Monday, July 14, 2014

Susie comes to town, I mean, the atelier…

Kumusta, my dear dollies!

It’s been a while since my last post and I bet we have a lot to catch up with, no?
So first things first.

Sweet Freedom Susie from the Love Revolution Collection --- She's now here!
I pre-ordered her last March and she finally arrived to me last Friday. Yay!
Being a bohemian style fan myself, I actually liked everyone in this year's Dynamite Girl collection.
Jett looks so light and fun; Aria looks like she could stroll by the beach all day; 
Tooka has the prettiest face (IMO), Susie is such a sweetie-cutie, and the boys – sigh…

Loved the collection, but the pocket didn’t. 
It warned me and made creepy whispers like that of Smeagol’s.
I picked only Susie, because aside from my limited doll funds,
 she would be a unique addition to my small, current bunch =D

Despite having arrived four days ago, I only got to play with her today.
Me and the boys went for a quick weekend escape to the beach. 
Sadly, I was not very prepared for this impromptu trip.
I didn't get to bring any doll at all.
But that is totally fine. 
There will always be a next time =D

So here goes Susie, now in an OOAK dress I made super long time ago.

Susie in a dress called Fresh.
Sorry that I didn't take pictures of her in her original outfit.
Got excited that I deboxed right away - like a kid, yes.
I’m not sure why I picked this dress for her, either.
Perhaps because I was a little overwhelmed by all the strong colors in her original outfit. 
I guess I wanted to lighten up the mood?
I love looking at Susie from the right-hand side..

Took down her braids because I’m planning to curl up her locks some time, and name her Sunny.
Susie’s original ensemble is quite fun to play with. 
I think you can be really creative with mixing and matching it
with your existing dolly wardrobe.

It has a yellow tee, a floral collared vest, a cool red jacket that I must say was really detailed.
Then we have a really nice pair of micro shorts in perfectly sized prints.
I especially fell in love with the shorts because it was well made, linings and all.
The boots are also wonderful, and the light blue purse, heavenly in its functional snaps.
It would be nice for posing your doll like she’s trying to get something from inside it.

Aside from the boots and the purse as her accessories, 
Susie was released with a red-stone ring and a pair of yellow hoop earrings. 
The stand set was also included.
I thought, wow, wasn't that value-for-money or what?

Ring not in picture as I lost it while I first de-boxed her. Sheeesh me.
I love her outfit a lot, but I wouldn't be keeping them for long.
I made a promise to myself to not keep any non-atelierniSHASHA outfits. 
And it’s not because I don’t like them.
It’s because I wanted to push myself to create things with my own hands – to better my skills. 
To keep challenging myself. 
If want something, I should make it myself =D

So I’m selling this entire ensemble (without the ring, though. Sorry…) to anyone interested.
I can let go of these for $30 plus shipping fee.
Just send me an email at if you like this cool ensemble.
Here's another detailed pic.

For our next reading, I will be featuring my favorite food miniaturists from Etsy.
I’m really excited about this first post about my favorites.
Soon, I’ll be creating dioramas that will include more miniature items =D 
I will also feature artists who make doll accessories, furniture, and other diorama items.
It's just so nice to know that there are well-made handmades out there.

For now, I’d like to wish you a great week ahead and till next time, dollies!

Hugs hugs,


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Brini dear :) One of my very first creations, actually :)

  2. Guys, the Susie ensemble I posted here is now sold and shipping to a dolly collector from Zamboanga City, Philippines :) Thanks for dropping by ...

  3. She's beautiful and I love the dress you chose for her. It complements her well.

    1. She's a natural beauty, right? Thanks for loving that dress I got her, I guess I just wanted to give a feel of lightness in this photo :) And by the way, Vanessa, I mentioned your etsy shop in my latest post (up there, about my fave food miniatures) as I really loved those ice cream cones of yours. Please check that post out some time, too. Thanks!!!


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