Saturday, February 28, 2015

And the new Amy dress goes to...


Robert Maneja!

Congratulations, Rob!
Thank you so much for pouring so much love and passion
into this styling challenge!
I love the way you carefully chose the
accessories to bring out the essence
of this vintage-inspired dress.

I especially love the tiny details in the kitten heels,
matched with her white round-framed sunglasses,
and black and peach earrings!
Such a classy and stylish lady,
this lucky Dania of yours :)

I would also like to share with everyone Robert's layout design
as to how he dreamed up this styling!
Thanks Robert, for the love.

How talented can Robert get with putting this up, yeah?
Congrats again, Robert!
I will be hearing from you soon via
so I can send this Amy dress to your doorstep soon.

Also, I just wanna tell every one that as much
as I am overwhelmed with all the support and love
for this little contest from you guys,
I was actually having a hard time choosing which one
wins the dress!

I got excited by Tracy India's idea on the proposal by the Eiffel tower!

I love shahd mu's messy bun look...

Leslieanne's oversized bag made me smile as shopping will never
be out of a girl's to-do list when on vacay.

And how romantic is Stephanie Thompson's idea
of a very rich, handsome man with you on a weekend!
Reminds me of the Mills and Boon paperbacks
I used to sneak from mom's dresser when I was 11! haha!

Of course, Georgia Girl's hot hot combo of
Marilyn Monroe and a beau in French Riviera spells
I R R E S I S T I B L E, right?

And, this one from the grandmommy reminds me of
Pretty Woman. Super love this idea so much!

And last but not the least,
Dollz4moi's picnic and swimming with
girlfriends. I love how comfortable
and confident this doll could be!

All these little details each one of you guys
shared, I treasured so much!
Thank you so much...

I hope you enjoyed joining the contest
and I hope to see you again in future challenges.

Congrats to our Robert
and til my next post,
dolly friends!

h u g s ,

s h a s h a

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Amy dress design contest closing in a few hours...

Hey ya, dollies!

In about a few hours, atelierniSHASHA
will be closing the Amy dress contest.

Whoa, wait.
I haven't told you yet that the vintage-inspired,
polka-dot dress had a working name of Amy, right?

Okay, so yeah.
I kind of was inspired by the great singer and uber-talented songwriter
Amy Winehouse when I was designing the dress.
We witnessed how she had her many moments of weakness in her life
but no one can deny the uniqueness of her gifts.

So, it got me thinking that if only she was still alive today,
she probably will continue to wear vintage-inspired dresses,
but more mellowed out.

The Amy dress in medium size, modeled by Sabine

Ms. Violet in the large version of the Amy dress
Okay, so as I said, the contest will be closed in a few hours.
In fact, all entries that made it in about three hours at 1pm today PHT
will count as the legible candidates to win her own
handmade, lovingly sewn Amy dress.

So if you're still reading this, just.. continue to finish the remaining details :D
But after that, go get your entry (click here) in soonest
as I will be announcing the winner tomorrow, Saturday
February 28 at 8am GMT.

So good luck to everyone who took part
in this another atelierniSHASHA design contest.
See you again tomorrow!

h u g s ,
s h a s h a

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dolly Pal Tribute ... Michaela Unbehau

Hey there, Dollies!

How is the new week going? I hope it started well and
is getting interesting day by day for you. Mine surely is!

Well, it's dolly pal tribute time once again.
And I'm pretty sure some of you have already came across that name on the post title.
If not, then I bet you are intrigued, and later will be excited to see
what's in store for you today.

Presenting, published toy photographer Michaela Unbehau. Yey!

This gal I am paying special tribute for this post
had been one of my very first clients.
You probably had read about my tribute posts for her in the past.
But this time it's gonna be special.

This is because I am so happy to announce that this
dolly friend of mine's recent doll photographs
are featured in the Fashion Doll Quarterly Spring 2015 issue!

I am also very, very humbled to have one of her photos
feature ateliernishasha pieces in it.
I almost cried when she told me the news.
Sigh, she's just so inspiring.

Mattel's Barbie in Lara facemold here is gorgeous in her atelierniSHASHA paisley romper (worn as top) and striped maxi skirt.
I have seen Michaela grow beautifully with her photographs
through the years and I am just so grateful to have met her
because she has without a doubt the gift to show us
how beautiful tiny things can be with her lens.
Michaela definitely, effortlessly brings out the best in my tiny garments.

I remember when I was just starting out and she purchased some very basic items
like my floral romper - the very first pattern I made!
Then she got from me a set of striped top,
dark pink leggings, a belt and leather bag.
And she sent me simple photos of her Rayna
dolls modeling them. You can see those photos here.
So, yeah... it's been a long time since Michaela and I started collaborating.

And other than the photo above, I'd also like to share with you
some of her recent photos that she had shared with us in her
Flickr and Facebook pages.

Aria in Erykah tank and floral shorts

Nadja in chevron maxi dress

Ayumi wearing those denim shorts from 2012

Those sweater and white pants look like they were made for each other!
And lastly, I just want to share this one, too.
An oldie but goodie.
A peplum top I made even before peplums
were back in fashion! Sorry, guys. Can't help it.
The print is just so right...

By the way, before I hit the sack, 
I would just like to thank those who participated
in the latest contest. We will be closing it soon,
so for those who hadn't entered yet,
check it out before
a new winner will be announced on Saturday AM, GMT.
The entries are so exciting!
You should join in the fun, too!

Okay, that would be it.
I hope you enjoy this post.

h u g s ,
s h a s h a