Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The way I seal it with a kiss...

Yesterday I did my usual rounds at the bookstore to check if they have already replenished their black cardboards. As some of you know, I prepare my packages in a thick, black, sparkly, sometimes textured cardboards that I fold halfway, oftentimes resembling like a hallmark card. Just the right sturdiness to survive a week or two of moving from one delivery truck to another. I like shipping my items this way, like a special letter from an old friend. I have mentioned before that I have a fascination for writing and receiving letters, even if it were from grade school friends who live a few blocks away, or a pen pal from across the continent. I was doing it when I was 11 to 17. Now, it feels like I'm doing it again. Just so nice.

One packaging moment... featuring the Laetitia jumpsuit.
When I picked a couple of packs from the shelf, I remembered that apart from the warm feedback I'm getting for the dolly outfits I make for our dolly friends, they also leave a nice compliment about the way I present my tiny creations.

I'm probably doing the right thing, no?

Hmmm... what I actually do is so simple.
It's a simple process with the following magical ingredients:

1. A tough but pretty cardboard and beautiful metallic pens
2. handwritten URLs of my sites, labels for items and sweet doodles
3. a heartfelt thank you note..
4. and an organza lace to keep them all in tact.


the kiss to seal it, probably?

Shipping to a very stylish 12in lady...

Yeah, probably was it.

My overflowing love for my craft and the miniatures I make is packed along each package sent. Our dolly friends probably felt it, too.

I don't usually take photos of my process because I get too absorbed in this dream-like scene.
I take the time to enjoy placing the items, writing on the cardboard.
And take note, I smile most of the time.
Silly, right?

Here's a snapshot of what arrived to one of our Flickr friends, Valerie Anne.
It was such a sweet gesture of her :) 
One that makes your day, and keeps you going.

And a special blog post from doll-collecting author, DBG, which is just equally inspiring!
How lucky can you get with so much support, no?

I try to be consistent with my packaging over the years. Yes, they have evolved for sure but it's the definitely the same amount of love in there.

Some business cards I prepared for a dolly friend as
she wanted to give them out to W Club members during the 2013 conference
What do you think about my packaging?
What other things you probably are looking for that you think will pleasantly surprise you when you open your own packages?

Would love to hear from you so I can improve on my process and make everyone happier.

Thanks in advance for dropping and commenting!
Til our next little dolly chat...



  1. yours is one of the best packages i've received in my entire doll collecting
    keep it up sha!

    1. Tet, thanks so much! I'm so glad to hear this :)

  2. You are a true sweetheart to be so thoughtful! Where do you sell your collections?

    1. Thank you, grandmommy... We become sweethearts when it comes to things we truly love, no?

  3. Oh ok I see. I forgot about your Etsy store. :-)

    1. Hihihihi check my items out some time, grandmom...

  4. I love your presentation and am sure that I mentioned it on my blog after receiving purchased and contest winnings from you. Very impressive and it is apparent that a lot of love is included.


    1. Oh, how could I ever forget your wonderful feature of my tiny little things --- I was so overwhelmed because you are a published author and an influential voice in the doll collecting world. I can't believe it that I kept telling my family and friends about it :) Honestly, I believe you have brought in more clients to my shop since that article was published, thank you soooo much, Deb...

  5. I agree packaging does make a difference and it does show the love!

    1. Hey Brini... thanks so much. You guys have the most inspiring comments :)

  6. I was blessed to experience your wonderful packaging. You do feel the love when you open the package and see how much care and attention you put into it.

    1. Thank you, Van... I guess, in these things we do and make, love is very apparent :) Happy weekend !!!

  7. I love your packaging. I snapped pics from when I received your package to opening it up. It's so nice I didn't want to remove the clothing but the ladies won. I still have the packaging stored in a draw :O)


    1. Aww thanks so much, Anika.. I remember your Annik looking so chic in that airy maxidress :)


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