Monday, November 18, 2013

Mommy duties, and then some..

So yeah, I do agree if you'd say I slacked in the dolly fashion department these days. Please bear with me as I had been doing some other stuff that requires full ignore-the-dolls-for-now attention. My son was cast in a small play at school and as your resident DIY-er on anything crafting-related, Mommy took on a "fierce" route. I made him a lion costume over the weekend and as he reported to me tonight during dinner, he has the second best costume. Fair enough, as his reasons were that the best was store-bought and that his own pants looked like pajamas (teehee, I did intend it to be one so he can still make use of it... ssshhhh...)

My son looking fierce in our mini-dress rehearsal at home
Also, finally, I already gave up doing wood works for my diorama. I realized, you just gotta delegate sometimes, you know. So I asked a local carpenter to make me a small box for my girls and although it cost me quite a high price, I was happy. I was happy that it was made the way I wanted, and that I let go and have someone help me but still make positive results. My son said when the box arrived, "Mom, this is the perfect arena for my BeyBlade!", while trying to knock down Sofia patiently modeling and checking the box out. Now I can move on and focus on the thing I like a lot - decorating the diorama!!!

Yikes! Enzo finds a perfect arena for his BeyBlade in my diorama box!
I have also been trying to sneak out bits of time to make a few of the newest outfit called Let's Rock This, of which a prototype you can see in the diorama box worn by Sofia.


Lastly, I had been busy digging into my stocks as I am again selling dolly clothes for a cause. You may have heard of the Haiyan super typhoon that badly hit Central Philippines. I am hoping that once I get to sell the items, we can in some way, help to rebuild the lives of my fellow countrymen. Please stay tuned for this.

So, I gotta again go for now, okay? Chat with you soonest, dearies! 



  1. Hello from Spain: very nice your child's costume. Very cute. I join you in your tribute to the victims of the Philippines. A great tragedy. Keep in touch

    1. Hey there, Marta :) Thanks for dropping by.. My son loved his outfit a lot really despite it being his second best haha :) I can smell he was proud Mommy made it for him :)
      The tragedy in Central Philippines was really saddening :( I hope to extend help a much as I can to rebuild lives of those who survived and pray for those who have passed away... Thank you so much, Marta.


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