Thursday, September 25, 2014

A few changes to the Etsy shop

It has now been three years of weekends and some weekday late nights’ cutting of fabrics, pedaling my sewing machine, hand stitching snaps and straps.. and occasional weekdays of trips to the post office and the fabric and notion shops, doodling on my trusted sketchbook, and marrying metallic pens with black, sparkly cardboards for our packaging… I thought it’s time for some changes – for the better of course. 

It's actually just a few changes on my Etsy shop settings and policies, most of which I will be implementing starting October 1, 2014. Definitely, not a shocker, I tell you...

Just relax... these changes won't bite - Violet

Firstly, atelierniSHASHA  o f f e r i n g s . As early as today, I have deactivated some of the items that are currently not ready to ship. You know, those stuffs that I plan to complete (embellish, put on some snaps) by the weekend but always get put off as life gets in the way. Now you can see how bare my inventory looks like Hahaha…  I know it’s not October 1 yet, but I believe having to clear my mind from to-do’s is a huge help to finally focus on what I will be offering in the coming months. I’m not entirely closing doors on made-to-orders, especially when such nice dolly friends ask for these, but I may keep them to a minimum for now. With this, I am to put more time to designing and coming up with new outfits for our dollies, yay! That should be good news, right?

Then, some   s h o p   p o l i c i e s . I have now set my listing  p r i c e s   based on my  l o c a l   c u r r e n c y . But still, buyers can see these prices in dollars, only with some odd cents added or deducted from the original, depending on how Paypal converted the values for you. I tried as much as possible to use and stay to the closest rounded off result with my old USD prices, but I hope you will bear with the changes done that usually are just less than a quarter. This initiative will help me to do accounting in the least painful way, so I can do more with the main job I have in this shop. And yes, not stare helplessly on the spreadsheet.

The items with odd changes in pricing

Another shop thingie that needs some updating is my   s h i p p i n g   f e e . This has been my shipping rate since 2011, and some main factors have raised prices like commute fare, stationery, and then some. Starting October 1, I will be starting with $5 for the first item, but still the same old $2 for each of the additional items in the order. We are still shipping on registered mail, to make sure your orders get to your doorsteps safely, or when it's delayed or something, we have a tracking number to send the post office for reference.

I think these are just the ones on top of my list that deserved that much needed update. I will try to keep you guys updated on such changes to avoid confusion. I know we just want to buy something and any confusion during the transaction is pretty much not part of an atelierniSHASHA product.

Anything that you might want to clarify, just let me know. I’d be more than willing to answer them to make this little transition seamless.

Thanks again and talk to you soon!



  1. Hello from Spain: your creations are always fabulous. Good luck in these changes. Your future designs will be very nice. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks so much as always for your kind words, dear Marta =) I will do my best to make the dolly clothing we will treasure for life =)

  2. Hmmm wondering what the new products will be!

    1. Hi grandmommy... I'lll be coming up with some things I haven't done yet, and of those I have been doing but were given a twist =) Stay tuned!!!


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