Friday, March 20, 2015

Dolls, meet T W Y L A ...

Twyla in the graphic cropped top, about to get her morning coffee by her fave shop near the park
Finally, you've met!

Twyla pretty much is a busy gal, prancing between fashion week cities
but she managed to sprinkle me a bit of time today.

Let's see what I got in my email =)

Hi, atelierniSHASHA dolls!

I'm Twyla and I'm an editor for an online fashion website.
When I'm not on my laptop or smartphone
churning out four to five stories a day and
several social media copies
(wait, that's just two of my to-do's),
I'm sipping my favorite cappucino at the coffee shop.
And yes, I buy my own coffee, every time.
My assistant has other more important things to do.

On off-days, I spend time with friends and we have this rule
to "turn off your WIFI" when we're together.
It's so much fun to just hang out on each other's places
and gossip over pizza and beer.

I also spend my free time looking for remote places to
revitalize my stressed mind and body.
I take vacations every quarter to places I've never been to.
Most of my travels, I face with fresh eyes.
I only got to visit two places twice because they're quite special to me.

One of the places I will be visiting soon is the Philippines!
I'm so excited to finally meet Shasha who will be providing the capsule wardrobe
I will be wearing for the island hopping and beach living.
Almost every time, after such refreshing week or two in solitary bliss - island style,
I feel so ready to take on challenges at work.
I love my job so I'm gonna go back to it now LOL!

See you then, Shasha!


So there you go - our cool, it-girl Twyla.
Here are some photos of her wearing some creations I sent her.
I hope you enjoy them (for now)
and stay tuned for her upcoming vacay pics!

Twyla rocks the Chevron maxi dress, don't you think?

Her staple distressed denim shorts she "can't live without " during island getaways

The cropped top that got her started (and hooked) with atelierniSHASHA stuff =)

Til next time, dolls!

h u g s,
s h a s h a


  1. Hi Shasha, Twyla is so cool! this girl has a lot of potential and photographs beautifully. Hope to see her modeling more soon!

    1. Hello Billa... thanks for dropping by, dear.. You are right about her potential.. I am planning a few high fashion stuff for her, too... I love her body, too.. very nice for my clothing :)

  2. All outfits are nice. I like the first blouse with the peplum waist best.

    1. Thank you, grandmommy.. I will be restocking that peplum blouse soon, in its original off-white, and in peach and mint... Please stay tuned...

  3. She looks great. I hope to step up my sewing skills for my dollies!, you got it going on. I just need my own space to create and I think I will be good.

    1. That's great to hear, Brini..
      It's true that we need our own space, but I did start in a small corner of our living room.. for three years! LOL! Now, I'm still in a corner, but it's in my son's bedroom as he still enjoys sleeping with us... A bit conducive to working now, than before 
      Also, another way to step up your sewing skills, if I may add, is to really learn pattern making. I didn't learn the right way at first; I just wrapped my dolls with tissue paper and cut my desired pattern from there. But I got tired of making pattern all the time, so I bought a book from a local author/fashion designer, and studied the basics of sloper making and the rest is history.. That really helped me - I hope you can try it too :)
      I am also in the works for creating my youtube tutorial videos that I was hoping to upload during the summer vacation here in the Philippines (April to May) so kids can use it for their summer crafting but I just ran out of time, obviously... Someday I can upload some so that I can share how atelierniSHASHA items are done, too..


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