Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hannari finally sports that aptly feisty 'do

Finally, I had Hannari in the hairstyle I have always wanted her to have...

Hannari sporting those loose locks

Some of you may have already seen Hannari from in this different hairstyle,
which is pretty much an update from her stock one.
For some reason, I wanted something more feisty for her.

I think it really suits her personality.

Confident, feisty, sexy.

So when I was making my next creation,
a maxi dress, I named it after her.

Hence, the Hannari Maxi Dress

Sigh, she is just so.... sexy...

Belted version...

I also had Ella model the shorter version of the maxi dress,
perfect for petite girls like Poppy Parker, and Barbie Made to Move,
Fashionista, among others.

Ella, styling the maxi in a casual way
I am planning to post how I restyled Hannari's hair.
I am aiming next week.

Also, since this post is a semi-shameless plug
of my latest Etsy creations,
I might as well notify you guys that the longer version,
which Hannari models here,
is currently out of stock.
I am hoping to complete a new batch
(since a few dolly friends have requested it),
in a few days' time.

Okies, I got to get back to the sewing table now.
I hope you are having a great week!
Weekend's coming so I wish you an awesome one, as well.