Sunday, September 7, 2014

Leggings Tutorial and Downloadable Pattern

Hello again, dolly pals! How was your week? Any discoveries, dolly related or not, that you want to share with the dolly atmosphere? I gotta admit I haven’t been prancing around my followed blogs recently. Life had been double busy due to some preparations I am making for the shop, and a few custom orders here and there. But please allow me to make up for the absence as I offer you another anniversary treat. Drum roll...

Presenting, the Leggings Tutorial and Pattern for 12in Dolls

Unlike the other sewing tutorials I make, I intended to write this one for doll collectors who do not own a sewing machine. Hand sewing had been my favorite hobby since childhood because it allows me to work in the pace I can manage. I believe this will give the beginner a good sense of control on the task. Of course, sewing machine users are always welcome to get some tips from the tutorial, or find the pattern useful.

So since the cold season is already creeping in fast in all of us (well, at least in my town), let’s get started…

Materials and tools to prepare before the actual sewing task:

S t r e t c h y   f a b r i c  
Half a yard can make at least 5 pairs of leggings already. Find a stretchy fabric that can easily glide on your dolls’ legs. I usually use rayon knit, jersey or spandex for my dolls’ leggings. 

R e g u l a r   t h r e a d  
Choose something that matches your fabric for a more polished look

H a n d   s e w i n g   n e e d l e
Get the size that’s comfortable for you

M e d i u m - s i z e d   s c i s s o r s
You don’t need those huge, industrial ones here. 
Believe me, I bought one and I only get to use it for my life-size sewing endeavors

L e g g i n g s   p a t t e r n 
Please download from the shared link below, print in its actual size (do not shrink, blow up or distort the page sizing so you get the correct scale for your doll). Then cut it out.
Download the leggings pattern HERE.
atelierniSHASHA Tip: You can also create your own pattern if you are making for dolls of different size/s. This post on taking doll body measurements might be helpful:

So are you ready?
It's  S e w i n g  time!

G a t h e r all and ONLY needed materials in your working area.

T r a c e both sides of the pattern unto the wrong side of your fabric.
You will then have two patterns for one pair of leggings.

In the photo below, I have economized the fabric so the one on the right side is upside down.
Basically, they would look like they are facing each other if done otherwise, like the photo down below (Cut up pieces).

atelierniSHASHA Tip: Before cutting, I suggest you lightly mark sewing allowance to guide your cutting like I used to when I was just starting out. 
I use .5cm allowance for most of my doll garments.

C u t  all needed pieces.

atelierniSHASHA Tip: Get rid of unnecessary fabrics and put only what is needed on your table. An organized, clean table can make you more efficient. It took me a long time to learn this haha!

H e m  the bottom of each pant.
Or, you can also just leave a “distressed hem” if you’re the edgy kinda gal.

F o r  each leg, sew the back and front inner seams together.

T u r n  over the other leg to its right side and insert it to the other. 

A l i g n  the front and back crotch and start stitching.


Complete the assembly by hemming the waist using a zigzag stitch. 

Excuse the mani-deprived fingernails haha!

A n d   t h e r e   y o u   g o !
Just turn those pants over and voila!
You get a new pair of leggings for your dolls!


I   h o p e   y o u   f i n d   t h i s   r a t h e r   l o n g   t u t o r i a l   h e l p f u l.
This will  save you bucks if many of your girls have a penchant for leggings.

A n d  if you happen to make your leggings using this tutorial, please let me know via commenting here or emailing me at

I ' d   l o v e   t o   h e a r   y o u r   f e e d b a c k !
In fact, I just might hold another raffle draw for those have tried my tutorial and shared with us experience and feedback.
Who knows what treat am I again to come up with in the next few days, right?

A n y w h o o...
I think I need to go back to my sewing station for a few more customs to complete now.
Again, thanks so much for even getting here to the bottom of this long post.

Til next time, dollies!

Hugs hugs,


  1. Thanks for sharing this tutorial, Shasha! Love the color chosen for the leggings.


    1. Hey there, Deb! Glad you liked the color... I was such in a hurry as it was soccer day for my son and I just gotta grab what caught my attention right away :)

  2. That's awfully nice of you to share this great tutorial.

    1. I really meant to share some of my simpler patterns for our fellow collectors who also enjoy sewing. I just couldn't find the time to write about them all haha! We'll see, there will be more soon :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the pattern and great tutorial!!

    1. Oh, Georgia Girl.. thanks! Please if you can find time, try this one out and show us what you made :)

  4. This was great! I will attempt to make a few when I get some material. I want perfect my handstiching so I will not use the sewing machine, well at first. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, please, Brini :) I'm so excited to see what you come up with! Your girls will be delighted for sure as well!


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