after a little bit of introducing her to my stuff, and a few margaritas, Kei agreed to occasionally model and wear in her gigs, some of my creations.
Me and the girls are ecstatic!
Another unique gal in the atelier!
It’s so exciting!

 So, aside from playing with her band, and irregular modeling gigs, Kei divides her time between Manila, Tokyo and Sau Paulo. And I thought I was the busiest girl around! =P
She can’t start her day without coffee, loves the beach and is a sucker for soccer!
She believes that anybody can have it all – just keep your list short so it’s doable.

 Kei dropped by the atelier this weekend to try on some of the stuff I recently made.
So, expect more of Ms. Kobayashi in the coming days around here.
But in the mean time, here’s a snapshot of a watercolor I made in 2012 with Kei as my model.

 P.S. Kei was in past life Color Infusion Ayumi, been given a new body from Poppy Parker, and traded to me by a dolly friend from the US. She arrived in good condition but had her hands and feet turn green after a couple of years. She’s currently borrowing hands with Sophia during recent shoots.

Til next time, dollies!
Bye for now..

Hugs hugs,

Monday, June 16, 2014

Design disaster blues...

Hey, hey, Dollies!

I was wondering what you guys think of this supposed swimsuit that I made for Sophie this weekend.

Sophie looking not so happy about it...
 I think it fit well, but the choice I made in the fabrics to use wasn't very fitting at all.
I was already in the throes of design disaster of some sort, so I approached hubs, for a different set of eyes.
I showed the finished garment to him and he was, as expected, also a little confused.

I explained that perhaps, it's the fabric - and so he agreed.
It was too shimmery for a swim at the beach, not even close for a night swim at the pool.
I didn't know what I was thinking, too. I just love this blue fabric too much, I guess.

So before I turn Sophie into a Broadway backstage substitute waiting for her break, I'll come up with something to make use of other garment parts that I have already prepared.

Don'r worry, dear Sophie...

I'll probably attach a nice skirt on this sexy top.
But what do you guys think?


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Travel souvenirs as diorama items, anyone?

Travel souvenirs can be great addition to your diorama, too!

 Whenever I go to new places, I always look for tiny items that I can add into my diorama. 
Souvenir and non-souvenir alike, that I find fitting into my collection, I never miss!

When we had our recent beach-capade, I did look for some potential treasures in the souvenir shops. 
I did not have enough time, though. When we typical female shoppers say enough, you'd kind of automatically get an idea how long it should take, right? haha!
I was travelling with my boys, and my boys crave nothing else but my utmost attention – meaning less time for dolls and stuff.
When we checked out the souvenir shops, I did find anklets and bracelets. One bracelet I used as strap for Tamica’s halter top. While hubs and son were in between deciding beach shirts and anklets, I sneaked in some quickie around the key chains. 
I didn't find ones I liked so I thought I'd come back to the shops later, alone preferably while the boys are resting at the hotel.

A Tarsier fridge magnet from the island of Bohol is cozying up with Bree

I did plan. But lo and behold! Life got in the way. 
Apparently, we got back home to the city with me empty-handed, of diorama treasures, that is. 
I was a bit disappointed and for a few weeks I was feeling ho-hum with my diorama until I started working on the music festival outfits. While looking at Cece and Bree wearing those outfits, something hit me. 

I now remembered the trinkets I was keeping, most of which I received mostly from a dear friend who used to travel a lot for work. She never fails to bring us tiny souvenirs, that travel-savvy lady who knows exactly where to wine and dine! I immediately dug into my old shoe boxes filled with items I just can’t throw away. 

These are just some of the souvenirs I have bought in my trips, and also received over the years.
I still have a lot in my treasure box from friends, and I'm sure I could find other ways to showcase those, too.

My diorama now looks like a room of an eclectic, 
collecting souvenirs in every place she has visited.

What about your diorama item hunting stories? 
Do you have tips and tricks you can share? 
Come on, pretty please let us know, okay?


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Meet Tessa...

You probably thought for half a second that I got a new doll. I mean, look at her, she’s looks so sleek and fresh and new that if you have followed my blog for a while now, you are truly sure you’ve never seen her before.

But she sure does look kinda familiar, no?

Well, meet Tessa - a vampire I turned into a human earlier this morning. She’s been the Contessa who’s modeling for me for more than two centuries, I mean, years now. But in between those shoots, I really didn’t know what to do with her. I initially planned my period clothes with her in mind, but I couldn’t just resist what I felt was a necessary thing for me to do, just a few hours ago. And I’m glad I did it.

And here she is, in her new bob. I think it suits her edgy makeup. What do you think?

‘Would love to hear about your own story of cutting your doll’s hair.
 Last time I did this was when I was 10 haha!

Til next time…


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The way I seal it with a kiss...

Yesterday I did my usual rounds at the bookstore to check if they have already replenished their black cardboards. As some of you know, I prepare my packages in a thick, black, sparkly, sometimes textured cardboards that I fold halfway, oftentimes resembling like a hallmark card. Just the right sturdiness to survive a week or two of moving from one delivery truck to another. I like shipping my items this way, like a special letter from an old friend. I have mentioned before that I have a fascination for writing and receiving letters, even if it were from grade school friends who live a few blocks away, or a pen pal from across the continent. I was doing it when I was 11 to 17. Now, it feels like I'm doing it again. Just so nice.

One packaging moment... featuring the Laetitia jumpsuit.
When I picked a couple of packs from the shelf, I remembered that apart from the warm feedback I'm getting for the dolly outfits I make for our dolly friends, they also leave a nice compliment about the way I present my tiny creations.

I'm probably doing the right thing, no?

Hmmm... what I actually do is so simple.
It's a simple process with the following magical ingredients:

1. A tough but pretty cardboard and beautiful metallic pens
2. handwritten URLs of my sites, labels for items and sweet doodles
3. a heartfelt thank you note..
4. and an organza lace to keep them all in tact.


the kiss to seal it, probably?

Shipping to a very stylish 12in lady...

Yeah, probably was it.

My overflowing love for my craft and the miniatures I make is packed along each package sent. Our dolly friends probably felt it, too.

I don't usually take photos of my process because I get too absorbed in this dream-like scene.
I take the time to enjoy placing the items, writing on the cardboard.
And take note, I smile most of the time.
Silly, right?

Here's a snapshot of what arrived to one of our Flickr friends, Valerie Anne.
It was such a sweet gesture of her :) 
One that makes your day, and keeps you going.

And a special blog post from doll-collecting author, DBG, which is just equally inspiring!
How lucky can you get with so much support, no?

I try to be consistent with my packaging over the years. Yes, they have evolved for sure but it's the definitely the same amount of love in there.

Some business cards I prepared for a dolly friend as
she wanted to give them out to W Club members during the 2013 conference
What do you think about my packaging?
What other things you probably are looking for that you think will pleasantly surprise you when you open your own packages?

Would love to hear from you so I can improve on my process and make everyone happier.

Thanks in advance for dropping and commenting!
Til our next little dolly chat...