Sunday, September 30, 2012

Prepping up for the Upcoming (Uber Busy) Quarter

This weekend was good to me; I finished my to-do list ahead of schedule. Unlike the past weekends when I'm still sewing at the latter time of the last day of the weekend, today was relaxed. I even had time to sit comfortably in front of the tv to watch the local Sunday showbiz program, which was a relief from my usual CNN. Tuning in to CNN is perfect when I’m working- I get to be updated with what’s happening to the world by just listening to the programs and some occasional glimpse. With a lot in my hand, can't afford to fix my eyes on the tube.

My portable and foldable atelier
Some deliverables this weekend
 My incoming week (and probably the next several weeks before holiday selling starts to kick in), however, is going to be super busy, just like any other Handmade Mama's. The other day, I finally made the much needed time to plan my upcoming quarter. There I saw my days filled with so many things to do, ideally. Ideally. I saw from my list some Fall items, Halloween stuff, Holidays stuff. Wow, you’d say, given the very short time to even dream of materializing these goals. I know it’s a long list but I will try to do my best to edit as much as I can just to be able to deliver. I’m trying out new planning and executing techniques that promise productivity and effectiveness in my craft. So, wish me luck.

A nice fall print, don't you think?

Wrapping up my weekend with some hugging…


  1. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your creations. I'm happy to read that you ended your tasks. The family photo is very cute. Keep in touch

    1. Hello again, Marta! It's nice to bump into you again. Thanks for the nice comments :) My son likes to goof around when we are together so I want to capture that moment :) Have a great week to you!

  2. I'm loving what I see. Your creations astound me. Much luck with your work and sales :O)

    1. Thanks, dear :) I'm working hard in the name of love for art :) Have a great weekend!


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