Monday, June 1, 2015

Welcoming June... with super hot days (still!)

Hey you, dollies!

Today is probably the hottest day I have ever lived in my whole life!
In my town, it says it's 36 degree Celsius or 97 degrees in Fahrenheit!
Perhaps, the reason why it feels just way too hot is because it's not windy today, too.
It is kind of weird because although it is regularly sunny here in my
country, late May or early June had always been the start of the colder breeze.
But, oh well. Nothing can stop me from doing something dolly-related, even if it meant braving the scorching sun!

So I took the dollies outside for a quick shoot of my latest Etsy listing
and it felt like I was melting.
The ground and the surroundings have just this nasty humid air to it 
that I was literally bathing in my own
sweat while I was taking the pictures.

You can probably feel how hot it is with these pictures I'm sharing with you.

Portia modeling the new lilac Erykah top

Violet looking so cool in this super hot day!

Anouk: "Couldn't this get any hotterrrr?"

We're both melting under the sun, Vi... don't give me that look... LOL!

Anouk pairs the floral pants with a white Bardot top

Portia rocking the new Lilac Erykah top and floral pants
So there you go...

How is the weather like at your side of the world?
Perhaps it's just warm enough to take nice dolly photos outside?
Or chillier for the folks in the southern atmosphere that your dollies
need to layer up their outfits to suit the weather?

Leave a comment below and let's chat!

s h a s h a


  1. Hi Sasha, it looks like everybody is getting hot and beautiful weather except me! maybe we did it, maybe today is summer and maybe tomorrow I shall start some serious sunbathing.
    You're very brave to take your girls outside, I'm a bit of a psychopath and fearing for their hair and decoloration I never take them out of the house: they are my "postproduction army" LOL

    1. Hahahha! Oh, Billa.. you're funny! My gals had been out and about for a long time now and the only discoloration issue I had was my Poppy Parker's hands and feet turning yellow green - and it's not even because of the weather. Beaching (sun, sand and salt water) and swimming in chlorine-laden pools never changed them a bit so far... I hope this will encourage you to bring them out now that the weather is friendlier =)

  2. Love the new fashions, especially that lilac tank. You are right. I feel like I can feel the heat through your post. It's just the right amount of heat here in GA. Your pictures are awesome, once again. The ladies don't seem to be enjoying that heat, though.

    1. Hahaha Violet (Pencil Me In Eugenia) was the most upset, as you can see LOL

      Thanks for the kind words and for dropping over, Vanessa... I appreciate it lots!


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