Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tamica's Summer Break in San Isidro (White Beach), Puerto Galera

Hey, Dollies!

It's already summer vacation here in the Philippines so our dear friend Tamica thought she'd take a nice, rewarding mini-break from it all. This time, she went to one of closest beach towns to Manila that never disappoints - Puerto Galera!
And me and my family got to tag along to take some photos of her :)

I know the sun is literally peeping out to most parts of the globe now so let's start enjoying the warm weather already ...

And oh, I hope you enjoy the pics, too...

The lady so patiently waiting for her maxidress to finish - I was sewing on the road!

With my son goofing around the boat terminal

Arrived at the beach after more than an hour's boat ride...

Sitting on the "bangka", a tiny fishing boat that has just the perfect hues!

Our beach girl also sampled the locally-made bracelets and anklets from one of the souvenir shops there

Tamica's top (which I also handsewn while at the inn) has a halter strap that features one of the handmade items...

Walking some more...

Say "beach!"...

With hubs and son waiting for the boat ride home...
I hope you enjoy the photos and thanks for dropping by...



  1. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. Happy holidays. Keep in touch.

    1. Thanks, Marta. Everyone had a great time :)

  2. I love the maxi dress. She looks like she having a great time AND so is your son!

    1. Oh, thanks, Brini.. Tamica and the rest of the family sure did have a great time teehee... Thanks for dropping by...

  3. Cute dress. I just love your creativity!


    1. Oh, thanks much Deb.. You guys inspire me to push myself more ...

  4. I love these pictures. That dress is super cute. The stripes are perfect.

  5. Thanks for sharing these photos. Love the dress and the top and shorts outfits.

    Lucky Tamica!

    1. Indeed, Tamica is the luckiest.. I'm so glad you guys liked the outfits I made during the vacation. Thanks so much, D7ana...

  6. Thanks much, Van.. Those stripes are very summery, right? I still some of those so I probably make some outfits from it..


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