Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holidays are here!!!

Hey, dolly world! I missed you!

It's been a while not talking here about my stuff and you know how busy it gets during the season :)
However, I thought I should drop by before I take my two-week vacation at our hometowns. 

This morning, I took photos (WARNING: There's ton!!!) of the girls I got this year at my gotu kola garden :) I know, you'd probably expect me to fill my teeny tiny garden with flowers instead, but yeah. I love herbs, too, you see :)

Here's Tamica in a Ruffled Romper. 
I got her last May, and couldn't just deny those dreamy eyes :)

Accessories from Barbie's 2012 holiday collection that Nadine gifted me...

Tamica and those dreamy eyes...

Then recently, in November, I found Bree. I've always wanted to add Oriental beauties to my clientele and there she is :) 
So happy to get her!

I love how Bree stands on her own :)

Bree is quite sassy, I could see it.

Finally, Ramona - my first ever Blythe!!! She's a gift from my hubby - bestest hubs in the world!!!

But first, the Aya dress :)
And you probably guessed why I call her so --- 
yes, Ramona Flowers, the blue-haired girl in Scott Pilgrim's world. 

I can so see Ramona's future from here - 
she's gonna ask me to make her lots of punk outfits for her band's gigs! 
\m/ \m/ \m/  

So, there you go - my 2013 girls. 
Had been good to my piggy bank this year and 
resisted the tempting FR ladies. 

I'd probably get one or two next year, since I feel the need for an FR2 body already. 
Hoping to get lucky with getting nudes next year :)

Here are some more pics before I wrap up the weekend.
Enjoy <3

Buddy photo :)

Ramona in another Aya dress featuring the Playful Hearts print

Lovely Bree up close

Tamica taking a break, but still looking like she's modelling :)

Lastly, a dolly group hug from us to you... <3 <3 <3

Til next time, dolly friends!!!


  1. Your dolls are adorable in your garden, and the group hug was really special.

    1. Hey Eve*Sparkle!
      Thanks very much, dear. Oh, I so love group hugs :) :) :)

      Thanks for dropping by...


  2. Thanks Shasha and back to you and your beautiful girls!


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