Saturday, July 19, 2014

Food Miniatures for our Dolly Dioramas

Then again, kumusta, my dear dollies?

So as promised, here’s my first post on a series that I wanted to do for a long time now 
– My favorite Etsy shops!
And since they are a lot, I had them classified into the types of handmades offered.
And I’m starting with the yummiest of all – Food Miniatures!

So I contacted the coolest shops I follow on Etsy
and asked for their permission to showcase their photos here in our humble blog. 
Their creations are either in 12th, 6th or 4th scale,and are primarily made from polymer clay.
They also create other items like miniature drinks, furniture, accessories etc. 
But those will be for future posts, okay?

Looking at their artworks just make me smile.
It’s just so amazing how they can make these convincingly delicious creations in exquisite details.
Wow, I must say!

Couple of notes, though, guys.
Photos, of course, are by our dear artists.
Some of these creations are already sold, so please check again the shops' current listings before making inquiries.

Now, without further ado, please join me as I curate all the loveliest food miniature creations ever to grace Etsy, in no particular order.

NommyMiniatures by Darlene Dallas

The Cherry Pie from NommyMiniatures
 Look how juicy those cherries are, and the perfectly baked lattice top, Nom Nom!

The Grilled Steak, Potato Salad, Garden Salad by from NommyMiniatures
I bet this makes you crave for steak now! Teehee 

The Reuben Sandwich with Potato Chips and Pickle Spear  from NommyMiniatures
 Just look at the crunchy sandwich... ahhhh.. 

The Supreme Pizza in Box from NommyMiniatures
This mouth-watering pizza is perfect for Friday nights - alone, no sharing! Haha!

Icecream Waffle Cones from NommyMiniatures
Sigh.. marvel at how realistic the chopped nuts slide into the hot fudge.

Darlene's Fashionista models the Cherry Pie
See how perfectly detailed and scaled Darlene's creations are?

Next up...

TheMiniatureGourmet by Lorraine Thomson

The Chicken Dinner from TheMiniatureGourmet
Juicy... and makes me want to grab something to eat from the kitchen, like now!

The Roast Ham Platter from TheMiniatureGourmet
Ahhh... reminds you of family gatherings, no? Look at the awesome textures! 

The Roast Beef Dinner for two from TheMiniatureGourmet
My hubby would be scrambling to find the talented chef when he sees this :D 

Roast Beef Joint with Roast Potatoes from TheMiniatureGourmet
 I just to want to say, Awwww...

The Chicken Salad from TheMiniatureGourmet
The steamed chicken and the lovely greens are perfect for my models' diet to maintain healthy bodies!

Next up...

OneSixthSense by Dawn Anderson

Chocolate SOUFFLE in White Ceramic Ramekin from OneSixthSense
Okay, stop me... Those are heavenly, right?

The Festive NACHOS with Diced Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Guacamole & More! from OneSixthSense
This is one happy food...

 The Asian SOUP with Fortune Cookies - Ceramic Bowl and Square Plate from OneSixthSense
Super pretty Asian dishes and the soup so perfect for the cold weather...

Wine, Bread, Cheese, and Olives Set from OneSixthSense
If it isn't the most romantic-looking meal there is, then I don't know what is...

Strawberries & Blueberries from OneSixthSense
These berries on ice cream are perfect for just ANY day, period.

Next up... 
ParisMiniatures by Emma

Feuille d'Automne - French Chocolate Ruffle Cake from ParisMiniatures
Heading to your nearest bakeshop now, yes? 

Paris-Brest French Pastry from ParisMiniatures 
 The toppings just look like real confectioner's sugar!

Pink Choux Bun Display from ParisMiniatures 
The pink stuff sprinkled on those Choux buns looks so mouth-watering!

Strawberry St Honoré from  ParisMiniatures
The fruit and cream textures are just perfect!

Fruit Pound Cake with serving from ParisMiniatures
That pound cake (and the cute crumbles) look so yummy!

And I would also like to add that I am sooo in love with these ice cream cones from VANSDOLLTREASURES by Vanessa Morrison. 
She is on vacation right now that’s why I wasn’t able to ask permission to use her photos. 
But then again, you can head to her shop and see what I mean - Those Ice Cream Cones!!!

For now, I've got to split as I am scheduled (by my trusty organizer) to finalize some sketches for this weekend’s sewing. I am glad the power supply has resumed. 
From where I live, it was a bit gloomy the past few days as we were out of power and water supply after being struck by a recent typhoon, Glenda/RammaSun. 
No worries, though. 
Everyone in the family is safe and property was not destroyed.

Then again, take care, you guys and I hope you like this little tribute to my favorite food miniaturists.
I would also thank Darlene, Lorraine, Dawn and Emma for letting me feature their photos here.

‘Til next time, dollies!
Hugs, shasha


  1. Sasha you certainly picked some of the best food artists out there. Thanks for sharing this was a great idea!

    1. I'm glad that you enjoy the post, the grandmommy =) And I'm glad that I finally made the time to write about these exciting artworks and artists. This is just one of the series that features my fave miniature shops in Etsy and I hope to share to you guys more.. I hope you will enjoy the whole series.. Thanks so much for dropping by ..

  2. Thank you so much for featuring OSS on your lovely blog! I enjoyed reading and drooling over the foods by the other artists. So fun to see so many wonderful minis!

    Dawn - OSS

    1. Hi Dawn! I'm so glad you enjoy the post :) And thanks again for letting me feature your awesome creations! Cheers!


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