Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The 2013 Anniversary dress

Finally, over last couple of weeks of sheer busy-ness,
the new 2014 anniversary dress was completed.
Then, you might ask, why is the 2013 one on the title?
Well, I thought that before I introduce you to that new dress,
we might want to see how the 2013 anniversary dress fared over the year.
Was it welcomed? Did it hit?

Perhaps, these photos from our dear friends
across the dolly universe might have something to say…

Cecile Sosa-Williamson's beautiful Desiree is chillin' over the weekend...

Debra Diaz-Wilbanks' Vanessa Perrin posing like a summer goddess...

Gloria Kang's Vanessa Perrin is the bomb!

Vanessa Morrison's Adele Makeda making sure her audience is listening. How could you not?

Wilbcliche's Collete sporting an edgy kind of romantic... 

And last but definitely not the least, gorgeous Poppy Parker invites you to a lovely breakfast... A gorgeous photo from Lea and Deb of BlinkydollsBoutique...

These are just some of those I have recently collected.
I do have posted a couple more in the previous post, here.

So, I guess that slip dress was quite something, eh?
What do you think about it?
I would really appreciate what you think of that dress.
Feedbacks have helped me continue and become better each day,
so I'm really counting on you :)

And speaking of feedbacks...

T h e   L e g g i n g   T u t o r i a l

Were you able to follow through with the leggings tutorial I made?
I was wondering what you guys think of it.

I'd like to hear your feedback so I can improve so that someday
when I make more of these tutorials,
they will be much easier to follow.
Of course, just whenever you can spare some time :)
It is very much appreciated :)

So, I guess I'm gonna head now.
I'll be sharing the 2014 anniversary outfit soon so please stay tuned!



  1. Hello from Spain: this dress is a success. I like that the dress has sailor stripes. That kind of dresses I wear in my daily life. Very trendy. I like to see my dolls with actual and real clothes. Congratulations... Keep in touch

    1. Thanks, Marta. You're right about it being the kind of dress any girl can wear in real life :) That is what I am striving for in my tiny creations.. I am not your couture designer, just your regular sartorial miniaturist who wants to make dolls look like real life in their clothes :) See you around, Marta. Thanks again!!!

  2. I really like the style and fabric of the 2013 anniversary dress. All dolls shown look lovely wearing it. I look forward to seeing the 2014 anniversary dress.


    1. Thanks, Deb! The moment I saw that fabric, I was like, this is going to make a really cool outfit! Simple yet very promising :) Thanks so much! I hope the 2014 won't disappoint just as well...

  3. That dress was perfect for any occasion. I think that is why it was so popular!

    1. You are right, grandmommy! I can imagine the doll wearing it on summer with a wide-brim hat.. or on fall, with a leather moto jacket... or during winter, perhaps with a good neutral-colored trench coat still showing off those strong stripes and a red scarf and black boots for a classic look.. and in spring, which can be lovely with an orange cardigan... That is also what my clothes are all about - a piece you can wear with anything in your capsule wardrobe!

  4. This dress is versatile and has a timeless modern cut, I love it and I can see why it was such a success. I look forward to your 2014 version :-).

    1. Thanks so much, Night Owl :) I love that you guys totally get what I was aiming for in this dress... Hopefully, I can repeat such versatile designs in the future! Thanks so much for the inspiration :)

  5. That dress is really cute and I remember Vanessa's post. I wanted to let you know the tutorial is easy to follow and the directions were very clear. I haven't had a opportunity to sew anything due to time constraints but when I do. I will let you know.

    1. Brini.. thanks so much for your feedback, dear.. I'm looking forward to seeing your creation.. I know you've been making your dolly clothes recently and I'm thrilled that you can add more using my tutorial. Yay!

  6. All the ladies look fabulous in your dress! I'm looking forward to seeing the new dress. I have plans to make my ladies some leggings, soon. I've been busy making furniture, but I'm going to try to squeeze it in.


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