Monday, June 25, 2018

A weird monday...

Hey doll-lings ❤️

So, it's Monday here and of course I have a fresh weekly to-do list. Most of the time, I get so excited for Mondays. This time though, it's a little challenging. 

I was chillin' the entire weekend, that is why... 

I'll try to manage my time well as I only have this week to make my son his school pants, grab some school supplies and prepare his new books. That's not really as stressing, compared to my current project which is the 2018 tote bag. I realised that I have very little left to use of those small eyelets because some of them have rusted. I am now soaking them in vinegar, but if that fails, I'll head to the bookstore or hardware shop to hopefully find those 2mm (hole radius) ones. If that still fails, I'll be ordering online and that means it will arrive in two weeks. Now you see why I'm a little stressed over this one.

I also have other things in my list that seem to add to the pressure because I know I should have done them days/weeks ago. 

The trick to get out of this is to accept that I may be able to only offer the totes at the shop in two weeks. Actually, I feel lighter now just saying that. Truth is, I always mess up when I share my WIP in social media and then not delivering on intended date. It's frustrating to frustrate doll friends who've been counting on you. I know i shouldn't beat my self up, so yeah... breath, Shasha... This week's gonna go well 😉 Don't think too much - just do what needs to be done during the present. Focus on the now 😘

Hope you have a great week, loves 🖤❤️🖤

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Checking off my list: Curvy Made to Move Sloper

Finally, this newest gal in my tiny shop has now something to wear (she's been stripped off her stock clothes right after deboxing) 🤫😅
Made to Move Curvy gal who ain't got a name yet

I set aside some time today to try making a sloper for this Curvy Made to Move. I had been wanting to do this since her arrival, but two things: I wanted to repaint her and maybe make her a wig first. And also, she already bagged a role in a new project of mine that's in the works, but no name yet 🤫
So the thing is, I am super excited for this girl and TOO SCARED to start revamping her, at the same time. Super excited because she seems so fun to design outfits with - loving her curves so much she feels much more realistic than my current faves the MTM regular bodies. Too scared because she might become my new favorite and I don't want to mess up her transformation due to bad planning/rushing after the idea. You know that feeling of being scared and excited at the same time? Yep. 

Thus it took this long. But I did it today because for one, I won't rest if I didn't, anyway. And also, I know, some dolly friends are already excited to see what outfits can this curvy gal rock so I think it's time. 

This sloper set will be my building blocks for her future outfits. She'll be checking out my fabric stash tomorrow and then we'll decide from there. For now though , i think she's happy with her simple two-piece matchy-matchy outfit 😉


Friday, June 22, 2018

Thank you time: YouTube URL, finally!

Hey dollings ❤️

I just dropped by to thank you for allowing me to finally have a dedicated URL name for my youtube channel. For those who haven't checked yet, I share my process videos here so that not only can I give others ideas on crafting as a whole, but also it's a way for me to document how I made things because I am such a very, very, VERY forgetful person. One of the reasons why I said the other day that I had to make lots of prototypes before finalizing a design is because I always, ALWAYS, forget how I made something. I don't exactly know why this is so, but I kind of have a hint that maybe while I'm doing it, I'm just really one with what's happening, not thinking much at all. It's a good thing for me, but it's not so good for my livelihood, you see. So yeah.. a youtube channel that serves us all, ain't it neat?

Here are some of the videos I made that I hope you find inspiration in.

On Making your Diorama...

On learning the basics like Slopers...

On making your own Staple Doll Garments...

On sharing how I make my Bestsellers...

and some fun videos...

I also intend to add videos of tips on running an online shop because I know a lot of crafters from the doll community would want to sell their creations, too.

I have been getting direct messages and emails but I understand that I cannot sit down and think of all the things that involve the process so I planned to just tackle one topic each time.
The blogpost yesterday was kind of the first to try this.

Alright, so yeah, again, thanks so much for this.
I hope you guys find something useful in my videos and I sure be glad to document my process for everyone to benefit from.

Til our next chat!

Much hugs,