Thursday, May 2, 2013

Styling fashion dolls the Ateliernishasha way

I just want to share how fashionista sites like, and have something in common.

When I started sewing for my dolls, and as in when I was like 8 years old, all I can sew were dolly tube tops, skirts, camisoles (tube tops with straps haha), sometimes simple dresses, short pants and pajamas. I guess I would have wanted to sew more complicated garments like a shirt, a pair of jeans, or a jacket but the skill level at that time probably limited me. But now that I have developed some skills that would allow me to pretty much create a 1:6 version of an outfit I have in mind, I guess what would now limit me to concoct something heavenly is my styling.

If you’ve been around for a while reading my posts, you probably noticed that my designs are either wardrobe classics or bohemian. These outfits are basically what I wear regularly or would be comfortable wearing in. I guess all designers start that way, you know, creating their dream garments, or I may be wrong. Thing is, if I stay safe and trust my olden ways, I will easily fall into creating the same designs over and over again.

And so I started subscribing to fashion sites that open new worlds to classics-fan like me. With, I get daily and weekly updates on what colors, prints, textures or silhouettes were trending, what the celebrities are wearing, what pieces were revived, what new items are worth trying, and many others. Just flipping through their wonderful photos makes me feel I’m “on track” with what’s going on with the real 1:1 world. I don’t get to read all their articles but this site serves well someone who tries to juggle so many hats, like me =)

Trending today at WhoWhatWear: Bermuda shorts for every occasion

Then, I also try out some looks at, another site that summons all fashion-philes around the world to create their own looks and share to fellow fashionistas. Here’s how I came up with my Sunday Flea Market outfit last year.

Shasha on Fuchsia Leggings

And then of course, sometimes I would want to be experimental, edgy, or avante garde. It’s usually that I entrust my weak emotions unto in times like these. Maybe because I used to collect Vogue magazines and it was just normal I consult its cousin website to quench my haute couture thirst. Or maybe I would just like to see what the big names in the fashion industry are cooking up. By doing this, I can more or less “feel” where fashion is heading to or at least I could align my 1:6 scale goals to the real 1:1 fashion world. I’m just basically “listening” to these fashion heroes and create my outfits by meshing the inspiration and my personal style.

Yup, that’s how I style my dolls and come up with my outfits. Designing these outfits, though, is another story. I get my design inspirations from my fabric, illustrations, music, characters and my emotions. Well, we can talk about that in another (hopefully not this lengthy) post. J

My styling is pretty much my personal style with dashes of what’s pretty and cool on the streets and on the runways. How about you, dolly friend? Where do you get your inspirations from?


  1. Yeah, I'm usually informed by some of my favorite fashion blogs and sites too XD
    Unfortunately, I haven't made any clothes worthwhile, LOL!

    1. You will get there, Heather :) Your girls will really be happy if you also make them a few little outfits :)

  2. I have a sewing machine, but have been too intimadated to take it out of the box. However, I do buy clothes and dress my dolls in fashions I wear or would like to wear. I love sun dresses and maxi dresses , and I'm loving the classic black and white fabric prints.

    1. oooh, you are my soul sister, Veda! Since I live in a tropical country, sun dresses are my fave, too, plus yes, the classic blank and white. They're simple but elegant. :) Bring out that beauty out of her ugly shell and I assure you, you won't regret it.... Have fun!!!


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