Sunday, October 28, 2012

It was a long weekend for most here in my country, but for me, it seemed like the three-day off from work lasted only several hours. Whew, time flies when you're having fun, no?

First, I'd like to thank Black Doll Enthusiast Debbie for featuring my tunics and leggings in her blog :) Her site is so informative and full of pretty black dolls that I screamed from the top of my lungs to know that she is a published author, too! Her books, specifically aimed for gals who enjoy collecting those gorgeous black dolls, are on Amazon :) Do check out her collection, updates from our good old Mattel, Integrity Toys, and whatnots..

And so the three-day saga that passed so quickly started with a to-do list. Commissions and made-to-orders here, a Vikings warrior outfit for my big kid's (he doesn't wanna be called just a kid) trick or treating this coming week there, some dvd video marathons and munching (while I'm working), and then some...

my messy table... i should get another one...

This is not usually the case, but oh well, any artist can attest to such a messy set-up :)

Then I had Cece, my Barbie Sassy Fashionista, model some orders to make sure they fit to such doll body type.


Then I visited my tiny garden just to freshen up. It's been a while since I checked my plants and now I already found out who was responsible for those vanishing leaves!

Acccckk!!! It looks so pretty with a purple headband of some sort but it only took him (with his friends below left) only a few seconds to eat half a leaf...

And here's a pic of my 5 year old bff Woofie :)

He's quite a shy boy but he gave Mommy a few seconds for the camera :)

I think I'd probably post some pics my son wearing that vikings outfit, whenever they are ready. The kiddo, as always, likes to choose warrior characters for his trick or treating. He was a ninja last year, the gatling pea back in 2010, a wizard (can be warrior sometimes, right? dumbledore, anyone? haha) in 2009, and so on...

And so that was my weekend :) A finale bonding (on top of all weekend long family meal times - on weekdays we only have dinners together) is spent on watching the adventures of tin-tin, which I think is soooo awesome with its graphics! I so can see the details of the facial hair of the characters, black or blonde! Wow, that was a thrill to watch...

So, I'm gonna chill now, so that I can sleep 'early' and wake up early for work tomorrow...
Til next time, friends!!!



  1. You're welcome, Shasha. I love giving "flowers" to people who deserve them while they can still smell the fragrance.

    Your work is phenomenal! I am sure I will be a repeat customer.


    1. awww.. thanks so much again, Debbie :)

  2. Hello from Spain: I agree with you that Debbie has a very interesting blog. Your creations are always gorgeous. I like to see your workshop. Your dog is very cute. Keep in touch

    1. Teehee, thanks for dropping by, Marta :) My dog is very cute, indeed :) But other than that, he is so sweet, smart, sigh... love him so much!


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