Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yay! My Anouk made it to Pink Parlor Top Pic!!!

I'm always excited to check out my favorite dolly sites every night after work. But, this time, this is different! I'm totally exuberated, overjoyed, delighted, thrilled, jubilant, elated, on cloud nine, transported to dolly nirvana!!!

My Anouk in her bold AtelierniSHASHA outfit made it to my favorite doll collector's lounge, Pink Parlor! I bet you can imagine how I look while I type this away :D YAY!!!

Here's the pic that made it to today's BOLD COLOURS theme.

And here's how it looked like on the doll board. Thanks, PP Admins!!!


  1. Hello from Spain: you're right that this doll is wonderful. Keep in touch

  2. Hello Marta. THanks for dropping by :)

  3. Shasha she looks beautiful and deserved the spotlight. I just looked at your Etsy shop and I love your designs

  4. Hey Doll4Moi :) Thanks so much for the kind words. Followed see you around :)


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