Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Diorama Update: Drawer table

I like to check out quirky stores. I used to just scan the whole place for things that amuse me, things I can't find in the stores I usually go to (for errands). So yes, I do browse these small shops for pleasure.  
However, lately, I have been frequenting these shops for another reason - to search for cute finds that can be used in my future diorama. I had also been checking out plant shops (yes, they got those small ones fit for our 1:6 queens!), in addition to my favorite craft stores, Japanese stores, and the department store's decorations section. 
 Just a week ago, I chanced upon another shop in a mall near my workplace and found this lovely drawer table, which actually is a human-size jewelry organizer.

It's not too tropical to my taste, but it's made of real wood, yay!
The bottom drawers open while the top panel opens up for some more organizing space. I'm thinking of storing some of my dolly jewelry in it, and other smaller stuff when my diorama is up and running :) I'd probably have separate, kind of country room for this piece to belong to.

Portia insists that she model the drawer while we were doing a small shoot for an outfit I just listed in my Etsy shop. Check out my girl, too.

Portia is wearing a floral turquoise halter top and leggings

Chat with you later, dollies!


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    1. Oh, thanks so much, Georgia Girl. She looks so cute in that outfit, I agree!

  2. Hello from Spain: I really like this piece. Very elegant and regal. Portia wears a top very fashion. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks, Marta. It's fun to find really precious ones like this :)

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    1. Thanks, Shasarignis... I am always on the lookout for such fab finds! :)


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