Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fashionistas in Skinny Jeans

Hey, dollies!
Hope everything is awesome over at your side of the world...
Mine is the usual, but one thing's for sure,
I missed my Fashionistas so much I dedicated my latest creations just for them!

I these thought fun, happy girls need some new outfits so I opted for year-round pieces
that they can comfortably wear and basically mix and match when necessary.

So here goes some photos I took.

I made some really tight (and sexy) darkwash skinny jeans as these girls love to have some GNO in between their busy days...
Bree here pairs the skinny jeans with her sparkly loose tank top that she likes to dress up or down depending on the event she goes to. 

Next up, Cece.
Cece here loves her animal-print cami top because it's cute and a bit flirty.
And of course, our lovely Tamica.
Tamica here puts on a basic gray tee as she's on her way to do some errands.
I must say, the skinny jeans which is one of my favorite wardrobe staples, when paired with the right top, can make the outfit perfect for the right occasion!

What do you think?
Here are some more photos.

And, oh, we got a new cutie to join the atelier, too.
Meet, Champo.
CeCe and Champo who's looking away from the camera... Hmmm why, Champo?
 Champo likes to hang out with the girls when they come bust me in my busy workday
but I'm not complaining.
Just like Champo, I love hanging out with these ladies.


So for now, since it's the weekend, I'd say let's enjoy and savor every precious moment cuddling with our favorite one, shall we?

Til next time, loves!

s h a s h a

Skinny jeans, sparkly top, cami top and gray tee now available on my Etsy shop =)


  1. Your clothes are so cute! I'm still trying to make your leggings over here, lol.

    1. Thanks so much, Brini =)
      Ah, yes... once you have made some, let me know what you think of the pattern I shared, okies? I would love to see your creations in the future!

  2. The fashions are too cute! That is great that you pulled out the fashionistas. I need to get some doll play in. Today is a great day to do so.

    Happy Sunday!!

    1. Thanks, Georgia Girl.. I missed my fun girls so much, honestly... I have always liked working with these girls - makes me smile every time... They simply bring in positive vibes around me room, for some reason...

      Yes, yes - Sunday doll play!!! Share a post and your pics, please.....

  3. Very cute! I like the shoes you put with each outfit too!

    1. Thank you, Ms. Leo... That's how versatile a pair of skinny jeans is - it can go with anything with the right accessories =)

  4. Beautiful outfits Sasha, I'm a believer in skinny jeans, as you said they are extremely versatile, but I never sew a pair for the girls around here!

    1. Thanks so much, Billa... You should start sewing for them sooner, dear...

  5. The skinny jeans are super cute and pair very well with your other beautiful pieces.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa.. I really like how the outfits came out with these different tops!


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