Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Patternmaking Bodysuit: First Outfit

Hey, dollings ... Welcome back to my blog ;)

In the last post, I shared the latest tool I created for my pattern-making activities. Today, I'll give an update on how the first try of using that bodysuit went. So, let's go straight to the verdict: Yes, I will continue to use the pattern-making bodysuit, because yay, I was able to make an outfit out of it!
Here's The Barbie Look gal, who is relatively slimmer than most playline Barbies

I believe the patternmaking bodysuit is a very promising tool in my arsenal. I love that I don't have to tape on the dolls' bodies. This way, my dolls' bodies are safe from adhesive materials, pen marks, etc. I can pretty much keep them pristine longer.

Below are some photos of how I draped muslin on the doll wearing the bodysuit. It's basically a mix of pinning and stitching to secure the muslin. I then mark the shape I want on the secured muslin.

I cut the actual shape as I go to make sure I got the shape right.
Then, finally, I traced the draped muslin shapes on paper.

Here's for the pants.

I actually had two versions of the wide-leg pants, but I realized this doll's body isn't suited for such shape. Perhaps, it's also due to the prototype fabric I used. It's an old thing from my fabric stash, and too stiff. I thought I needed something that drapes well.

So, I tweaked the pattern to create a new waistband, this time thicker to give my slim-hipped gal some more curves. I added also more fabric around her hip, folding once for a more elegant look. I also added a dart at each of the back pants.

Hmmm, what else did I do to get to this outfit? Okay, I chose this silky, drapey fabric for her elegant wide-leg pants, and just a simple cotton blend for her top.

One note, though - I'm not saying that this patternmaking bodysuit readily becomes an easy tool to use. I am currently still in the lower levels of my learning curve with this one. While I was pinning, I've wished there were super small pins and needles that go smoothly around the curve of the doll body. But hey, I am not complaining. I love using it in general, and I know, in time, I'll be able to master it. Like most skills, you start with zero and progress as you practice regularly, right?

If you have questions about my process, please comment them down below and I sure will have some answers to them. I just couldn't quite remember everything now because I had this done more than a week ago and I only got to blog about it now.

Up next in this series is when we make an outfit for Ken, using his own patternmaking bodysuit. Hoping to catch you then, dollings! Stay safe and creative! With creativity, there is no competition, no race for deadlines, no race for titles/positions/societal hierarchies. It's only your very attuned self and your own creative world helping you experience this opportunity to live this life to the fullest. We can't control what people say and do, so let them all be. Listen to that oftentimes buried-deep, tiny but very authentic voice, and life will be so much sweeter.

Much love to you from the Philippine islands,