Sunday, January 25, 2015

Leggings fever ... An appreciation tribute to Black Doll Collecting

How is your weekend, dolls?
Here in tropical Philippines, the winds are still chilly - the kind that makes you smile.
This could go on til about the third week of February.
Then, summer (and humidity) starts.
Sunnier than ever!

For some of you in the northern hemisphere, I believe it is still snowing.
And for people down the South, it's summer time!
But one thing I know for sure... no typhoons for now, YAY!
I bet you guys are also making the most of your current weather, no?

But of course, today is all about my appreciation and gratitude
to one of my oldest clients and friends here in the dolly world. 
Ms Debbie Behan Garrett, of Black Doll Collecting.
I'm so lucky to have known this lady. When she discovered me at Etsy years back,
she immediately posted the purchases she had received from me.
I then realized that I was so lucky to be introduced to an extended family of sorts.
A new door was opened for me to share my creations with.
Each one of us knows that meeting someone of the same interests
is better than a box of chocolates haha!

So today I'm sharing with you some photos taken by Debbie.
Her dolls are just the perfect models for my tiny creations.
Here, take a look and you'll see. Enjoy...

Janay in red paisley and striped bw tunics, with this versatile textured leggings.

Yellow and neutrals bring out the best in her, don't you think?

Janay and Halle, aren't they gorgeous in the chevron-print dress and slip dress?

I love that Debbie styled this ensemble with a hat and bow-tie choker.
And at the back is equally beautiful Darla wearing the jumpsuit Debbie won in one of my contests back in 2013.

Debbie's atelierniSHASHA latest haul... 
There you go.
I hope you enjoy Debbie's lovely photos!

Chat with you next time, dollies.



  1. Thank you for featuring my dolls wearing the lovely fashions you created, Shasha. We are continuing to mix and match and enjoy everything!


    1. I truly appreciate it, Debbie... I did see the chevron dress lent to a new girl in one of your recent posts. Love to hear your dolls sharing the fashions! Yay!

  2. 2013 Holiday Barbie (Paschette) is still enjoying the chevron dress. Janay worries that she will never get an opportunity to wear it again.

    1. Teehee I'm sure Janay will think up some ways to get your attention pretty soon hihihi

  3. Hi Shasha, we have dark and a bit cold weather here, brrr!!! Lovely pictures of Debbie's beautiful dolls in your fab fashions :-). xxx

  4. Oh, Linda dear... I'd like to someday experience January or February winter... I once was in the US only in early December and snow was just gradually falling then.. But it was sweet and it was the coldest I could bear hahaha... You guys are tough!!!


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