Thursday, February 9, 2012

Meeting more Filipino collectors plus Doll Necklaces designed by my friend, Shayne

Glam-Rock Chick
I was so glad that I had been spotted in my Etsy shop by a Filipino doll collector! I had been shipping internationally for months now, but it was such a different feeling to finally ship locally. Finally, I'm starting to feel the local doll collecting community :) 
Thanks to Emjay Greg who purchased one of my latest creation. I hope you like that rocker-chick glam outfit (right, modeled by Anais) and I'm looking forward to seeing your doll/s wearing an AtelierniShasha :) [edit: added link to Emjay's doll photo...] 

Whew! Also, I had listed a few of my friend Shayne's handmade doll necklaces in my ebay shop, which I currently use for most of my local transactions. Please check out her romantic creations, and if you have questions, just email me at I will be listing more items in the next few days so stay tuned, dearies...

I'm supposed to sleep now, but before I do that, I just might as well fill you in on what had been brewing in the atelier. I've been working on the rest of my sequined and leather fabrics and by weekend they should be in my Etsy and eBay shops. And oh, I'm also having red chiffon to liven up and sweeten those dark thingies. Hmmm, will have to keep you guessing til weekend...

Gotta go, sweeties.


  1. And thanks to Emjay Greg, the doll community in Barbie Collectors of the Philippines (who also collect non-Barbie dolls) can now enjoy your creations. Love your work Shasha and more power!

    btw, thanks again for the wonderful outfits I got today.

    1. Thanks, Tet. I am triply excited as what I can come up with for all our fellow dolly collectors.

      You guys are so inspiring. Thanks again...

  2. Thanks so much sis for mentioning me! It's been a while, buti na lang I was able to see sis Esther's dolls modelling your latest creations.. Kasi may nagustuhan ako.. Ganda nila sis! =)

    1. Thanks for liking them, too, Emjay. I'll strive to outdo myself every collection :)

  3. Congrats sis Tet sa bago mong mga outfits! And of course, sa FR HOMME ang gwapo niyaaaaa!! Kilig siguro mga girls mo sis, hehe! =)


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