Friday, May 29, 2015

Beautiful Tribute Photos from Michaela Unbehau

Hey, hey friends! How have you been?
As usual, life has been quite busy over here at atelierniSHASHA.
So many to-sew items that need to check through my sewing machine.
So many sewn items that needed snaps, zippers and what not.
Yet, not much new photos and listings to be seen. I know.
I should be taking some photos real soon.

Note: The next paragraph is a boring thing that needs to be documented elsewhere so you might wanna skip over to the next one. =D

But new photos won't be long, as while I try to iron out some unfinished business, I am also in the middle of assigning projects to be done for the rest of the year. And one of them is, to more or less, lessen the burden of unfinished business. I’m talking about the dolly clothing that I had already prepared and cut, ready for sewing, but were left neglected for months and months due to lack of time management. I assigned these unresolved projects to be completed during the entire month of May. But because of that much unfinished items, I couldn’t finish everything before June starts. So I resolved on doing one sewing task every day until it’s all done. Sometimes, you need to let go and accept how your capabilities rate against available time. Baby steps, baby!
And so, yes… that resolution pulled me out of my self-imposed misery.

Anywhoo.. as the title says it, this post is about Michaela Unbehau’s tribute photos. These photos feature some of her beautiful Fashion Royalty dolls wearing my creations that she has either purchased or bartered with me over our more than three years of collaboration.
When these beautiful photos came out on Facebook, I was so surprised and almost cried of sheer joy! Here is Michaela, a published toy photographer from Germany, showing her appreciation of the little things I make. And these photos do not even show all the garments she has because I have too much bottoms and not enough tops! (I know I need to be adding more tops real soon..) That’s how much atelierniSHASHA creations she has in her dolly closet! 
And for her to give time, her effort (photographing A LOT of dolls IS NOT EASY!), and love – I am forever grateful. It is seldom you find someone who appreciates what you do this much.

Below are the stunning photos.
Michaela chose her dolls cleverly to bring out the best in the outfits.
Aside from photography, the very thing I admire about Michaela the most is her styling genius.
She seems to easily find the best girl to wear the garments, make the doll pose like she owns the scene and the frame, and apply the best photo treatment, and all other elements to make fabulous photos like the ones below. She also sketches/paints, which I think is a great stock knowledge if you want to further pursue photography. 
I could talk forever about how I love Michaela's photos. See more from her Flickr account.
But for now, I'm presenting to you Michaela Unbehau's
atelierniSHASHA tribute.

I hope you enjoy.

Yup, I love White, Black and Red - and some Blue and Purple =D
Paisleys and Stripes - my staple prints...
And any other print as long as they're in white, black and red..
And of course gray...
Love love love shorts... 

Thanks so much for dropping by and I hope you like my post today.
I would love to hear what you think of the photos.
Let's chat!



  1. The pictures are very nice! I especially love the one with all of the dolls.

  2. Wow! I agree with Georgia Girl - Michaela Unbehau’s work is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You're welcome, D7ana... I think beautiful things like these ought to be shared =)

  3. I saw this on Flickr. I love Michaela's photography anyway, but especially loved her tribute to your wonderful clothing line! Also, I received the beach bag from you. It is awesome. My daughters were both very impressed with the quality of it. My eldest said it looked very "professional". I told her it WAS professional! I will definitely feature it in a future post on my blog.

    1. Awww Phyllis... Thank you very very much! I'm looking forward to that post, dear =)

  4. I saw the pictures on FB, Michaela is such a talented photographer, and your creations are wonderful!

    1. Thank you, Billa.. Michaela is not only gifted, she is such a sweet lady =)


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