Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Appreciation pics from Leticia and Lenette

Hey ya, dolly pals. It's been a while since I have shared with you some our fellow dolly lovers' photos of their girls wearing ANS stuff. I do mean to collect images for you guys this weekend, but for now, please let me share what Leticia and Lenette have sent me this week. 

Very lovely photos of beautiful dolls I must say, thanks to these equally wonderful dolly friends of our for sharing them.

It seems the girls are heading to or are having a party so come along and party with us...

Leticia's Giselle all prepped up to a fab luncheon downtown...

Lenette's Adele in her feisty Pink Leopard ensemble heading to a barbeque party :)

BBQ gang

BBQ Chat

Fashion at its best, the BBQ way :)

Til then, dollies...



  1. Everything looks great! From their pretty hairdo's to the beautiful setting and luscious food...that grill is too cute! Of course the ladies are very fashionably dressed for the occasion.

    1. Teehee gotta credit the owner of these dolls (in the BBQ party) Lenette :) I must say she did an awesome job in there :) Yay!


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