Thursday, August 9, 2018

Travel gal Blaise (my supposed first OOAK doll at the shop)

Some of you might have already seen this gal in my previous post.
Yes, she is supposed to be an OOAK doll with outfits listed with her, 
to be listed in my shop weeks ago, as but several things were and are still bugging me.

First, since I work in a dark room, I failed to notice some very light stains on her right cheek
 until I took her out for this photo shoot. They're too light to be noticed but my OC tendencies
can't lie.

Lesson learned? Work in a place with great lighting.
And when I say great, I'm talking about outdoor lighting.
Recently, I moved my working table next to the window
to be able to get good natural light during the day.
I however still don't get much as we have window screens installed
to protect us from mosquitoes.

I tried repainting in our garage one time but I got dehydrated
because of the heat.
So I am assigning that small nook at the back corner of the house
as my painting area, where there's enough daylight, and not too much dry, hot air.
But I need to do a renovation of sorts with it.
I need to put it in my to-do list soonest.

Now back to this doll I'm calling Blaise.

While I was photographing her,
since I was outside of the house, literally,
I was a bit uncomfortable.
For some reason, I broke one of her shoes.
Meaning, I had to make her new shoes again.

Lesson learned? Make really, really good shoes.
I have never made enough shoes for my girls as I focus on clothing.
But this time, if I do want to sell OOAK dolls and outfits,
I need to up my game in this department.

If not for those two reasons,
she's probably already in a doll collector's shopping cart now.

The stains on her cheek is the trickiest though since 
they can't be removed by water.
If I used acetone, it would leave patches or "shallow holes"
on her cheek. This was what happened to my other gal.
Can't afford to commit the same mistake again.

Now, I'm not sure if I'm going to repaint her.
I probably would, which is painful because
I liked this look of her. And repainting is relatively a new skill for me,
so it will take a day at least.

There were also other reasons why it took me a while to take a photo of her.
That top part of her outfit was the third I made because of course, I wanted it to fit perfectly.
It takes a longer time to make as it is fully lined.

I also initially made a Bali-inspired "rattan"/wicker
round shoulder bag for her but I feel that my bag-making skill
is worse than shoe making. Took me a while to give her the Siargao tote.

Oh, the hat. That hat she's wearing is the sixth I made.
I was so happy to finally arrive at this version.
I'm planning to make a few more.
I'll also document the process so I can share with you guys some time.

The accessories! Oh, geez.
I realized I haven't been accessorizing my girls enough lately
that I forgot how to even do it.
I'm glad that I have those tiny beads fit for her "traveller look".

Up to this point, I'm still clueless as to how I would proceed with Blaise.
She was supposed to be my first OOAK doll to be listed in my shop,
but I'm frozen with so many thoughts, fear.

What do you guys think of her?
I'd love to hear your honest opinion on this venture.
 Thank you so much in advance.

much love,
s h a s h a

Thursday, August 2, 2018

atelierniSHASHA How-to: City Shorts for Curvy Made to Move Barbie dolls

Hey dollings!

I just uploaded this new how-to video ;)
I thought you might wanna check it out.



Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Newest from atelierniSHASHA: The Khaki City Shorts for Curvy Made to Move Barbie Dolls

Hi dollings!

I'd like to present to you the latest item from my shop - 

The Khaki City Shorts for Curvy Made to Move Barbie Dolls...

I made this khaki-colored shorts because I think it's a very versatile item in your doll's closet.
My girls like to pair it with classic tops, but accessorize boldly to give oomph to their outfit.
I have made this pattern this time specifically for the Curvy Made to Move girls.

 This pair of city shorts is crafted from a slightly-stretchy cotton fabric, and is designed in such a clean, classic cut for ease and style. The city shorts have front pockets for varied and fun posing options for your dollies. Each piece of this khaki city shorts closes at the back with a set of metal snaps. 

For more details on the process of ordering from my shop,
please check out the Shop FAQs page.

This particular piece is priced at 9.50 USD.
I have now moved all purchase-embedded posts to my Sales Room here
so please check out that page if you want to buy this item.

Again, thanks so much for your support and love for my tiny creations!

See you again next time!