Sunday, September 22, 2013

New body for Tamica!!!

I was out today to get my son a toy flute at the nearby mall, and of course I chanced by the Barbie racks. Voila, I found a swappin' style Artsy that I've been wanting for my girl Tamica, whom you've met here.

Here she is now, and her 'night' or 'party' faceup to the right. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, dolly friends!!!

Tamica in her "Day" look
Tamica in her "Night" look


  1. I like the lipstick in the day look. It really accents her cheekbones.

    1. Agree... I honestly am not feeling her Night lipstick haha so I'm gonna try putting a nude lippy (using my watercolors) and let you know :)


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