Monday, April 27, 2015

atelierniSHASHA Giveaway: Three Beach Bags!

Hello there, dollies! I know this has been quite overdue,
but finally, it's GIVEAWAY time!

And today, atelierniSHASHA will be giving away THREE (yes, 3!!!)
summer beach bags to THREE lucky Giveaway winners! 

A summer season must-have, this stylish yet so functional beach bag
is perfect for packing your dolly essentials before heading to the beach!

Twyla models the beach bag, the latest item from the shop =)
This white and navy blue striped beach bag is made from cotton material.
Its straps and bottom part are made from soft faux leather fabric. The 'label' detail
is made from patent leather. The bag is fully-lined with pink gina silk. 

I know you're getting excited so let's get to the mechanics, shall we?

Firstly, this is not gonna be a styling contest like our past giveaways.
It's really super easy.

To enter the contest, simply comment to this post
at least three aspects of doll collecting
that are challenging to you.
Yes, you are welcome to give more than three.

Like, for me, my top most challenge probably is budget LOL
because no matter how I deny it, I just wanted more dolls.
Secondly, storage (some dolls get brittle and break on their own),
then lastly, not enough accessories
(probably goes back to my challenge #1).

So, yeah... let me know what are your challenges, too,
as a collector, a doll photographer,
a doll photo story teller,
as a diorama builder...

One more shot of the beach bag here with Sophia, and my son on the background =)

Each valid comment will be assigned a number based on
its order. The three lucky winners will be randomly chosen
via the True Random Number generator.
I'm really old school when it comes to running raffles LOL!
Please bear with me...

Alright! Are you guys ready?
Comment your giveaway entry between now and May 1, 2015 Friday 10PM EST.
I will run the raffle on Sunday, 8PM EST and announce the lucky winners right away since it
takes less than a second to run the tool.
As always, I will then contact the winners personally.

Okay, I think we're all set!

Good luck with you guys and I am looking forward
to getting as much entries from you.
Thank you so much in advance, my dear friends.

s h a s h a


  1. There are lots of challenges for me but my 3 challenges are:
    1. Time. I work at night. It's hard for me to wake up early. Sometimes I'm lazy. Lol.
    2. Posing the dolls. Some of them falls from their stands.
    3. Clothes. I don't have many clothes. I used to mix and match my dolly colthes just to survive. :)

    1. Hey Astro Pabs, so glad to see you here aside from Facebook and Flickr! Thanks so much for entering the giveaway contest! I agree with you on these challenges - you probably love to play with your dollies during the day time (and take photos with natural (day) light, too).. The posing thing, that's also one of my challenges! And the clothes --- the very reason I make them so I can grow their wardrobe hahahaha!

      Thanks so much, dear! That makes you the #1 contestant for this post =) Lots of luck to you!!!

  2. Hi Shasha! Love the giveaway bag! It's so gorgeous!

    My challenges are:
    1 - Budget! Just like you Shasha, I always want more dolls and more clothes, shoes, bags... They can never have enough!
    2 - The space to build dioramas. I LOVE building them, but my studio is too small for the big ones I plan! I have to make do with a very narrow space!
    3 - Time: Much work and no play... You know how that goes!

    1. Marcela, it's so nice to "see" you here... We've been exchanging comments in Flickr for a time now and it's just great for you to "drop" by =)

      I, too, have these challenges --- though sometimes, my work allows me to do some play like trying on my latest creations on them, but I sure do want to do more of styling, posting, making dialogues between them hahahha...

      Thanks so much for your entry! Sending you lots of luck, dear...

  3. I post already but I am not certain that my message went through
    so here again
    #1- of course budget is always the biggest challenge. but my goal is 40 dolls (16") for the full gang
    #2- wigs I am making them myself but still need practice and look a lot on other's work to improve. I am definitely not and hair dresser lol
    #3 - shoes I am making them as well for basically the same reason #1
    I am certain that lot of my dolls will love spending summer with this lovely tot bag
    thanks for this giveaway

    1. That happens to me quite often, Dominique... There are comments that I have already replied but after a day when I visited again, they're gone... I will research on this and let you know how we can avoid this.

      As for your entry, thanks so much =)
      Hahaha Budget seems to be reasonable almost the main challenge I see here, but who can blame us, right? As for your doll accessories, you will just need to put in more time and focus to continue developing your skills. The reason why I started making my own doll clothes and eventually for other collectors is to resolve my used-to-be challenge which is not enough wardrobe LOL

      Thanks again for your entries, Dominique and good luck!!!

  4. Three aspects of doll collecting I find challenging are:
    1. The inability to maintain a focus on one doll category.
    2. Being tempted to buy every doll that appeals to me.
    3. Finding new homes for dolls that are no longer endearing by way of selling them to recoup at least some of my investment.
    4. Lack of display space. I am not one to store dolls in bins or boxes. I like to see them on display.


    1. I agree with all of these four, but since I still don't have that much dollies, I guess yours is like the prolific collector's dilemma of some sort =)

      I've never let go of a doll ever so I guess if someday, budget won't be a challenge anymore, I will find myself having trouble with this list LOL

      Thanks a lot, DBG and good luck to you, too =)

  5. Hi Shasha. I just stumbled upon your blog through flickr and etsy and let me just say your dolls and the clothes and accessories you made are awesome!

    I'm a newbie at doll collecting and I agree that BUDGET is the first obstacle.

    Then there is the fact that I don't quite know where to find fashion dolls here in Cebu (all I have found are Barbies).

    Space for making the dioramas is also an issue for me.

    And then there is my dog, who has a fascination with my minis. He is forever sniffing around trying to snag one for himself. LOL.

    1. Hello there, Bijoux Starr...

      You're from Cebu? That is just awesome because I am based here in Cavite, Philippines and I speak Bisaya, but do you? =) Either way, welcome to my humble little blog and it's nice for you to visit!

      For your first challenge, worry no more as my shop is just an island, or two away =) You may want to visit my shop (on Etsy, I have a widget on the left bar) to check my items.

      For challenge #2, sigh... almost everyone has this.. Storage is like the dolls' homeless cousin. If we love our dolls, we just gotta give room for space, too LOL

      Hahaha our dogs! Well, I love mine but I set up all my diorama a meter or so high so that they're sniff-free.. But, yes I once had your challenge, and it feels like you're torn between two lovers LOL!

      Anyways, thanks for your entry, my dear... Lots of luck there!!

  6. Hello Shasha! Nice to see this post. Indeed, there are challenges to doll collecting:

    1. Budget, Budget, Budget! This is my biggest challenge. I probably spend way too much on doll stuff!

    2. Space: Space for storage, space for dioramas, space to display dolls and space to properly photograph.

    3. Not enough clothing and accessories for the smaller dolls like Stacie, Skipper, etc.

    4. Insufficient offering of male and young boy dolls.

    1. Hey hey, Phyllis - thanks for coming back to my blog and entering the giveaway =)

      I agree with all these challenges - the first two basics, sigh... I guess, this is like the nitty gritty of doll collecting and somebody should have told us these before we bought our first doll LOL!

      Collecting not so ubiquitous dollies does give us limited options. Me wants some male dolls, too but that brings me to my #1 challenge LOL!

      Anywhoo, thanks again Phyllis for your entry. Sending you good luck!

  7. This is wonderful give away.. I have 4 things instead of 3. I hope you don't mind me posting 4.

    1. Getting the right pose to look natural looking.

    2. Budget.. The ones I really like are the most expensive ones. But one day I'll get them.. Here's hoping.. :)

    3. Lighting.. Not to over or under expose the photos. But give natural lighting without Photo shop.

    4. Clothes.. Not being able to find clothes that perfectly fit a certain dolls body.

    Thank you for letting me post here.. :)

    1. Hey Adam! Glad to have you here and join the giveaway! I saw you liked my post in Facebook, and I truly appreciate you giving time to join =)

      All these, except Budget, I have so struggled in the past and have more or less resolved some points. I will be sharing my tips soon on these challenges so please stay tuned =)

      Thanks again for joining and sending you lots of luck there!

  8. Yay! Another chance to win one of your great fashion items! Ok here are my problems:

    1) I usually buy them at thrift shops without boxes, so I can't share on my blog WHICH Barbie I purchased.

    2) Because I don't know who they are I don't know how to PRICE the ones I decide I don't want to keep.

    3) I am afraid to sell them for the same reason. I don't know if I have a very valuable one or one that is sought after that I might want to keep.

    ...and for good measure 4) I am horrible at doing their hair so they mostly look like wild women! LOL

    1. I totally see that, Grandmommy.. I know I've chanced upon blogs who help with doll ID but this surely would be a nice topic to talk about in the future... As for the wild women thing going, I think I can help with that, and it starts with a good hair relaxing via boiled water.. A lot of articles are written about this, but I would love to share my experience in a future post =)

      Thanks so much for entering, Grandmommy and Good Luck to you =)

    2. Hi Shasha.Thanks for the giveaway. My challenges are:
      1. Budget - too many dolls that I want and not enough money.
      2. Time- hard to take care of the house, work and play - the day is too short and my energy not enough!
      3. Space - I like to make dioramas for my dolls that I would like to keep on display - I'm running out of room !!
      4. Inventory - I want to keep an updated inventory... I started it many times, never finished it.

    3. Hey Hey, Nilsa.... Thanks for your comment and entry

      Among the four challenges you listed, Inventory is something new to me. Perhaps because I don't have that much dollies =D

      But, thanks so much for joining... and good luck to you!!!

  9. My Top 3 challenges:

    1. Taking photos outdoors: Very hard to handle crowds with all their questions while taking pictures.

    2. Dolls keep on falling! : that perfect pose and before you hit the button, she falls. Frustrating!

    3. Shooting a very dark or very light skinned doll: worst, bot at the same picture! =)

    1. Hi Eli! Al you mentioned are also my challenges but I have a few tips to share in the future so stay tuned there!

      Thanks so much for dropping your entry here and lots of luck to you there!

  10. Yay! I'd love to win one of your pretty bags!
    1. Lack of display space... I have to keep most of my dolls packed up in suitcases.
    2. Lack of time to redress, restyle and take photos of all my gorgeous dolls!
    3. The nostalgia that keep me from selling dolls when the collection is getting too big - like it is now...

    1. Wow, Anna.. you have one of those "too many dolls, too little time" challenges just like some of you here =) I kinda envy you =)
      But yes, you are not alone with these challenges.. And I have this nostalgia thing going too, as my dolls have "grown souls" over time LOL

      Thanks so much for joining the contest and good luck to you!

  11. Here are the challenges that most of the time we encounter in doll collecting:
    1. Space: Lack of space for storing our nude dolls all together as we don't really display them unless we are taking fashion shots as well as storage space for other miniature stuff (fashion, furniture, furnishings) for use in the set-ups.
    2. Budget: Limited or lack of budget is our constant problem/struggle as we usually crave for the fashion dolls that we still don't have in our line-up and since we still have a lot to pay for our credit card bills. :-(
    3. Camera: Since our DSLR has been busted, we are only using our phone cameras and just edit them in Photoshop to enhance and make them look good.
    4. Time: Since we also have work and our business to contend with, we lack the time to play with our dolls and make more fashion for them as much as we want to.

    1. Hey, you MarcVandro... Thanks so much for dropping by =D
      I totally can relate to all these - but some have been resolved like my hubby buying "himself" a DLSR for me to use teehee.... It can be really painful to see our dolls laying around the work table during busier than ever days, but yes, we have to have a storage solution super soon! As for time and budget, gosh... the person spared of these two is the luckiest doll collector ever LOL

      Thanks again, guys for joining.... This is going to be exciting!!! And good luck to you...

  12. Hi Sasha! here's my entry (I had to think a lot about it, it was hard to pick just three!):
    1. collecting: limiting myself to just one doll for each face sculpt
    2. photography: getting the correct lighting during photosessions in macro mode
    3. time management: conciliate work and doll's project obsessions
    the bags are wonderful!

    1. Yey, glad to have you here, Billa =)

      Wow, the quest for just one face sculpt... I am still in the process of deciding which one... so hard!
      As for photography, I'd say I have found tricks to share in the future.. Time management - need to do something about it, too... LOL

      Thanks for joining and good luck to you =D

  13. Hi Miss Shasha =)

    Here are my top challenges:

    1. BUDGET is the main challenge for me, I have to save extra every payday.
    2. LETTING GO of my old dolls just to give way to the new ones (This has something to do with #1) and making sure that they will be taken care of by the new owner.
    3. Having them PHOTOGRAPHED without using a doll stand.

    1. Hello, Melan.. thanks for joining in..

      All three are very common challenges and these need to be addressed soon.

      Good luck to you, dear =)

  14. The bag is gorgeous!

    My biggest challenges are:

    1.). Not being able to give each of them the photography attention that they all need due to time/work...sigh.
    2.). I need more display space.
    3.). Not enough time to play. Work gets in the way. Lol!

    Good Luck everyone!

    1. Oh, Georgia Girl... I "see" you.. LOL I see myself having a hard time with these, too.. We gotta have a solution to these at once!

      Then again, for now, thanks so much for joining and good luck to you!

  15. Hello everyone! I think two of my "struggles" may be a bit out of the ordinary, but here goes...

    1) indecisiveness!
    - I'm horrible at narrowing it down to what doll I want. I go back and forth constantly. I'm like that with pretty much every aspect of my life. Except my boyfriend, of course. ;)

    1) storage!
    - I limit my collection to 15 dolls. Probably why I am so indecisive! Haha! My sisters' dolls also reside with me, so they each have 15, too. Sooo, really that's a lot. Lol!

    3) finding imperfections :/
    - I'm the worst when it comes to finding a flaw. One little mark one the face or lash glue, and I'm ready too sell all of them. At least my sisters keep me in check. Haha! ;)

    1. My name has an error. I can't seem to fix it...

    2. Hey there! Glad to see you join the giveaway, Marvel_Dolls =D

      Aww the ultimate doll or scultp to collect - I can relate to that, too... but the journey I guess is what makes it exciting, eh? Wow, you are picky, indeed... with only 15 who passed your standards! I guess, with how challenging it is to even have the doll shipped (wow, another challenge!) here in our country, I can't afford to be a perfectionist with my girls.. I have decided to accept them then, turn them into the characters I want them to be hahaha.. Kind of confusing, but yeah... the flaws, I accept... and then enhance other parts of her =D

      Again, thanks so much for joining, dear. It's refreshing to see our Flickr friends over here at the blog sharing their challenges to us. It's making me so excited to start writing posts as to how more or less we ease our pain LOL...

  16. My flickr account

  17. Hello Sasha! Thanks for the giveaway. I already posted but cannot see it here. So here I go again.
    My challenges:
    1. Money! Too many dolls, so little money
    2. Space - I want to set up permanent dioramas and I don't want to take over the house. I need a bigger room for my dolls. (younger kids (twins) leaving for college next year - hint )
    3. Time to take pictures outside with a nice weather. Here in Texas is normally too hot or too cold. LOL.

    Have a nice weekend.

    1. Nilsa, dear... don't you worry as we got you covered =D

      Your comment can be found here as a reply to The Grandmommy's comment and you are still in the contest. In fact, your raffle number is 10 so sending you lots of luck =)


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