Saturday, February 7, 2015

Win the Graphic Cropped Top This Weekend!!!

So glad to have you here!

I have been wanting to write this post for a long time
but had been too busy making things.
Finally, the first ever of the many
contests I will be holding every time a new
atelierniSHASHA creation comes up...

Are you ready?

Win the Graphic Cropped Top This Weekend!!!

So how to join the contest then, you ask?
Kind of simple, I would say.

I just want to ask you guys how you  would
STYLE this rather versatile top
for your dollies.

Some of the ensembles I created were the following:

Tone it down a bit with a pair of distressed white shorts...

For a night out, grab that mini leather skirt!

A black midi skirt on a Monday board meeting!

I'd like to hear your ideas, too!

Comment to this post your vision,
let at least one friend know about the contest,
and have them do the same thing!

By Sunday, February 8 at 10PM EST,
I will choose the one that I believe is something I would have also done
if I had the extra time.

Are you guys ready?

Comment down below and tell us which dolly friend/friends
you have elected/tagged to join.

And if you have questions,
just comment below and I will answer them.

I am so excited! Let all the ideas flow!
You just don't know it but right now I am grinning and 
so ecstatic to find out who will have the most awesome vision
on Sunday...

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. I would pair it with black leather pants or a black pencil skirt. Or how about a purple mini? It is a really pretty top and I would love to have it!

  2. I would wear it with a pair of dark skinny high-waisted pants (be it leather, jeans or even leggings).


  3. This versatile top will also look great if paired with a high-slitted flowy skirt in either pure white or matte black. - marc

    I would like to know Vandro's thoughts on this style challenge. :-)

  4. hmmm ... I'd rather go for a balloon skirt pairing for this versatile top in yellow to add more punch to the ensemble creating a more youthful glow or in gold for a more sophisticated look. - Vandro

  5. I would like to think of a pair of flowing wide legged palazzo styled pants that would pick up any of the colors. They can be for evening wear or lounging. I tag Muff!

  6. Ack! I read this a little late to try to tag someone but I will say that I think that top would go well with some Mary Tyler Moore style Capris along with a Pillbox purse and some black flats.

  7. There you go and your creative ideas for the graphic cropped top, guys! Thank you so much for participating in this small contest of ours, which is just the start of many more to come! Yay!

    Are you excited who I picked? Because I so dancing my little victory dance right now, despite being a little torn among all these awesome suggestions of yours and the time you lovingly gave for this, truly truly appreciate it. I get so happy each time a comment arrives. I am seeing that as we continue to have these design/idea challenges, we will become more creative, more innovative and definitely happier, right? Let's make this world a better place, eh?

    I will be announcing the winner within 24 hours so please stay tuned. You might just win this wonderful top to go with the coming spring season!!!

    Hugs and lots of love from this side of the world,
    s h a s h a


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