Sunday, April 20, 2014

Coachella or No-chella, Lovers of Music will we always be...

Hey hey darlings!

Bree and Cece dropped by this week and spent the afternoon at the atelier talking about some of the music festivals they are heading to in the next few weeks.

So, while they're hanging out at my little nook I whipped up some fashion-bloggers'-attention-worthy music festival outfits I am hoping they will wear come their next camping event.

Here's what I got for them..

Tank tops with an Erykah Badu print of a charcoal painting I did in 2012 plus floral shorty shorts

Cece working it! I permed her hair for this look.

Bree in her silky smooth, this time aptly braided black mane.

A closer look of these lovely music-lovers!
I made several of these babies so watch out for their launch on my Etsy shop soon.

For more of the pics (because I was so amused I took a lot!), please head to my Flickr photostream :)

Thanks and have great week, dollies!



  1. Love your outfits! The T-shirts are awesome!

    1. Thanks so much, grandmom! I love them, too I wish I had them in my size hehe

  2. Hello from Spain: Happy Easter. I love your shirts. These two girls are very trendy. They are very beautiful and stylish. Your creations are very cool. I like the guitar. Great room. Keep in touch

    1. Happy Easter, Marta... Thanks so much for the nice comments; I love the diorama, too, despite having the guitar upside down heheheh

  3. Very cute! I just heard about Cochella last week for the first time.

    1. Teehee... I'm so glad you guys liked it because I really am proud of this diorama.. It's special to me because I myself am a fan of music festivals :)

  4. Love your girls, very cute. :-)


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