Thursday, May 23, 2013

Away for a few days...

Hey guys!

Although there had been occasional rain showers here and there lately, it's still generally sunny around here so might as well catch the tail of the hottest time of the year.

Parents-in-law are in bliss celebrating their wedding anniversary this weekend in a nice island destination and tagged us along. Us would mean yours truly, hubby, son, my brother and a doll. 

I already have in my bag the lucky girl who will model the newest atelierniSHASHSA creations, but could you guess which one from among these tan girls?

Cece, who finally finished college, now
can go and have travel assignments.
Kei traveled with us during the Christmas 2012

Sophia has traveled a few times already in 2012, while Anouk
was with us at a holiday resort also last year..
Sue, along with Sophia and Shiori, were the
models on location back in 2011 Christmas holidays
at my hometown..

 So, who do you think made it to my weekender bag? I'm sure that girl will be just as excited as you are now :)

And oh, by the way, I will also be having my etsy shop on Vacation mode for the next three days. Just wanna make sure you guys are informed :) 

Till then and thanks for dropping by...



  1. Hello from Spain: enjoy your family holiday. Your dolls are fortunate to go with you to meetings. This time, I'm looking forward to seeing your doll of choice to accompany the celebration. Keep in touch

    1. Hello there, Marta. Thanks so much for the best wishes :) We had a great time :)
      As for the doll who went with us, I'm sure she had a blast too.. Thanks for always dropping by...

  2. I have no idea who's traveling with you, but I love the new designs. The black and cream lounge outfit is my favorite. Hope you have a wonderful time.

    1. Hello Vanessa, these are actually not so new designs. I love that floral outfit on Sofia, too :) And yes, me and the family had a super wonderful time in Boracay :)


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