Monday, June 4, 2012

SS12 Part 3 - The Aya Summer Dress in cute prints

Hey you, dolly friends. I know summer is over where I am, but for the rest of the world, summer is just kicking off! So here's my part three of the atelierniSHASHA SS12 collection. I hope you enjoy...

I am making more prints of the doll collector favorite - the Purple Polka Dot Dress. Since my doll Aya models this dress so well, I'm naming it after her - the Aya summer dress.

Thanks for dropping by...


  1. Hello from Spain: I just discovered your blog and I really like your collection of dolls and clothing and accessories. Since I saw the entry you gave your two Barbies. I have eas same two dolls. I have a blog that I invite you to visit: If you're still in touch

  2. Hi there, Marta :)
    Those two Barbies are the prettiest, right? I like brown-haired dolls the most, as you can see in my growing collection :) I think I have chanced upon your blog before, and I thought I should be working on my Spanish more to enjoy your stories more, right? I'm sure we'd keep in touch :)
    see you around,


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