Monday, December 29, 2014

Dolly Friend Feature: BlinkydollsBoutique

Happy Holidays, my dear dollies! I hope you guys are having a blast this season with your families and loved ones because, I so am!

I’d instantly agree if you’d say the holidays, especially spent with family and old friends, are totally worth all the stress brought about by all the frenzied weeks of preparation.

And because of all such preparations, I kind of deserted a seriously planned dolly stuff. I know; such a shame but wait! I did squeeze in a few things before the annual dreadful, frantic early December craze started. One of them is dressing up one of my 2014 dolls, whom you will be meeting in early January next year. Hint: She is a major icon who likes to hang out at Tiffany’s on early mornings. She is so sublime I cannot just put her in one of my recent creations. I have made her an outfit supposedly appropriate for the season but never really got to make time for a shoot. Fast forward to lessons learned, I knew now what to do next year. 

Aside from trying to justify my dolly crime and wish you guys a warm, wonderful Christmas season, I also would like to share beautiful photos from a client who is quite dear to me. These photos are from a shop of an artistic mom-and-daughter tandem, BlinkydollsBoutique. Mom Deb and daughter Lea’s photos are perfect for the season, and I am honestly thankful to have been permitted to share these with you. These photos showcase their Christmas ornaments, which I have noticed a lot of our dolly friends have purchased from the shop to decorate their dioramas this season. The photos also feature my leggings –they’re basic yet, when styled thoughtfully the way these gals from BlinkydollsBoutique do, can look pretty awesome.  Check them out!

How cool is that Christmas tree, right? Katniss models the snakeskin-like leggings.

Katniss in atelierniSHASHA leggings

Prepping her comfy bedroom in those leggings

Tris chillin' in her BlinkydollsBoutique bedroom and comfy leggings 

Barbie showing off her cute flats and leggings combo

I hope you like my post today. I am hoping to post one more before the new year starts.
I hope you are having a great time at your side of the planet this season :)
Chat with you soon!!!


  1. Hi Shasha! Great to read you had such a lovely Christmas time! The leggings are beautiful, the dolls look happy to wear them, and at BlinkyDollsBoutique they know how to make great dioramas! Have fun on New Year's Eve :-). Hugs xx

    1. Hi Linda!!! I hope you are having a fun holiday season, too, dear... Yes, the girls at Blinkdolls know just the right, happy girls to wear my leggings and I'm so thankful for them putting out beautiful photos of their dolls along with my creations. I totally agree they are very talented :) Enjoy your New Year's dear and wishing you a fruitful 2015! Hugs!!!

  2. Happy Holidays!! The models look great in your leggings. I especially love the print on the black pair. Beautiful pictures and settings! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Georgia Girl... I hope you are having a great holidays season, too :) Deb and Lea at Blinkydolls are the perfect duo to give us such beautiful products and photos.. Makes me so proud of my leggings ;-D Hugs to you, dear!!!

  3. I hoping to make some leggings to day with your pattern!, my sewing machine misses me. Have a Happy New Year!!!

    1. Oh, Brini... I would be so thrilled if you can share with us your creation! And I hope you can also give me feedback with my instructions :) Hugs and have an awesome year, too!


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