Monday, June 16, 2014

Design disaster blues...

Hey, hey, Dollies!

I was wondering what you guys think of this supposed swimsuit that I made for Sophie this weekend.

Sophie looking not so happy about it...
 I think it fit well, but the choice I made in the fabrics to use wasn't very fitting at all.
I was already in the throes of design disaster of some sort, so I approached hubs, for a different set of eyes.
I showed the finished garment to him and he was, as expected, also a little confused.

I explained that perhaps, it's the fabric - and so he agreed.
It was too shimmery for a swim at the beach, not even close for a night swim at the pool.
I didn't know what I was thinking, too. I just love this blue fabric too much, I guess.

So before I turn Sophie into a Broadway backstage substitute waiting for her break, I'll come up with something to make use of other garment parts that I have already prepared.

Don'r worry, dear Sophie...

I'll probably attach a nice skirt on this sexy top.
But what do you guys think?



  1. Hello from Spain: fabulous swimwear. Very trendy. Keep in touch

    1. Aaaww thanks, Marta.. Now, I'm thinking of listing this swimsuit in Etsy... tee hee :)

  2. I love it and the colors look great together.

    1. Sigh... thanks much, Georgia Girl... Now I'm really gonna push through with the Etsy listing... but please know that it really shimmers like the leggings in this listing --- ... crossing fingers, but thanks, guys!


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