Monday, August 4, 2014

But first, a post-weekend post...

Whew, what a weekend...
As I said in my previous post, just before I start another week, I will let you know what's up. 
I was bouncing in between football practices, sewing commitments, social media checking, movies, quickie photo shoots, workouts and eat-outs (to balance.. sort of haha), completing orders, lesson reviews with my son.. and then some.
That may be a long list for a weekend to-do, but that alone makes me feel alive - what more if I have more time to do all these wonderful things in a week?
Dream life. 

Anywhoo, I'd like to share with you the quick photo shoot I did during my son's football practice. I was meaning to photograph that Vespa scooter I got from a local second-hand online seller, before I repaint it to at least look a bit vintage.
It has a modern form, and repainting would be the closest I can get to make it look vintage.
Sunny is our muse today and gets to ride the scooter first!
Being the newest doll in the atelier can be a perk, no?

Here go the pics now and see you later soon!

Sunny on a modern Vespa scooter... kiddos doing football drills in the background :)

A sweet face can look tough with the right accessories, too!

Chilling before the next long ride...


  1. Cool! Is that last background real life?

    1. Hi grandmommy! Yes, it is.. I put Sunny on a concrete white fence... then set a perspective that would somehow look like there's only one plane for both white and gray grounds... Gotcha!!! :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Brini!!! I got rashes after trying to get good shots on the grasses hahaha but it's all worth it :D

  3. She is chillin'. Love these pictures.

    1. Yup.. enjoying the fresh air at the football field :)


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