Thursday, January 12, 2012

curing back vampires, one at a time...

From my last doll purchase, I was able to get two of the dolls from the Dracula and HisBrides Eternal Love Collection. I got Lucy and the Contessa. Lucy was the redhead with the peachy pink lips, while the Contessa was the blonde one with icy green eyes. I know these brides were released to wear couture stuff, but it pains me to see their Transylvanian locks and nasty fangs. I wanted them to look like modern girls.

So, after a very brief research on how to relax doll hair, I sent Lucy to my kitchen sink. Only Lucy, for now, since she seemed easier to cure back to human form with her peachy pink lips and normal-ish eye makeup (the Contessa had plum-ish lips and light-green eyes that almost scare me). Armed with a kettle of boiling water and a glass of cold one, I started to transform my darling vampire to the French redhead I want her to be. Then after drying her hair, I started cutting it medium-length. Cut, snip, clip, and VOILA, here now is the new Lucy.

Then Lucy, now Anais...
Still looks like she's gonna consume you, huh?

While I still couldn't find the perfect character for the contessa, i'm so looking forward to make fierce outfits for this fierce redhead.


  1. i'm trying to figure out what made you buy a doll with fangs.

  2. teehee.. i like their icy looks. all i need to do is bring them to the 21st century so they can wear my clothing :)

  3. yeah the eye makeup kindda reminded me how you'd paint my face...definitely your thing!

  4. hahaha...was i that harsh, really? hahaha


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