Saturday, August 11, 2012

Finally, the fourth part...

Sorry for taking so long to give this to you, my dear dolly friends.

Here's the fourth part of my Spring/Summer 2012 collection. This collection is something I envisioned I'd wear on a week's vacation on a nice tropical beach resort.
AtelierniSHASHA SS2012 Part 4 (Resort, and then some...)
This set is modeled mostly by my tan girls. I just love my own color - hey, love thy own :D

First off, my surfer girl Sue, who chose to spend the late afternoon strolling around the beach front, for a change. She's on a comfy paisley top with asymmetrical  neckline (SHASHA fave!), and a pair of white short pants to complete the relaxing, almost-boho vibe. This set is available with her red shell disc and leaf earrings.

Sue in a Paisley Top and White Shorts -- perfect for strolling at the beach front!

Next up, is my past-life vampire Anais who, despite her diet changes, still loves to party at night :)
Here she models a breezy, animal-print dress with a small black suit underneath and a matching belt to flaunt her tiny waist. She completes her sultry look with a pair of tantalizing earrings made of swarovski-like beads. 

Anais in a breezy night gown - she likes all things freshhhhh..

The next day would probably be perfect for an early swim. So I called out my newest girl Kei, to wear the sweetest bikini I have ever seen. See why I said so:

Kei in her sweetest outfit from the atelier so far --- let's hit the beach!
Kei's outfit is a triangle top with a stretchy neck strap and beads on it. She prefers a boy leg bottom and tops off the look with bracelets made of real shells and red wooden bead. 

A romantic luncheon would also be perfect by the beach side, per my equally romantic Sophia. Aptly, she puts on her lace peplum top and tie it up with a black dramatic bow on the waist. To give the look a bit of excitement, she grabbed an orange skirt. The look is completed with her fresh white earrings.

Sophisticated Sophia all dressed up for luncheon...

And last but definitely not the least, my darling Anouk, who seems to always give extra oomph to my already festive outfits. In this outfit, I see this baby wrapping up her week-long dream escape with a back-to-reality trip to the souvenir shop.

Anouk wears a comfy and sexy (check out her back -er on my etsy shop for more photos) striped dress, and carries with her her realiable, eco-friendly tote bag (that looks like a nod to her red, sultry lips) so all necessary purchases are safely tucked in. She puts on that beach-y necklace that has an understated elegance feel to it. Check this out.

 So there you go - the last part of the SS2012. I was having a blast making these outfits for my little ladies (as well as yours) and I hope to make more in the future. 

These outfits will be available at my Etsy shop shortly, or you may directly contact me via for your special/custom orders.



This is how chaotic it really is during the shoots... Til next time...


  1. Wow!, I love the outfits. They are cute and chic.

  2. Gah. Sign me up for this collection. LOVE IT!!

    1. Hi Eli! Sure thing! Just send your dolly size details, among others to my gmail, okay? Thanks!!!


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