Sunday, July 5, 2015

Barbie rescues and home-cooked fast food...

Hey guys...
I've been meaning to share with you these lovely ladies
I have purchased from a locally-hosted Facebook doll group more than a month now.
So when I received my package,
I gave them some good soapy bath
and a good loving scrub.

Not so sudsy swim, eh?

The girls got a little shy with the skinny bathing so I threw in some cloth...
If I'm not mistaken, they were also rescued by my seller
from yard sales.

Most were recent Mattel releases but I got lucky to get a few from the 90s,
which was great because I will need Mom ad Auntie characters
when I finally get the time to make stories.

Can you spot the 90s releases there?
And for the more recent ladies, I will be repainting them with less makeup hopefully soon.
One of them actually, I will be revamping for a dear friend.
Actually, this one looks like her!

She'll be a doll version of my friend,
complete with the new short bob and a sartorial style that my friend used to sport a lot
back when we were in the corporate scene.

From this (batch of) purchase, I missed out on one I really want - a Kira.. 
But just a few hours ago, I scored one (actually a Miko)
and I was the happiest kid that it made me remember about this pending post about these ladies.

So, that's it for me this weekend, ladies..
And of course, a little home cooking for my hubby's simple birthday celebration.
Nom nom...

Prepared hubby's fave - burger and fries

How about you?
How did you spend the weekend?

Would love to hear from you and chat..

s h a s h a


  1. When I saw the first photo, I thought "Doll Soup!" LOL. I'll be fun to see what you do with them all. :)

    1. LOL jSarie... It is gonna be fun "cooking" up something for them, but yes, the results should be just as exciting! Thanks so much for dropping by...

  2. I love doll rescues. I have done some of my own rescuing. I spot a couple of 90's cuties in there. I'd love to see the finished results. Have fun and those burgers look delicious :O)

    1. Yeah, doll rescues are just so sweet - they remind you of childhood, you get to breath life into those poor little things again, you get to let them try new outifts... And it's fun, too!

      Yeah, the burgers were a hit at home yesterday =) I love these times when I don't need to cook too many dishes but still you are appreciated =)

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Anika...

  3. Some really great dolls you have there! I love that old Theresa facemold. A true beauty. Can't wait to see what you do with them all! I have rescued quite a few in my day, but only with baths and hair and maybe a little makeup removal. I have no talent to do a repaint! Your burgers and fries look delish! Yesterday was Independence Day here in the US, so my daughter and I went to the movie (Jarassic World) and we did some fireworks at night. We actually had a pretty relaxing day!

    1. I agree about the Teresa facemold, I have a recent one and she gets a great deal of compliments especially with her thick curly brown hair =D Yes, I am very excited with what will come up with this lovely bunch! I never knew old dolls can make me feel this way, really! This is something I don't feel with new dolls at all! Ah, the repaint.. some of these ladies will serve as guinea pigs for a time since I will still be learning repaint basics.. Gosh, the thought of it thrills me even more...

      Wow, it's really nice to just hang out with loved ones on weekends, no? Recharges you more than anything else! I hope you enjoyed the weekend, the fourth of July fireworks and that the movie didn't disappoint either =D

  4. The Barbies look very happy to be rescued and the burgers and fries look absolutely delicious!

    1. You bet, Tracy India!
      And all these made me happy, too! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear...

  5. LOL @ jSarie!

    I don't even eat red meat but those burgers are making me hungry.

    1. Tee-hee... Wow, I'd take that as a compliment for my photography skills! Hehehe

      Thanks, dear... Have a lovely night..

  6. Rescue dolls can be a very fun challenge. You will see them come back to life per se with just a clean up and hair comb. Looking forward to seeing them again.

    1. The food looks delicious! I hope your hubby enjoy his special day!

    2. Oh, Georgia Girl... when the girls arrived, I just felt emotional for some reason and it made me happy and excited and yes, it's gonna be a fun challenge to give back life to them!

      I am hoping to do my best to make them look at their best again and I will gladly share of course photos with you guys =)

      And yes, the hubby, who's really more into intimate, simple meals loved everything! Thanks so much =)

  7. Awww man. Burgers are the one thing I look forward to at holiday cookouts. Would you believe the cookout I attended didn't have any burgers! Congrats on your new ladies.

    1. Yikes! Perhaps, the nearby grocer ran out of minced beef? =D

      Thanks for dropping by, Vanessa... I love my new ladies and I'm exciting to send them to the spa =D


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