Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pics from Dolly Friends

Here are some of my dolly friends' photos of their girls wearing AtelierniSHASHA. Pictures were taken between January and June 2012. The most recent ones I will share in the next few days.


 eli_belly_bu's Imogen rocking an AtelierniSHASHA outfit

eli_belly_bu's Imogen pretty in an OOAK floral dress
 eli_belly_bu's nature-lover Ayumi in that floral sundress
That one Aggie wearing the Breton top from summer-sun's elegant collage 

The animal-print cape for napudollworld's lovely Hybrid
The versatile animal-print top/skirt for napudollworld's fab Barbie

The Laetitia jumpsuit for napudollworld's stunning Korrine
The Sassy Romper in Strawberry print for napudollworld's lovely hybrid

Last but definitely not the least, Deb *disenchanted*'s sweet Barbie on a Laetitia jumpsuit

I'm sure there were a lot more dolly friends who have published their doll photos rocking those tiny creations from my atelier. 

Tune in for some more!!


  1. All the clothes look amazing. It's nice to see the fit on different dolls. I hope to add some of your fashions to my collection.

  2. Thanks, darling :) I have a few more pictures to share later this week :) Stay tuned!

  3. Hello from Spain: congratulations on creating all those clothes. Your sew very well. I love the styles ... The animal print clothing is my favorite .... . We keep in touch.

  4. Awww, thanks, Marta. The animal prints are such bestsellers, alright :)


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