Saturday, February 28, 2015

And the new Amy dress goes to...


Robert Maneja!

Congratulations, Rob!
Thank you so much for pouring so much love and passion
into this styling challenge!
I love the way you carefully chose the
accessories to bring out the essence
of this vintage-inspired dress.

I especially love the tiny details in the kitten heels,
matched with her white round-framed sunglasses,
and black and peach earrings!
Such a classy and stylish lady,
this lucky Dania of yours :)

I would also like to share with everyone Robert's layout design
as to how he dreamed up this styling!
Thanks Robert, for the love.

How talented can Robert get with putting this up, yeah?
Congrats again, Robert!
I will be hearing from you soon via
so I can send this Amy dress to your doorstep soon.

Also, I just wanna tell every one that as much
as I am overwhelmed with all the support and love
for this little contest from you guys,
I was actually having a hard time choosing which one
wins the dress!

I got excited by Tracy India's idea on the proposal by the Eiffel tower!

I love shahd mu's messy bun look...

Leslieanne's oversized bag made me smile as shopping will never
be out of a girl's to-do list when on vacay.

And how romantic is Stephanie Thompson's idea
of a very rich, handsome man with you on a weekend!
Reminds me of the Mills and Boon paperbacks
I used to sneak from mom's dresser when I was 11! haha!

Of course, Georgia Girl's hot hot combo of
Marilyn Monroe and a beau in French Riviera spells
I R R E S I S T I B L E, right?

And, this one from the grandmommy reminds me of
Pretty Woman. Super love this idea so much!

And last but not the least,
Dollz4moi's picnic and swimming with
girlfriends. I love how comfortable
and confident this doll could be!

All these little details each one of you guys
shared, I treasured so much!
Thank you so much...

I hope you enjoyed joining the contest
and I hope to see you again in future challenges.

Congrats to our Robert
and til my next post,
dolly friends!

h u g s ,

s h a s h a


  1. Congratulations Robert! Your ideas were awesome!

    1. Robert has done a great job at putting in just the right details that when put together, looks so elegant and classy...

  2. Congratulations Robert! I am sure your doll is jumping up and down right now! :-D

    1. Robert said he will take pictures when he receives the dress... I'm excited and I am hoping he let us share the photo over here :)

  3. Congrats Robert! Can't wait to see the pics.


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