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As a doll enthusiast and crafter for almost five years now, I have lived by researching tutorials all over the Internet and trying them myself to be able to come up with the creations I share with the dolly community.

As my way of thanking those who have come before me sharing their ideas and ways, and to you who have come here to my blog to probably learn something, I have and will continue to come up with atelierniSHASHA how-to's to make our doll collecting even more fun.

This will be a list of just simple ways on how I go about and resolve the problems I encounter in crafting miniature fashions, accessories, doll house items, and many more for our beloved dolls.

As of today, here's what I have and I am aiming to grow this list as we go:

Doll Clothes Making
atelierniSHASHA How-to: Basic Sloper Pattern
atelierniSHASHA How-to: Basic Doll Pants
Sassy Romper: The Full Tutorial
Leggings Tutorial and Downloadable Pattern
Tank Top Tutorial on Youtube
New How-to video on YouTube: Faded and Distressed Denim Shorts (Part 1 - Assembly)
Part 2 of Faded and Distressed How-to: now up on YouTube!
How to mark on stretchy fabric

Doll Styling
Braving Doll Reroot and Repaint
Hannari's Curly Long Bob: A short how-to hairstyle post
Tutorial: How atelierniSHASHA inserts dolly hands into narrow or delicate long sleeves
Beach Wavy Hair for our Dollies (a Tutorial, yes!)

Doll Accessories
Tips and Tutorials: Simple Bead Bracelets for Summer

Diorama How-to: YouTube Video on Making White Brick Walls
New Youtube How-to Video: Thick Brick Wall with Window

See you soon for more!


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