Sunday, October 6, 2013

For new girl Tamica

Last week, Tamica, the newest girl in the atelier, asked yours truly to make her something for a tv guesting that's happening tonight. So I sketched her this, which she thinks is cool enough:

And here she is, getting ready for the tv guesting she had prepared for a few weeks now. 

Tamica is a talented makeup artist and she posts makeup tutorials on Youtube for girls who want to DIY their looks. After hundreds of helpful videos, pretty Tamica became a Youtube sensation and has since been invited to guest in tv shows, speak in self-improvement workshops and grace events and parties.

I'm really glad to meet Tamica and looking forward to whipping up new creations for such a fun and wonderful dolly...

Til next time, dolly friends...


  1. Tamica's outfit suits her personality! I like it!


  2. I so agree, Deb! teehee ...I wish I had prepared a TV talk show diorama too... sigh...

  3. Very cute! It must be awesome to create from a sketch. I love Project Runway, and I instantly thought of that show. Just curious, Did you have the fabric prior to sketching, or did you get the fabric afterwards, or did you make the fabric from the sketch?

  4. Hey Vanessa!
    Thanks! I love Project Runway, too! It's one of the shows that pushed me to opening a shop and pursuing my 1:6 scale of a fashion designing dream :) I love how I get tips from the judges and learn from the contestants, as well.
    Yes, I did have that printed fabric already sitting in my fabric box for a few months now, waiting to be transformed. Then, I met Tamica, thought of making an outfit for her so I went to my stash and voila, a sketch and a working outfit :)
    I hope I could have as much as time as that haha! I really wish to improve on my fashion illustration as well :)

  5. Wow, that drawing in amazing!


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